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Climate Justice Advocates Say COP21 Mobilization in Paris More Important Than Ever


Climate Justice Advocates Say COP21 Mobilization in Paris More Important Than Ever

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As French officials signaled tougher "security" measures will be implemented in the wake of the Paris attacks, civil society organizations from around the world on Monday sent a message of solidarity with all victims of war and violence and declared that they will fulfill their "duty" to mobilize for climate justice at the upcoming UN climate talks in the city.


I wonder what the roach word will be for anthropocene? I wonder if they will develop weapons of mass destruction against each other and what remains of life on earth?


Tying the climate justice movement to the peace movement is critical.

The US military is (by some measures) the single largest institutional generator of fossil carbon to the atmosphere, and at the same time is primarily dedicated to the geopolitics of upholding Western control and extraction of fossil fuels. But leadership and public rhetoric of the climate justice movement have generally been silent on what should be a central focus: to end war and shut down the war machine.

And remaining stalwart right now in Paris, and going forward, is also critical. The powerful multi-sector anti-corporate globalization movement that helped stall the WTO after Seattle, called off planned protests at the IMF/World Bank meetings in DC following the events of 9-11, and never got its mojo back.

Now more than ever, it is critical to be forthright that climate chaos remains the primary challenge to humanity, and that we must end war and massively cut back the war machine as an indispensable component of climate justice.


The climate march absolutely must happen. As climate change progresses in the wrong direction, the Middle East stands to become gradually more uninhabitable. Syria's meltdown began with drought and people being unable to feed themselves - we know this. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/03/150302-syria-war-climate-change-drought/

What part of humanity dare we expect to die quietly in their homes because Exxon's profit margins matter so damn much? We're all fighters, pushed far enough.

Meeting people's needs and repairing the climate will keep people far safer than any number of weapons.


Climate chaos is THE seminal issue of our time--without a livable planet, all else is moot.


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It is way past time for Environmental groups to realize that the endless Wars for Oil for Auto Addiction are one of the biggest problems we face. There are two elephants in the room in the past ignored by many alleged Environmentalists but finally coming to attention:
1) is the endless Wars wasting $2 Trillion per YEAR, $1 Trillion for the US alone, over half the US Federal budget
2)Is Auto Addiction, the root of Oil Addiction and in turn a motivator for all the Wars for the vast Oil/Car/Paving lobby. Auto Addiction not only is responsible for 70% of direct US oil usage and 35% of US greenhouse emissions but also over 30,000 deaths per year, and the paving over of 10x the land for Rail or Green Transit. It is not just about the fuel for Auto Addiction which is only partly ameliorated by private electric cars, but the 2 ton private vehicles to carry 200 pound people requiring a football field of asphalt for every 5 private cars, the land use, the loss of community, the $9300 cost of owning a private car thus not affordable by the poor. 30% of Americans can NOT drive! yet they are denied mobility by the lack of Green Transit in the US.


That, in a nutshell, is the primary reason i changed my name to walker. Cars, Fossil Fuels, and Wars, are the synergistic triad that is the murder weapon in this unfolding omnicide.