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Climate 'Hero' Gets Three-Year Prison Sentence for Shutting Down Tar Sands Pipeline


Climate 'Hero' Gets Three-Year Prison Sentence for Shutting Down Tar Sands Pipeline

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Michael Foster, the valve turner who temporarily halted the flow of tar sands oil in TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in October 2016, called for future actions to address the global climate crisis before he headed to prison, where he is expected to serve at least a year of his three-year sentence.

"Michael Foster isn't a criminal; he's a hero."
—Dr. James Hansen,
climate expert


Observe here the complete absence of moral and ethical core – the blind allegiance to a system that criminalizes actions that, in a rational world, can only be characterized as just and necessary; a justice system tangled in its own bizarre sense of righteousness – totally disconnected from reality – like most of our justice system, especially the criminal side of that system – double entendre intended.

This is both a crime against humanity and a crime against Michael Foster.


An enemy of the State – a government controlled by oil companies. We are all in this together.


first a guy hijacking an auction goes to jail. Now prison for someone with the temerity to stop the flow of oil.

bankers responsible for the suicides of tens of thousands?
fat bonuses.

hospitals who drop patients nearly naked onto freezing streets?
stock bumps.

it’s the nature of the political crimes of a state that tells you what its character is. and the US nature is depraved beyond repair.


To save Earth and her children will take many brave people such as Michael to be willing to go to jail to save the planet from certain destruction. Inverse totalitarianism; try to save Earth go to jail, murder countless trees or spill millions of gallons of crude in the gulf and get a fine; profits suffer few ill effects. Corporations hold all the power and will use violence and harsh prison sentences to get their evil way. They care little for life. They have the state commit violence to continue sending trains of oil through towns where an accident could kill hundreds. Sound familiar yet? Yeah, things will only continue to escalate as they murder Earth. It’s time to put a stop to the wanton destruction of our environment or Earth will force our hands for us as she blazes humans from existence.


You are a great leader, Foster.
That terminology came to me after the current Trump & Melania photo release.
(should they be TrumpLahniyah?) Anyway, Melania cheers, "You are a great leader,"
to Frumpt, proudly, affectionately, as if inconsiderately to those now in harm’s way.
Foster, you are a great leader. President Shithole is NOT one other than greatly ruthless,
reprehensible, repugnant, irresponsible alongside lying republican traitors in OUR congress.


There is something really wrong with justice in America. My mistake, there has always been something really wrong with justice in America.

Nothing new here, the justice system in Germany ruled that everything Hitler did was legal. They helped to kill 60 million people. Climate change will kill many more, just wait!!


“I made a decision to commit civil disobedience to defend my family tree and yours, knowing that there is no government, no politician, no corporation on planet right now putting forward a plan to defend life as we know it. My kids and yours won’t survive this mess if we don’t clean up all this.” Michael Foster


I bet it’s not an easy decision. I will vote and donate but I won’t go as far as him and be a hero because I want my job and my house. I support others including my disabled mother in her 70’s who needs my house to live in. I don’t know how this guy does it. I am sure it is NOT easy for him. Thank you, Michael Foster - I know me not is the anti-thesis of what you’re saying but I still support what you’re doing.


How about Equifax not being held accountable to the people that had their accounts hacked in to? I think whoever is in charge at the treasury, Mulvaney?, has decided to to hold them accountable meanwhile 145 Million people may all have compromised accounts anywhere from their credit union to credit cards, etc. And the government snoozes along like nothing ever happened.


To paraphrase Orwell: in a time of universal climate deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act that sends you to prison.


This sentence is the crime. I don’t know about you but I have been a law abiding citizen all my life, Henceforward, why should I or any of us for that matter obey the law? We have a president who thinks that he is above the law and has been breaking both civil and criminal laws for the past two decades. I think we need a Robin Hood on every corner until the law is actually synchronized with justice. It seems that the law today applies only to the have nots and not the haves. If we are not successful in changing this utter failure of our democracy with the vote we will need to take to the streets in mass.


Check out this movie. One responsible for a gruesome murder gets off on only 3 years for ‘manslaughter’.

We live in a country where oil is valued more than people, as this judge illustrates beautifully. Thank you Mr Foster for your courage


If the actions of all fossil fuels are criminal, then should we prosecute all of humanity for choosing to buy and use products and services that require fossil fuels?

To me it sounds rather ridiculous to claim that TransCanada has committed criminal actions for supplying the world with petroleum, when we the consumers demand petroleum for all of our products and services.

I don’t necessarily believe that a prison sentence is the correct course of action, but breaking into a facility and forcing an abrupt shutoff in a pipeline is not only a criminal action but also increases risk in a pipeline. There are other ways to fight against oil and gas than by increasing the risk of infrastructure.



I have not been a law abiding citizen, all of my life. When I was 19, I walked out of the Maryland Book Exchange with Abbie Hoffmans book, “Steal This Book” under my coat.

I strongly agree with you that the masses must occupy the streets, and soon. And often. And we must be loud and focused on what is necessary.

The correct message must be conveyed.

Resign. No Confidence. Get Out. Corruption Not Wanted. Leave Or Be Jailed.


Fear such as you expressed is very rational; it is what keeps most of us from doing what, inside, we want to do. The State knows this only too well. Michael Foster and Tim deChristopher are to be thanked and respected for listening to their hearts and making the sacrifice they had to make.


What are your suggested ways to fight?


Foster and DeChristopher might be remembered for their actions years from now; but, only after many, many people have died and the environment changed to our detriment. A critical mass of humanity (climate changer deniers) can be pretty damn stupid and a threat to the rest of us.


Foster is a true patriot. He is a modern American hero and I for one commend him for having the courage to act for the good of the people, in a society so burdened with ignorance and apathy.

Stay strong Foster and if there is a god, may he be with you always.


That Orwell guy was a lot smarter then anyone was willing to credit. Until lately…Now you can see his nightmare everywhere you look. There is something wrong at the core of the human soul…something very dark and very evil, that we can treat each other so.