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Climate Jobs for All: A Key Building Block for the Green New Deal


Climate Jobs for All: A Key Building Block for the Green New Deal

Jeremy Brecher

It was an iconic moment: Young people occupy Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office demanding a Green New Deal to put millions of people to work making a climate-safe economy—when suddenly newly-elected Congressional representative and overnight media star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins them with a resolution in hand to establish a Select Committee for a Green New Deal.


We are not entitled to “jobs”. We are entitled to a Universal Unconditional Basic Income:


Where are these mythical workers going to come from? We’re already at statistical full employment in the US. Anyone who wants a job has one, and there is a supply of jobs right now that outstrips the number of workers available to fill them.

And just exactly what are the jobs going to be? Nowhere in this long article are any detailed descriptions of jobs that would be done by this theoretical “unemployed or under employed” workforce. What work will be done by largely unskilled workers (remember that those with skills and training are already employed) that will have impacts on the climate? Or on any other aspect of society.

This is just another socialist ploy to take money from those who have earned it and give it to those who haven’t, in exchange for “labor” that no one was willing to pay for in the first place.


Expect high demand for one climate job we can easily anticipate: burying bodies.


Really? You’re “entitled” to a free income? Every dollar that you’re given for doing nothing is taken from someone else that earned it by providing goods and/or services in demand. What gives you the right to take, by threat of force, someone else’s property?


We’re not entitled to either. Remember what Kennedy and others before him said? Ask not what your country can do for you- but what you can do for your country. We all need to do required government service apart from military.


Thank you Maddox- wonder if this dolt just is looking for attention? Please see my post following yours. I have been advocating required government service for all citizens ( if they are able bodied and minded) for years. Have written letters, spoken to aids of reps etc. Perhaps you can do the same. Besides paying taxes, and possibly doing jury duty, our government ( even when there is corruption) asks little of us. The trouble is that now there is so much corruption, some people like natureboy are confused and think the government owe them.


Here I have to disagree with you. Many people who want jobs do not have one ( including college graduates) and those who are underemployed are at even higher numbers ( as high as 20% or more). I do agree with this: What will these jobs be? Gardeners, solar installers, clerks? Engineers do find jobs as well as scientists so who will these jobs be for?


Are we entitled to Social Security?


If you worked, then yes, you are- it is a tax taken out of a paycheck. If you did not work, in my opinion, you are not.



Actually nobody is guaranteed or entitled to a job. If the numbers match and you are lucky enough to get one- then great. You are also not entitled to a basic income either. Life can be hard.


HI DerekMaddox-----but if ALL get it, then there are no people living without shelter, and when people have money they spend it --------------and how many are no longer looking as they ran out of unemployment—they are not even counted as existing in the work place, and they become invisible people if they have no job.
Besides, if instead of blowing up things, America and others built things—that would help with the pollution problems too. And besides that, when people have no money they don’t go out much or interact much—and so being employed and in the world can make a big change in all people’s world-view.
Besides, as “dollars taken…” the government does that now and gives money to the military who lie about their accounting, and we give money to nations who ignore the UN, and really people need a job not just for living, but to meet others and have a fuller life too.
If your first thought is that you somehow lost something----that is very sad. : (


Also, remember the Great Society? While it helped some people out of poverty, it also helped to create multiple generations of welfare recipients. I have worked in some inner city schools where some of the “parents” have actually said out loud- " I did not want kids- but I partied and found out I was having one- now I get to have welfare. When that is done- I will apply for disability- anything not to work."


Don’t rich people get their Social Security? Of course they do. Won’t they want their share of a basic income also? Of course they will- don’t be naive- that’s some humans’ nature-. Don’t rich companies get government subsidies sometimes? Of course they do- even if they do not need them. The point is: Don’t be naive. Also, basic income is not coming to the USA any time soon, and probably never. Plus let’s face it- if that is enough to live on for some people then that is what will happen - that is what they will settle for just like when the Great Society happened. Hey, I remember when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1060s- my parents told me that some people who were collecting welfare had new cars and furniture. Our government makes some wierd choices- keep multiple generations on welfare on one hand( until it was changed when Clinton was in office, and bail out Wall Street, and give billionaires tax breaks on the other. Nothing in between for the working stiffs.


As I said- nobody gets a free income. Social security is part of the three legged stool for those in semi or full retirement. Unfortunately some of those legs of those stools have been busted. Social security is for those technically who have earned it by working for someone or being self employed.


Actually, no.

The Fed prints money out of thin air every day. Money that no one earned, sold to lenders, many of whom then earn interest by doing nothing other than shifting capital they inherited.


Hi mealouts, I think I read that rich people only pay for the first $128,000 and then don’t pay into social security any more—which is amazing as so many of those CEOs make millions. And then too, Congress does really well also, as I think that some of the people have been there for so long and if you add in their lobbyists gifts—well wow!

However, if life is really value , as it is in some of the places , they realize that some of the Scandinavian nations, have a more positive experience . They do realize that a complete life does need a basic income and food medical and shelter and an actual life needs time to interact with others and build relationships. So many Americans now work so many jobs that they rarely have a chance to travel or take a class or go to a museum----without down time----people become slaves in a machine.
I’m sorry about the story you grew up hearing because a lot of politicians make up stories about welfare mothers , welfare queens and cheating and they forget about the corporations who abuse employees and cheat on their taxes and environmentally rape their own nation.That’s why something like a green economy can make the world a better place for everyone-----where people a have both a purpose and a government ( of the people, by the people, and for the people) and this really does work as a democratic republic. A republic that values their citizens and creates a place in the world, for a healthy planet. : )


Is Social Security a basic income, an entitlement or what?


Politicians did not make up all of the stories about welfare queens and kings- we saw it with our own eyes. Went to a furniture store a few years ago and there were people buying brand new furniture with welfare checks. I do not get why people do not pay into social security after the first 128,000- and yes there are corporations that take advantage of some employees, but I still believe in required government service for all to do- in other words no free lunch for the corporations or the people. It doesn’t matter what I think anyway. If you feel strongly about something tell your member of Us congress and your state reps as well as your local staff of government. This is just a debate forum and mean nada.