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Climate-Focused Debate 'Desperately Needed,' Say Critics, After 2020 Democratic Contenders Spend Less Than 10 Minutes on Planetary Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/27/climate-focused-debate-desperately-needed-say-critics-after-2020-democratic


No debate is needed, only a need to reverse course on fossil fuels. All “investments” should be with renewable energy only. The technology is there to save us but the mindset is stuck in greed and delusion. If the dims aren’t interested, who is??


It took me about one minute to read this. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. A paltry ten minutes spent discussing the planet’s future is worse than obscene:


The ten-person debate debacle format is so worthless for the purposes of conveying information. It does, however, grab eyeballs, which is its true purpose. I watched for thirty minutes until the spaghetti each contestant spewed became thoroughly mixed in the pot. (How many viewers truly know much more about the candidates as a result of the farce?) No later than next week I hope to see a great paring of the contenders to no more than five. Gawd do I miss real journalistically facilitated debates.


I heard that the issue would be discussed and so watched last night–in disbelief as only one candidate stood so near the site of the octopus in the parking lot, so near the raging Everglades fire, so near the Homestead refugee concentration camp and failed to speak to the climate emergency, even when invited.

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What do you expect? The neoliberals are running the Democratic Party and they aren’t about to let anything interfere with the nomination of the Chosen One. He has absolutely no credentials, not even a clue as to what is involved, in the climate crisis. Even his thrown together at the last minute program regarding the crisis is just a cut and paste job taking pieces from everyone else including the fossil fuel industry. If he has read it, it is unlikely that he understands it.

If the Chosen One had to discuss climate change or the climate crisis, he would be so over his head in the deep end of the pool that no life guard would be able to pull him out. The DNC isn’t about to do anything that might expose him to that danger.


Did you catch Rachel Maddow’s look when ONLY the NYC mayor mentioned “Russia, Russia, Russia”? Her EXTREME investment in the distraction didn’t pay off as expected in a fear-bound passel of candidates.

MSNBC needs to up their game with a Phil Donahue-type. Doesn’t that sound pathetic… they need to IMPROVE to get to the level of a talk-show host that they fired when he called-out the error of invading Iraq for what Saudi Arabia did!?!

When will Maddow address how her big brain was hijacked to gin-up propaganda and distraction for the DNC? Her show drops more crazy conspiracy theories than a NYC rat drops turds.


they want to see a catfight break out like the GOP debates had.
these debates are a joke. like everything else about this insipid process.


10 minutes of lame debate? No, not absurd at all. The Democratic Party is a CAPITALIST party. They serve the interests of capital. Capitalism requires that corporations maximize profits, no matter the cost to humanity or the environment that gives all life a home - the health of the planet, us - we are an externality.


NYC has some sort of committee on climate change, Dr. Guy McPherson went to testify. Half way through his less that 6 minutes of testimony the chair told him to “wrap it up”. Over on Arctic-News Blogspot they have a clip of it.

Guess what folk’s, no body cares, those in power don’t give a ________. I can’t get my head wrapped around all these fools and I’m not going to try anymore.

It really hurts to know that they know all of this and don’t care that it is going to kill us.


Maddow’s brain hyjacked? No, I don’t think so. I heard she gets $20k or more per episode. She didn’t sell out; she bought in.


Agreed. Also, it is even worse than that when you consider the fact that most people don’t even watch this little bit of candidate exposure. Hence they will at most only see pundits telling them who were the “winners” and “losers” followed by the pundits’ highlight reels.

It is hard to think of a good way to do a multi-issue debate though considering the fact that there are 25 so-called “major” candidates. That is one reason I support the idea of having a full 2 hours spent only on climate change - so each candidate is able to present their views and allow for people to differentiate between them.


Last year it was widely reported she get over 30k per show. The Google says she makes 7 million. However the math plays out she is a celebrity puppet, willing to say whatever keeps the river of gold flowing in.


Oh yes, I am quite sure those assholes feel sufficiently ripped (NOT)

Why distract the thread away from climate change? who gives a rats ass about maddow? the planet is on fire and you are talking about…what?


The “debates” of today are a charade - BS theatre controlled and dominated by big-money corrupt politics . The League of Women Voters that once ran real debates had their role stolen after 1984 by the two-party clown show scum.

"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing its sponsorship of the presidential debate because the demands of campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter,"

"It has become clear to us that the candidates’ organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and honest answers to tough questions," Neuman said. "The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public."


The current debates are worse than none - total frauds and mind-control BS not worth watching - they are designed to serve those in power and eliminate/destroy any candidate (or third party) that talks about real issues - they destroy independent thought!

Debates must be restored to the independent and honest League, the LWVEF - outside the domination and corruption of the BS duopoly circus scam by both D’s and R’s, both fraudulent manipulators of truth! -

The DNC, DCCC, remnants of the DLC, Clinton/Obama wing of complicity and corruption, works for the status quo and business as usual along with R’Cons - not the future, not reform, not the Common Good, not environmental sanity, or any semblance of truthfully informing the public - a controlled shallow Miss America pageant evasion of truth.



That’s odd, I heard, a few days ago, that because it is such an important topic that it was going to be featured in a subsequent debate.
That makes sense because of the high number of candidates doing Q&A.

Wrong: the thread is about the article, which is about the paid-off shills who mismanaged it (the debate). Going off on Maddow here is fair game!


I think it is a money maker for nbc. The “election” season is much too long and most people couldn’t care less about politics right now. Too bad we have such a long season. Other countries usually have about 6 months worth of campaigning, not here.


It could be said honestly that any candidate that accepts and takes part in the fraud perpetrated on the American people and voters have forfeited their candidacy for their betrayal. The two-party fraud controls debates, they do not foster any semblance of honesty, independence, or truth - only manipulation by those dominating and controlling the narrative.

Climate Change, war, foreign manipulations/subversion, the MICC theft of trillions, trump warmongers, police/ICE racism, child abuse, and murders, fossil-fuel, chemical conglomerate, plastics, corporate AG pollution, and so-many other critical issues silenced by lobbyists and perpetrators, lackeys for the big-money status quo!