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Climate Jobs for All: A Key Building Block for the Green New Deal


Social security for retirees who earned this is not an entitlement- welfare is.


Once again , you are being a little starry eyed ( hence your "name)? or naive. People appreciate something more when they earn it- and retirement SS is something that is earned. When something is given for free , people do not appreciate it as much. Would it be nice if someone did not have to work two or three jobs? Of course. With a decent job, there is a certain amount of pride one has versus getting a hand out.


The same people advocation this also want to allow as many “refugees” in as will come. Guess who employers will hire for minimum wage (or less)?


Thank you for making that point. It is stunning to think that beneath the all the falderal and ladeeda the actual simple local and regional markets that arise out of necessity can be amazingly healthy - if folks let go of greed-based acquisitions. I take my SS and buy food through a local co-op. For every $1000 spent, there is something like $1500 that ends up circulating in the local economy. We need to foster the components of imagining how boots-on-the-ground economy dynamics work. Economics is THEORY except for what you can identify as practice - and that means identifying community in all or as many senses as possible.


Those employers are part of communities. What you describe is premised on descriptives of community that are fractured, divided and hostile. Otherwise you would recognize that each of those “refugees” are more than that. They are human beings with souls, talents and lives that respond no less than you and I to community inclusion and embrace.


We are all humans but how many humans can the American economy support when fossil fuel usage has to be eliminated? Or has some very forward thinking person realized that the average America can not do farm work and we will need tens of millions of tough imported workers to do back breaking work that organic, animal powered farms require.


Most people hate their job so they hate people who don’t have a job to hate even more.

Making sure everyone has to commute to a job and making sure everyone has the money and the incentive to consume more stuff does not seem like any kind of a solution to AGW.


If you want to do something about climate change why attach something as controversial as jobs for all to legislation? This looks like another bill to build the movement that never gets anything passed at the federal level. Serious work on climate change is getting done in the states but not in enough states. But I think progressive efforts should be focused at the state level because it is the states that control what kind of energy is used in the electrical grid. State mandates for utilities to use renewable energy are the most important thing happening. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are going to do their thing and get a lot of attention but it is really governors and state legislators who need to be pushed to do more in order to make progress.


The jobs necessary in a Green New Deal should integrate hybrid and battery electric cars into most households and regional utility grids. This is not a prospect most households can afford without collective stimulus to spur related industries to act beyond their basic motive of profit. It’s also time to nationalize our nation’s railroads if we are ever to replace air travel with more fuel efficient passenger-rail that also spurs economic development sadly lacking in station areas along every Amtrak route. Personally, I don’t favor super high speed rail as its cost and impact are objectionably prohibitive. We could instead increase daily runs and improve reliability with track upgrades. Investment in basic urban/suburban mass transit is likewise essential. We are long overdue for entirely new model buses which do NOT spew diesel particulates at 4mpg mostly less than 1/4 filled most hours of operation and run too infrequently to compete with private cars. Transportation planning reform (if not revolution) is central to reducing dependence upon fossil fuels and rebuilding our car-strangled communities.


It looks like that precisely because incrementalists like you advocated for the ‘art of the possible’ when the ‘high drama of the imperative’ has been called for since many yesterdays ago

Amazingly, you still cling to that go-slow approach as baked in climate chaos descends upon us. Sadly, as you tinker around the margins, food riots, refugees by the millions, and mass death will shine a light on how absurd your thumb-twiddling is.

Or perhaps Connor Lamb and the Problem Solvers have a lan that their corpr0ate masters can live with…


Jef, your first sentence demonstrates you have what is a relatively rare talent … not overlooking the obvious. What’s more visceral than hate. Little wonder the nurturing of misplaced hate is a major device in the propagandist’s tool box.

There doesn’t seem to be much denying that just on economic grounds alone fossil fuels as an energy source are being replaced by the technologies and systems of renewable energy. The desperate and bombastic comments by the fossil fuel apologists make that clear. There’s considerable irony around this topic. You may recall that defenders of the status quo had for years claimed that we needn’t worry. Technology will find the answers. Well it’s doing just that, except not by filtering the excess carbon from the biosphere and shipping it to Mars to make it warmer and more amiable for potential future mining operations. Instead by renewal, cleaner energy development. So why aren’t they cheering?

It does bring up a curiosity. Corporations invest in many areas. Some even more so than in their ‘primary’ operations, as with the auto makers in the US. One may have thought that investment consultants at Goldman Sachs and other such sources would have been sought to advise the fossil fuel industry to invest in the renewable energy field instead of buying congressional types to legislate these new industries out of business. For strictly
investment purposes. Not for the general good, god forbid. But then, actual useful innovation is not what comes from Wall Street. What was I thinking.

Your comment about “…incentive to consume more stuff…” is not the same as the ‘incentive’ to have food to eat and a roof over one’s head. People worrying about daily survival have that as their first priority, understandably. They could be employed, with at least a livable remuneration, to work for the institutional, governmental, technological and societal foundation that’s needed to implement and support the large transition to renewable energy, and done so in the very near future, on a large scale, perhaps a massive scale, for what is an existential threat to human civilization. And have food to eat and a roof over their heads. It could be a win-win situation. Prevent climate induced disasters…and…just maybe…help one pass Judgment Day. Something the right-wing worries a lot about, I’m sure.


A question that has remained unanswered for the past quarter-century: Until those new jobs come along, what should we do about all those who are jobless, with no incomes?


What about addressing the gender and race issue where white women use work place bullying, racism and misandry to hire mostly if not totally all women(white) but few if any men of color?
Misandry, racism and “WHITE GIRL POWER” and women only policies dominate in hiring. Work place gender bullying and retaliation is commonly used to push white women into dominance and commonly their is no gender parity nor equity in hiring and leadership!
White “GOOD OLD GIRL”, nepotism has become the rule in the progressive and nonprofit industry and men of color are paying the price of having women(white) only in power and leadership!

What ever became of feminism, gender and racial equity for all?


It will be a while yet before all industries have equalized. Then the male population will have to prove themselves as not over bearing, just as honest, just as smart and or talented, and not of a “good ole” mentality.


This will not work.
White women will push for and hire white women and then use work place gender bullying and racism to oppress men of color and not hire men.
Challenge white girl power in the progressive and nonprofit industry by hiring men of color and ending white “GOOD OLD GIRL NEPOTISM AND RACISM IN THE WORK PLACE”