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'Climate Emergency': North Pole Sees Record Temps, Melting Ice Despite Arctic Winter


'Climate Emergency': North Pole Sees Record Temps, Melting Ice Despite Arctic Winter

Nika Knight, staff writer

As 2016 continues on its march toward becoming the hottest year on record, the Arctic is seeing extreme warmth beyond anything previously recorded at this time of year—prompting alarm from climate scientists around the world.

"Folks, we're in a climate emergency," tweeted meteorologist Eric Holthaus.


It's called "Rapid" Climate Change and we've not seen nothing yet. Hold on to your hats! 10-20 years to human extinction is predicted by many of the world's best climate scientists. Pay attention to what really matters and get/be prepared. Research human extinction in one human lifetime and ameg.me. I have not met one person I've talked to about this that knows what thousands of very credible scientists from prestigious universities have been warning about for over a decade now. This article is the first of many to come flooding in the remainder of our (short) lives.


This means that 'runaway' climate change is the new 'normal'. Our thermostat has already been reset. In all likelihood, catastrophic conditions for human life and politics will follow. How many billions will die may be uncertain, but that billions will die should be expected since the planet will no longer be able to sustain them.


This article is hardly the 'first'. Scientists having been warning about this since the 80s, maybe even earlier. Even here in very conservative N. Idaho, many people I know understand that we are burying our heads in the sand and courting imminent disaster.

Unfortunately, TPTB are not listening, or don't care. Greed is the bottom line as we continue to pillage our way to an uninhabitable environment. Knowing this is a heartbreak I carry daily. Signing petitions and calls to politicians have been totally ineffective. Reducing my own footprint has been an engagement for years, but that is meaningless in the face of the deliberate blindness our 'leaders' have chosen.


How the hell are the Chinese doing this?


Yet another report adding more urgency to the situation. The gap between the urgency of the situation and how fast the response is proceeding is immense. It is amazing how we can conduct political campaigns during this climate emergency while ignoring that we are even in this urgent situation.


And with the consistently prolonged well-above average temperatures in the high latitudes, we will soon see an increasing spike of methane (CH4...which is already being released). This gas is even more potent than CO2. If we end up having a "blue ocean" event next autumn at the end of the melting season and once methane release really ramps up into high gear, it will be "lights out" on civilization within just a matter of a decade or two. Most of us will die by one of three ways: suicide, predation, starvation. Happy Holidays, all!


When the Trump nutters, deniers and racist bigots are put into power they will put the final nail in the coffin - unleash Hell on Earth thru out of control climate changes consequences.

Money and "the deal" will be king, the environment a thing to be plundered and polluted, tolerance and inclusiveness things of the past, truth a casualty, and integrity a quaint notion for suckers - Dems as usual will remain a whimpering lot of craven collusion, "normalizing" Trump's reign and "compromising" on their knees, while the Dem elite co-conspirators will reap the benefits of the catastrophe they inflicted on the rest of us - there won't be any justice, just us!.


There will be justice. The whole human species, all of us, will either starve or be murdered for whatever little we still have, nutters, deniers and bigots, flora, fauna and fungi. Those billions are just numbers on paper and stored electronically, and they won't buy safety. Schadenfreude is appropriate.


When have you heard thousands of scientists predicting or warning about human extinction from climate change in one lifetime, if that is what you are saying? I have seen relatively few numbers of scientists such as at AMEG who are this alarmist.


Here is a very apropos news article demonstrating the urgency with which American capitalism treats climate change.


Google 'global extinction within one human lifetime' 2012 article in arctic-news.blogspot.com. Great article I read 4 years ago that correlates with the research of Natalia Shakhova who has grown more alarmist over the years I've been following her. In the year I first read about the 'mehane burp' in 2000 and knew then this was humanity's death knell. I've been following ever since and the 'burp' is snowballing. This article 'Climate Emergency' is confirmation. AMEG's video with Miriam Kastner is alarming if your read between the lines and John Nissen's warning of two years ago is quite stark predicting 'runaway' feed forward loops by 2015. Guy McPherson pretty well sums is up. You are the first person I've shared this with that had the curiosity to ask for references! There are many more that are suggested if you follow up these leads I've provided. Thanks for asking.


Probably not too much that can be done at this point, mass extinction of most species including us is going to happen. What can be done is to decide what really does matter in the meantime.


This largest part of the runaway climate warming is from geoengineering. We need to stop geoengineering and perhaps the climate will begin to heal itself, if not, we will be at 800 degrees very shortly. I think that 10 -20 years is not even possible. If we do not stop soon, I fear it is lights out in a year or two.