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Climate Leaders: The Time Has Come


Climate Leaders: The Time Has Come

Jennifer Morgan

"We have a small window of time in which to take decisive, bold action against climate change and deliver true security and justice for everyone."


The time has come and yet there is still no detailed plan of action that is feasible under current economic realities. Instead of writing 500 reports about how someone needs to do something, how about instead we have professional discussions over what is needed to transition to lower GHG emitting sources? Just saying that there is a problem, does not make you a leader, nor does it substantially help the general public find a legitament method to solving these current issues.

You don’t see me yelling at foreign leaders or damning society for not transitioning, because I recognize that I do not fully understand what is needed to transition. Even though I am unaware, I am committed to having educated discussions on potential ways to solve challenges related to our climate issue.


Kumi Naidoo has gone back to South Africa - hmm ?

For me - another lost NGO.


This article needs a new title. Might I suggest:

Climate Leaders: It’s Too Late


“Only the Super-rich Can Save Us” Ralph Nader

Support Elon Musk

Direct Democracy


Without action it is doubtful there will be a future. And parallel to this we must disarm the globe of all its nuclear weapons and power.


I believe that the end of humans on earth will be the result of the continued decline of species on the planet. Climate change is naturally accelerating this process, but given the fact that humans are responsible for the extinction of 99.9% of all species since the dawn of homo sapiens, we’re at a critical tipping point already. This means that the global effort to end global warming coincides with the need to preserve the few remaining species on the planet. Giving up meat, stop eating fish, never using airplanes again to travel, abandoning the internal combustion engine, eliminating violence against women while expanding democracy (both are necessary to reverse the population explosion), dismantling the war industries and ridding the planet of nuclear weapons (a nuclear winter would only accelerate our own extinction) are required if we are to sustain life on this planet and preserve humans for at least another 10,000 years.
Leadership for this brave new world though is difficult in our current state of affairs. Investor capitalism, along with its control of the media, both political parties and the armed minions of the State, work against any sane individual who has the courage to take the reins of responsibility for humankind. New leaders and the necessity of having a global discussion about the solutions to our global crisis, will continue to be ignored, marginalized, demonized or eliminated by the powerful interests that got us into this terminal mess to begin with.
To compound the situation, particularly in the U.S., this same investor class has convinced a sizable minority that it is not the fault of greed, capitalism and perpetual growth, but rather politicians and the media as if they are independent of the entrenched, moneyed interests. One only has to listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh who points a finger at everyone and everything for our current mess except he never mentions the corporations that employ him, the politicians and the media. Limbaughs’ $400,000,000 salary from Clear Channel (who owns over 90% of the radio broadcasts in the U.S.) is never mentioned on his radio talk shows as he rants and raves about the wasted money the government spends of social programs while praising every ‘patriotic American’ that has never accepted help from anyone and has endured their indentured servitude with a smile because deep down they know that ‘America is the greatest country in the world’.
If a true leader who represents the public interest suddenly appears on a Limbaugh show, that individual is quickly drowned out with yelling and screaming by the host who claims that they’re nothing more than an agent of the “Liberal left” who knows nothing about how the world really works. Once the sane guest is dismissed by the host, a slew of bitter callers inundate the talk show switchboard all of whom are quick to denounce the “liberal” while praising the billionaire talk show host for his cool demeanor and his understanding of Joe Public and all of his or her grievances.
How does a sane candidate survive this brutal, corporate onslaught with its deep pockets and ruthless denunciations? Just as slavery was a stain on the legitimacy of government before the Civil War, corporate control of our government is a stain on the legitimacy of our government today. Will it take another civil war for us to put an end to the status quo or can we reinvigorate our democratic institutions, enlighten the public and vote out of office every corporate sycophant out there?


Leaders, do your job even better than you have been doing!

Heal Earth faster than you already have.


As long as the door is open somebody will walk in and steal our future.


We sure as hell don’t need another COP-out talk-a-rama, producing more non-binding, feel good agreements. Won’t even make up for the gas the attendees will use to fly to Bonn. These COP talks are now little more than corporate sponsored trade shows designed to lull the masses into thinking that something is actually being done. The real action is taking place in grassroots protest movements and local municipalities that have moved beyond talking the issue to death.


“In the two years since the Paris Climate Agreement signalled the intention to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, world leaders have failed to deliver on their promise.”

First of all, 1.5C is an aspirational goal, the actual agreement is based on limiting warming to below 2C. If we were somehow able to keep greenhouse gas levels to their current levels in the atmosphere there is a lag period of 30-40 during which the temperature would reach an equilibrium. This would probably increase the temperature another 0.5C so we seem to already be at the level for 1.5C so that goal seems out of reach. Even to stay below 2C would take reductions in emissions that that the major polluting countries do not seem to be discussing and of course in the US there is the Republican Party which controls the White House and Congress and denies that climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions by humans. All in all it seem virtually certain that 2C will be passed, but regardless it is critical to reduce emissions drastically as soon as possible.


Couldn’t disagree more. This agreement, while far from perfect, has brought in the emissions reduction process the developing countries, and these are the countries that produce the majority of emissions. Grassroots protests have a role and need to continue. Local municipalities can do a lot and many are taking action but in the US the state governments are critical, particularly since Congress is doing next to nothing. Real action must take place at all levels from the international level to individuals and the real action is all levels. Nothing could be further from the truth believing that this problem can be addressed only by grassroots protesters and local governments.


Right On, Skeptic!   The whole thing reminds me of Chicken Little running around yelling, “The Sky is Falling!  The Sky is Falling!”  The real problem is that nobody believes him, but the Sky really IS Falling.  Or at least the atmosphere is failing, which amounts to essentially the same thing.   If we haven’t passed the ‘tipping point’ yet, Tweetle-Dumb & Associates are working hard to get us there as soon as possible.


Overheard at a board meeting of Tweedle-Dumb & Associates:

Hell, we’ve already burned a cumulative 50,000,000,000 barrels of oil.

What’s 95,000,000 more today?

And tomorrow?

Are we still on for golf this afternoon?


“…preserve humans for at least another 10,000 years.”

That’s where you lost me.