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Climate Denying Trump Administration Rebrands Fossil Fuels as “Freedom Gas”

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/climate-denying-trump-administration-rebrands-fossil-fuels-freedom-gas

CD, it would be helpful if the caption for the photograph included that what is pictured is numerous ephemeral well pads with their associated waste ponds and other associated infrastructure scarring the landscape for grab-and-abandon profit taking, usually on leased lands. Their proximity to one another is certainly due to application of fracking, which recovers products from a much smaller radius than traditional production technologies. Pacha Mama will require significant time to recover from such abuse.

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Who thought that Goodhair could sink any lower into infamy? The man defines stupid and duplicity. Even Gohmert, the other traitor to his alma mater, doesn’t do such cold blooded deceit. Gohmert’s deceit is due to a scrambled egg in his head instead of a brain.

Freedom gas sounds like flatus to me!

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“[M]olecules of U.S. freedom”

Nary an atom of U.S. principle

Freedom gas for suicide

“Freedom gas”? “US molecules of freedom”?

We have reached the point where it is clear our society is too stupid to survive. Either these people in charge go, or we all go.