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'Climate Denial, Plain and Simple': Feds Approve Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan


'Climate Denial, Plain and Simple': Feds Approve Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


just goes to show how much we can trust Mr. Obama on his words. He’s as much a pathological liar as his predecessor. however, I swear that if they don’t want to die in a fiery airplane accident they do as they’re told. Say what we want to hear, but do as they’re told.


We need to remember that bureaucrats are the unelected officials who make these decisions. While Obama should be setting the right course, these fools, who are never expected to provide rational explanations for their choices, can forge ahead and ask for forgiveness later.


I used to wonder what the world would be like in the future after I am gone, but not so much anymore. I’m fairly certain it will be a dying shit-hole where brutally murderous cartels extract every last drop of petroleum known to exist to slake their fatal addiction.


Sounds like a great sequel to “Fatal Attraction”:
“Fatal Addiction”

Now playing at an Arctic Ocean near you…


Obama offers liberals a roller coaster ride. With his actions, he sometimes offers hope, then slams us with a decision like this. Does he have core values we can depend on? I think not.


Haven’t you had enough of all the planet raping? I sure have. It’s time for the pitchforks and a revolution!

If you’re in Seattle this coming Saturday, May 16th, please come to protest Shell’s presence at the Port of Seattle!

The following is an invitation from Climate Solutions:

Shell No! It’s the Paddle in Seattle

Despite public outcry and countless calls, emails, letters and in-person testimony, Shell’s massive Arctic drilling climate catastrophe rigs are en route to Seattle.

Join our fun family-friendly flotilla on the water to say NO to Shell’s GIANT oil rigs.

Come together with thousands of others for an adventurous afternoon full of music, art, and entertainment.

Kayak rentals will be available for folks who don’t have boats (sliding scale). Kayak instructors will help orient individuals with limited experience. We’ll have trained safety coordinators out on the water keeping kayaktivists safe. Canoes welcome, too!

There will also be tons of fun and flair on the beach. Because We LOVE landlubbers!

When: Saturday, May 16, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Where: Seacrest Marina Park
1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, Washington 98126

Official water activities will begin at 1pm. Paddlers arrive at Seacrest Park starting at 10am.

Ongoing kayak trainings on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays leading up to the event. More info here.

Please spread the word on Facebook.

We the people can stand up to Big Oil and win!


Joelle Robinson
Field Director


Don’t panic. It won’t be too long before the civil way in Egypt breaks out and the Suez canal is closed. Oil will be short supply. The Keystone pipeline will still not be built and everyone can rent horses, save the dung, and cook it and eat it.


This is horrific. These leases were SOLD by the BUSH administration so the feds would have to either buy back the leases or say no and be sued. I’m don’t say that condones it but this is an important piece of the puzzle. Any sane person knows ALL of this carbon must stay in the ground. Or do they already assume it’s TOO LATE???


Something I came to realize soon after he was elected - Obama has few if any moral and ethical principles on which he bases his decisions. We saw that as soon as he named his economic team of banksters.


Regardless of what he does on Keystone, Obama is not serious on his acceptance of climate chaos as a problem.


I guess 3 billion years of evolution just wasn’t enough time for homo sapiens to to develop some good sense.


Thank YOU Joel Robinson-


Keystone will be just fine once the TTP is passed…
I can just hear Obama telling the Koch’s, relax, be patient, I got you covered…


This news on top of Barry the Liar personally going to Nike headquarters and talking up the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade sellout. Once more we are reminded of who this disgraceful hypocrite really works for.


No core values, just like Hillary.


…and since Tim Garrett has proposed the theory…( and a damn good one.) that civilization is a “HEAT ENGINE”… In itself… what is a human civilization to do…??? Continue to WANT… LUXURY and an easy life… go to the grocery store and pick what ever you want… and yes, the Oligarchy has made the norm… we have been sold a bill of goods… that the way we now live…is the good life… ha… so sad …so sad…


Remember, every single thing we make, creates Co2…including solar panels…


… and so, if we’re talkin renewables… well, that WAS a great idea… MAY STILL BE A WAY TO FIGHT… to make us feel better… but, as I have stated here before… it will only help, if we GIVE UP A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF… TO OFF SET THE MASSIVE PRODUCTION OF CO2 COMING FROM A MASSIVE BUILD UP OF BILLIONS OF SETS OF THIS EQUIPMNET… …and the holy electric car… which wears four wheels and just one wheel uses 7 gallons of oil to make… along with the roads… ya’ know… I just do not see how people do not understand… WE ARE AT THE END OF THE ROPE… NO MORE EXTRACTION… UNLESS… .MAYBE ON AND AUSTERITY LEVEL… I DON’T EVEN SUPPORT THAT REALLY… I’d love to see real medical care continue… but not for say, me when I am what, 80 and need a heart transplant or I’ve had a bad stroke or what ever thing to keep me alive…and kicking?.. I may need a hip replacement… even though I;m getting around pretty good now… at 57 and half… it hurts a lot…but I even do a little running. … now that spring is back… and well, so… I don’t have all the answers… but I have a few good ideas… but alas… I’m just not feelin’ it when it comes to some great new lovely world where everything is hunky dory… 'specially when last week on NPR there was an interview with some young upbeat scientist… who explained how we can now… print synthetic DNA… he said something about now we can even make new creatures?.. oh, how lovely… we are lost…


Yes… I think you are right… I"ve been thinking the same… there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation…