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Climate Groups Vow to Fight in Court and Streets as Trump EPA Pulls Plug on Clean Power Plan


Climate Groups Vow to Fight in Court and Streets as Trump EPA Pulls Plug on Clean Power Plan

Julia Conley, staff writer

"If you want to protect your citizens, it's time to take action yourselves because the Trump-Pruitt EPA has shown it's more interested in protecting polluters than the health of Americans."


These parasites were put in place to dismantle, destroy, and denigrate the agencies in which they took oaths to support and protect. Make no mistake, DJT has chosen the lowest of the low from the depths of Haedes to do their dirty work. And they all think that they are immune to the disastrous affects of their destructive, criminal malfeasance. Guess what, they too will have to breath the air saturated with sulfur dioxide, drink the water filled with toxins, eat the food full of chemicals and toxins from the polluted soil, water and air…their gated communities will not stem the tide of their domestic terrorism.


The RGGI, while flawed due to its inclusion of cap-and-trade, nonetheless creates a net benefit to those states still participating, as well as to all those downwind.

Thanks a lot, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, for blowing our early lead on this issue; fortunately, you’ll be replaced soon, and it’s to be hoped that your successor will correct your error. Was it ideology? Hubris? A simple quid pro quo? In any case, you were on the wrong side of science, economics and the greater good. A well-deserved obscurity awaits.


They don’t even bother to make a cursory effort at pretending to do what they are supposed to be doing - “Environmental Protection Agency” - yet they actually do the exact opposite. Screw it, who cares if the Plebes notice we are doing the opposite of our mandate? What are they gonna do about it? Bitch and moan? And then die because of the increased toxins in the environment? Good - exactly as planned.


Dear “Never Hillary-Trump Wont be So Bad” people,

See? Now we will be fighting to merely preserve an already weak and inadequate plan. Think of what we could be fighting for if at least this plan, plus possibly other measures strengthening it, had been secured, and we could move forward from there.

I pointed this out again and again a year ago here…


The RGGI isn’t flawed by cap and trade, it is cap and trade. Other states should follow the lead of these nine northeastern states. Actually California has a cap and trade program which goes beyond power plants and it would be good if RGGI did also. Although the nine northeastern states and California account for a large proportion of the US population, they account for a much smaller proportion of emissions from coal-burning power plants. Therefore, there is a dire need for the Clean Power Plan to significantly reduce US emissions from coal burning. This will be tough fight against the climate deniers in the Trump administration. It could go on for quite awhile and should be a campaign issue next year. Virtually all Democrats support the Clean Power Plan. Fighting for clean air and against climate change could help win elections.


How awful the Clinton contamination allowed a moron like trump to steal the lotus. That aside its time to fight!




What’s worse than Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria? Hurricane Donald and Hurricane Scott.


The POS’s in the administration are doing their damnedest to kill us all with unfettered toxic waste spewed into the air and waters we all need to survive. The EPA? No problem, let’s put the #1 tool that’s worked hard to circumvent regulations every chance he got either by endless litigation or down right bribes to the energy giants. Obama’s lax, for lack of a better term, motions to appear to be for the environment while allowing fracking, oil exploration up north and in the Atlantic which destroys our cetacean friends in the seas, but hey, at least he did something, right? The oceans are full of plastic, coral reefs will be dead in 20 years or so; hurricanes, tornadoes, floods. fires, droughts, are getting worse every year, yet the leaders act as if there’s no, or very little, problem at all. I wish I could slap them all with a stinking, rotting, toxic poisoned, dead fish whose stomach in full of plastic. At least I’d feel better even if nothing was done.


And you were prescient in so doing! Thank you.


Trump cabinet’s mission is to destroy government as we know it and bring on the fascism my father went to war to fight.

Will any politician charge the Trump administration with treason and sedition?


You mean Scott as in Scott Pruitt? or Scott as in my state of Florida governor Rick Scott? The answer, of course, is: both. Them plus Trump, among mane others, is a bigger threat than any hurricane, I am humbly sorry to say. Forgive me, Puerto Rico, Houston, et al, for saying so. But these sob’s are gonna be around longer, and do much more damage, than Irma did.


I dearly wish someone would, it is truly the time to do it.


What really galls me about this Administration is that Our government is acting like a bull pen of thugs all gung ho to taunt and threaten but when it comes to responsible legislation? Fergedaboudit. However we are quite pleased to send men and women to shoot up a place with no actual reason to do it.




I very sincerely hope America rises up to smack down Trump as hard as possible so that we are finished with his right wing extremist white supremacists and racists, and those that have no concern about devastating our environment due to corporate GREED. Trump is very obviously on the side of corporate greed. He is a sociopath egomaniac that does not belong in the White House…


Repeal aed replace Pruitt and Trump


The destructive stupidity of this regime of fools and corporate whores is infuriating and astonishing!

All the common-sense protections of air and water, soils and the marine environment wiped-away in an instant by shiteheads who have zero truth or reason behind their destructive stupidity…trump&co - brought to you by the power of wealth and corruption with lots of help from the Dem party establishment swine! We would not be in this sickening position if Bernie Sanders had been the nominee rather than the widely despised and corrupt red queen - the establishments anointed one…and still there has been NO reform!


Perhaps Trump has gotten us out of the swamp, but has put us into a quagmire infested with swamp rats. Pruitt is one of the worst of the swamp rats, bent on destroying the environment he pledged to protect. Trump picked the absolute worst candidate to head the EPA. More and more it appears Trump’s main motivation is to destroy everything that Obama accomplished. Why else would he choose the likes of Pruitt?