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Climate Experts Decry Big Oil's Lobbying Push to Lift Export Ban



A miracle, but Sanders in board with O'Malley and his stated view referenced here would make a team that would bring great and good changes. And Chafee for Sec Defense. Ellen Brown for Sec Treasury. A real politico revolution.


Republicans are USA! USA! sellouts. They promised that not a drop of oil would leave this sacred country back when it of course wasn't going to ever happen.

I don't know why I need to call politicians sellouts. It's their business to sell out.


Please try to understand this. Psychopaths have no interest zip,bupkus, nada, nien, zilch, in anything that doesn't work for them in the right now. The persons that the Supreme Court in their insanity have created are psychopaths and therefore don't give a rat's ass about a planet we can live on if it hurts their bottom line.