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Climate Groups Applaud Newsom's Temporary Fracking Ban in California, But Say Other 'Critical Next Steps' Still Needed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/climate-groups-applaud-newsoms-temporary-fracking-ban-california-say-other-critical

How did Silicon Valley get started? Why didn’t it get started in, say, Alabama? Something in the water?

No, Silicon Valley came about first because California was in a rush to lower college tuition in the 1960s, and second because Stanford University focused on the intersection of cutting edge R&D and entrepreneurship.

Whatever shall California do about the approaching state and world catastrophe? Duh!

If all of the state’s buildings can economically be both heated and cooled 90% by the sun landing on each building’s roof, 10% by renewable electricity and 0% by natural gas, why, the state will run the other way faster than you can say “crush all of the remaining electric cars.”

If the state’s power towers can all be 100% bird-proofed, the state must run away screaming into a dark hole. If the dark hole happens to be part of an inexpensive solar-powered desalination system, then the state must run away screaming a second time, this time into a safer sewer culvert.

If an inexpensive above-grade automated traffic system appears to replace freeways, and if it wipes out California’s fabled traffic jams, why, the state needs to heavily self-medicate and then sequester itself in some looney bin.

I’m telling you that these engineering breakthroughs should all be staring the world in the face and should be prototyped, but Charles Koch’s money is fighting the R&D like Hades, which is where the planet is headed. So, climate organizations still have plenty of tough political work cut out for them.

why only temporary ban guv? keep up the pressure my fellow californians. our voices do make a difference and this guy is aiming to be prez some day.

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The leak caused by some idiot using ‘automated’ operation instead of having a real trained boiler operator at the well site.
So, look forward to autonominous semi trucks running on over and crushing passenger cars. Notice the 737max had software that the pilots were not trained in and did not know how to save their plane from crashing.

I firmly believe in steam fracking. We have way over 40 years experience. It is superior to chemical / water fracking because it does not pollute the ground water at all. I have to laugh at california depending on federal scientists for the reviews coming up.