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Climate Crisis to Cause Hundreds of Millions of Dangerous Nutrient Deficiencies—in Countries Least Responsible for Emissions


Climate Crisis to Cause Hundreds of Millions of Dangerous Nutrient Deficiencies—in Countries Least Responsible for Emissions

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new study highlights a lesser-known but serious consequence of the climate crisis for hundreds of millions of people around the world—major nutritional deficiencies that are likely to hit impoverished populations the hardest, as carbon dioxide emissions seriously affect the quality of food crops.


The Humans in power have absolutely no idea what they are doing .It’s the free market ,the greatest thing that humans have ever invented .Such arrogance to not follow the advice of the finest minds on the planet .
We have the blind leading the blind.


Not sure how C02 levels could reach 550 ppm by 2050. The average increase is now slightly over 2 ppm annually. If that rate of increase doesn’t change the level would be about 470 ppm by 2050. To reach 550 ppm by 2050 the average annual increase would have to almost 4.5 ppm, which is more than double the present rate. This could assume a worst case emissions scenario which includes positive feedbacks.


Who cares about nutrition? At least we’ll able to drive to work; that’s much more important.


The humans in power want to cut the world population drastically to keep the natural resources for those that remain.

You think they really don’t know all of the ways to accomplish this?


Our path to these levels of CO2 is straight forward, the exact date doesn’t really matter. There is some info. about how to counter these deficiencies in the field. I advise Ag. Universities to get on this problem ASAP. The paper I found on this subject stated there’s been trials on side dressing wheat to combat the drop in protein levels, but much more study needs to be done.


Actually, nutritional values in food have already dropped more than this by GMO and quick-growing hybrids and because of depletion of soils and further sterilization of these, by synthetic fertilizers and by poisons, and by long-distance shipping and long-term storage.

Possible responses involve regenerating soils and growing food close to populations. Actually, this also sequesters carbon, potentially in enormous quantities. Land can be rendered quite productive in this way, though current agriculture land in what are called “developed” countries is often extremely damaged by the “contemporary” abuses that have become traditional.


There is plenty of nutrient rich foods being stored in the bunkers and underground facilities of the connected and well-to-do. But you are not invited to share.

“Yes Virginia, there really is a Climate Change.” And he will be visiting you soon. G