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Climate Groups Thank Sanders for Being Only Candidate at Debate to Stand Against Trump-Led Trade Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/15/climate-groups-thank-sanders-being-only-candidate-debate-stand-against-trump-led


A true mark of distinction for Bernie. Steyer was actually good on this issue, too.


Check out democracynow today.

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Oh God, did they have to include a picture of that stone faced women with the dead expressionless eyes. I don’t where CNN scored that talking mannequin with the red lipstick. She apparently had a hearing disability. When Sanders forcefully denied he said a woman can’t win, she just rolled on as if she had also been in the room and heard the exchange. She was actually worse to listen to than Buttigieg and his word salad bumpersticker quotes.



Climate, trade, economy, immigration, war, race; they are all tied together, as the Green New Deal recognizes. It’s time the media did too. At least Bernie does. As president, he will impact the national conversation. It’s one of their biggest powers and most important jobs. Too bad eloquent Obama blew it on that, so busy trying to mollify republicans.


Mayo Pete was at his robotic worst last night.
A wind-up toy could have played his part.

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While it would have been a crude retort, I would simply have told the grim faced hairdo that asked the trade question that, back in 1993, a democratic president and a Republican congress gave us a shit sandwich named NAFTA. Here in 2020 the current republican president and democratic house now have a new deal for you. They have offered to cut the crusts off of your shit sandwich.
In the end, it’s still a shit sandwich.
If you learned anything last night it’s that the corporatists and their toadies at the DNC are feeling the heat. They are shit-their-pants afraid that Bernie just might win this thing. They are now in full smear mode. For good or ill, I’m glad it’s happening. The DNCs dirty, corporate soaked laundry needs hung out for all to see.


I hear that someday, he wants to be a real boy.

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Brianne Pfannenstiel looked constipated and her personality confirmed it!

BUT, as Tim Black said, Steyer IS good on climate change because he is possibly atoning for all of it he helped create in the name of getting wealthy. He also said that Steyer needs to get the hell out of the run and spend his time/money DOING GOOD to help that creation of his recover as much as possible.


If Steyer truly cared about the environment he would immediately bow out and endorse Bernie Sanders. And denounce billionaires being able to buy elections.

What stood out in Steyer’s performance last night was his complete disregard for Sanders----Steyer acted as if Bernie wasn’t even on stage with him.

He gave approving nods to other candidates but ignored Sanders who has been fighting for social and environmental justice for decades including the years Steyer was raking in billions from raping and pillaging the earth.

Bernie Sanders 2020


I would argue, that Mr. Steyer knows how corrupt the Democrats are and realizes Bernie has no chance.

There were too many on stage last night that want to keep our military in place in the middle-east.
Biden insists there are differences with having regular soldiers in country, VS Special Forces. It’s still military involvement and the same resentments persist.
It’s a racket, and the more that realize it the better off we are.

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Steyer mentioned common ground he was on with Bernie.

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“I would argue, that Mr. Steyer knows how corrupt the Democrats are and realizes Bernie has no chance.”

Then you ‘recognize’ that Steyer ‘recognizes’ something that is not true. What do you not understand about voters deciding this, and that Bernie is doing very well?

As much as I support Bernie over Steyer, isn’t the headline wrong - that Steyer also took that position, and that that none of the praise the article cites has the word ‘only’ in front of Bernie?

Yet another reason why the sociopaths in corporate media alternate between wilfully avoiding Sanders and running hit pieces on him.

When it comes right down to it, there’s really not that much diference bewteen them and the Chinese run state media.

You mean that the corporate, dems. are not corrupt?