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Climate Groups Applaud Beto for New Proposal, But Warn Action Plan Would Be 'Too Little, Too Late'

Climate Groups Applaud Beto for New Proposal, But Warn Action Plan Would Be 'Too Little, Too Late'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Climate action groups on Monday applauded as Democratic presidential contender Beto O'Rourke released his plan for tackling the climate crisis—while acknowledging that his proposal would not go far enough to keep catastrophic climate change at bay and represented a rollback of his earlier statements about halting the warming of the planet.

O'Rourke traveled to Yosemite National Park to unveil his climate action plan, part of which he explained in a brief video posted to social media.

I suppose the environmental and climate groups simply have to respond to every pol’s “plan” announcements. But why applaud this charlatan for anything? Any “plan” which doesn’t square with the totality of urgent actions needed should be met with that candid assessment.

I suppose that they are merely trying to engage each candidate and raise the rhetorical bar; but if we’re honest we’ll acknowledge that it’s all campaign rhetoric that can (and depending on the candidate) WILL be walked back if elected. And Beto has a history that makes that quite clear. He, along with “Frackenlooper” and a few of the other corporate D’s are fossil fuel stooges.


‘Hot Air’ Beto for President!


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Really good point. Bob O’Rourke is hardly an environmentalist. How dumb can people be? These “green” organizations seem less and less credible when they equivocate like this.


He stands on something–always. Get down Bob, you’re going to knock over the buffet table and the mimosa tray!

Just a young Status Quo Joe learning how to BS the public

The way I read the interim report from the IPCC–and I did read the Summary for Policymakers several times–is that a serious start toward halfway to net zero by 2030 is the MINIMUM that could be expected to get us to net zero by 2050 in order to maintain a maximum rise of 1.5 degree C, and likely not sufficient by the panel’s own analysis. Net zero CO2 emissions by 2030 is virtually impossible to achieve, with the prospects growing smaller every day. That is the reason we need to set it as a goal, in order to compensate for all of the factors pushing in the other direction.

But please let’s not make it seem any worse than it is. Here on CD especially we already have too many people who have already thrown in the towel yet continue taking up resources.

“Beto’s $5 trillion climate plan aims for net-zero emissions by 2050.” What will the Planet look like in 31 years when his, ummm, plan goes into effect? These so called Climate Groups can applaud him under water.

I believe the idea is to implement the plan as fully as possible as soon after the election as possible. The problem is that as of now THERE IS NO PROGRAM TO IMPLEMENT. A program limited only to climate, and no other aspect of any GND proposal, would have to include both the technical aspects of shedding the carbon addiction but also the political and economic aspects of that major reconstruction of the economy and society. I’m not thinking of the details that can only be worked out on the fly in real time, but just the outlines, such as what carbon sources are to be reduced by how much on what schedule, with a significant margin for error, the reason the serious climate hawks are calling for what almost certainly IS impossible, net zero carbon by 2030. Does Beto have any personal knowledge of how any of that works? I doubt it, the reason he latched onto the 2030 notion without getting a slightly broader familiarity with a problem that so far people much more knowledgeable than he are approaching with caution. IMNSHO it is still possible–barely–to get to zero carbon emissions by 2050, but the time is very short and the path is very narrow, getting more so every day.