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Climate Disobedience Takes the Stand with Unprecedented Legal Fight

Climate Disobedience Takes the Stand with Unprecedented Legal Fight

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

History is being made this week in a packed Seattle-area courtroom as five activists standing trial for blocking an oil train argue that they were compelled to act because of the threat of climate change.

The trial marks the first time a U.S. judge has permitted the "necessity defense" to be used in a case relating to climate action.

Would a hung jury be a win for the defendants?

Klare’s article in the 01/12/16 CD describes the continuing drop in oil prices and the way in which this will eventually crimp production of shale oil in the US. Congress is stuck in “business as usual” mode because they’re–let’s face it–a bunch of ignorant parochials fixated on neoliberlism a’ la 1990’s who can’t seem to grasp the simple concept that the 21st century is about change, and one of the biggest will be to renewables. Even if these brave souls lose, circumstances will eventually support their fight. Look at what just happened to the coal industry , which was confident it would find an expanding market in China and India, except that–oops–their predictions proved wrong.


You simply have zero understanding of the role nonviolent civil disobedience plays in political movements and political change. And you keep pointing that out in these threads.

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Them’s my peeps!

Tom DeChristopher is a hero for our times.

And this could be a significant case & precedent.

Let us hope so.

Kudos to those who risked arrest (and worse) blocking the train.