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Climate Denier Trump Takes us into “Unchartered Territory” with KXL


Climate Denier Trump Takes us into “Unchartered Territory” with KXL

Andy Rowell

Later today, the Trump administration is expected to announce the approval of the highly controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline has been the subject of a major battle between environmentalists and the oil industry for years and was rejected by the Obama Administration.


Could Trump be sued for the endangerment and murder of Americans who are negatively affected by huge storms created by climate change?

Anyone want to join a class action lawsuit that would surely get media coverage daily?

Do you think millions would be willing to make history?


Standing Rock and kxl are linked together from this time forward in infamy. If this doesn't get us going, only wholesale environmental chaos will. And that is coming.

My God, how could they!!!!. Not Human.


Trump and his climate denying supporters apparently would rather go down with civilization than let the liberals win on this one. After more than a decade they refuse to admit the battle in the scientific literature was lost by their side. The data may have come out favoring them but it didn't. So instead of conceding and helping address the problem they continue to deny they lost the debate. Their worst fate is a liberal victory. Any fate for them is better than that. That's their bottom line. And it happens to coincide with the financial bottom line of the fossil fuel industry.


"Wholesale environmental chaos" is already here but it's only just begun. People who do not yet perceive the changes that are happening soon will, and it will not be possible to deny the reality of what's going on, but by then it may be too late to take effective remedial action,

Best pay attention to what's being done to and with the refugees in Eastern Europe: how are they fed? How is fundamental sanitation maintained? What basic ingredients are needed to prevent huge gatherings of human beings from turning into a mass catastrophic disease spreading die off? Can essential medications be stockpiled someplace so they will be available when needed? Will military type actions be necessary to prevent panic and hopeless from leading to behaviors that will worsen everything? How will communication be handled among people of many languages?

These are just some of the questions that need to start being asked now if not sooner and the answers made available to those who are willing to volunteer to coordinate and assist the climate refugees that many of us soon may be.


We all need to ground ourselves, quit flying around, focus on food and shelter!


Are you in a position to organize such a suit? You'll have to come out from behind your pseudonym.

But please, let's remember that KXL is a direct-route replacement for an existing pipeline. It's falling apart on pure business grounds. Let's help make that known and obvious. Let's support the state and local barriers to the unfinished parts of the new pipeline. This is all parallel to the efforts that stopped Conservdon'tcare.

And please, I can't stand it, it's "uncharted territory"; the illiteracy in the title and once in the body (though it correctly quotes the WMO a couple of lines later) insults the careful scientists who said it in the first place.


Oh come on -- the Obama-Biden-H.Clinton administration watched the pipelineS being finished off and sat on their hands. This is the SAME old charted territory -- quit pretending that because it's a Republicrat doing corporate climate-destructive policies instead of Demopublicans that's it's all sooooo new.