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'Climate of Xenophobia' Gripping Europe, UN Official Warns


'Climate of Xenophobia' Gripping Europe, UN Official Warns

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As more details indicate the killing of British lawmaker Jo Cox was politically motivated, the United Nations Refugee Agency head is warning of a "climate of xenophobia" gripping Europe.


This article ignores all those regime change disasters fomented by the USA under Bush and Obama/Clinton, disasters that are the real root of this crisis. Welcoming all those refugees into Europe now may sound grand and noble, but unless these regime changes are ended, it's a little like first deliberately burning down your neighbor's house, and then feeling "good" because you've offered them shelter, possibly in a third party's house at that ...


One reason Britain and France led the charge in Libya to stop Gaddafi from attacking the Arab Spring protesters was fear of mass immigration from Libya. But several years later an even greater mass migration than they feared is occurring mainly because of the events in Syria. Right wing militant groups trying to stop immigration have formed in Sweden, Germany, and probably other countries as well. This immigration has put into jeopardy the open border policies of the EU countries. Muslim populations have not been successfully assimilated in Europe has they have been in the United States. This looks like a destabilizing situation in Europe. The Europeans need to do a much better job of assimilating Muslim people. It really comes down to hard work at a local level.



That is incorrect! There have been prior to the recent tidal wave of immigrants more than 3 million Turks alone living in Germany, out of a total population of ~ 80 million. They immigrated gradually and were well absorbed.
The recent arrival of 1.2 million Syrian refugees wihin a 6 months period was by and large well received by the population, but stressed the available resources to accommodate them beyond their capability. The US equivalent would be 4.5 million. Of course the arrival of such an onslaught of strangers upsets a lot of people. Just think of the resentment of the comparatively few Irishmen arriving here during the potato crisis.
The big let down for Germany was, that other EU nations where not nearly as accommodating as Germany
And where were we, who have initiated the whole mess in the Middle East?
We accepted zilch!
That is why I find your assertion "(accepted)... as they have been in the US" absolutely absurd!


Some similar thoughts seem to be posted on Zerohedge ...



Is this to what Western engendered international relations "Islamaphobia" and domestic economic "austerity" come? My goodness, how is it policy makers in particular, and the public in general, cannot detect the foolishness to which their policies have come?


After Viet Nam I plowed my way to a history-political science degree and I am absolutely, without a doubt convinced that there isn't a national problem that isn't the cause of some politician/s. The corruption of the American political system is the fault of crooked politicians and that the only possible path to restore representative government is for the electorate to rid the world of these sinister, two-faced SOB's.


PS: There are noiw 11 Turks in the German Bundestag.
There names are:
1- Aydan Özoguz – SPD (direkt) – Hamburg
2- Metin Hakverdi – SPD (direkt) – Hamburg
3- Mahmut Özdemir – SPD (direkt) – NRW
4- Cansel Kiziltepe – SPD – Berlin
5- Gülistan Yüksel – SPD – NRW
6- Cem Özdemir – Bü90 / Die Grünen – Baden-Württemberg
7- Ekin Deligöz – Bü90 / Die Grünen – Bayern
8- Özcan Mutlu – Bü90 / Die Grünen – Berlin
9- Sevim Dagdelen – Die Linke – NRW
10- Azize Tank – Die Linke – Berlin
11- Cemile Giousouf – CDU – NRW

Where is our so well absorbed equivalent in the Congress??


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and racist xenophobia is just racist xenophobia.

No, the pandemic of racist and/or scapegoatist fascism in Europe and the USA is not due to any spooky propaganda campaign, but is a natural human reaction to feelings of economic precariousness. It has occurred again and again throughout history with different causes each time. The cause this time is the ever-increasing stress imposed on wage earners by neoliberal capitalism.


You are describing the cause of the migration to Europe, but not the cause of the racist reaction to the migration to Europe.


Well, Go USA! The US has 2.75 million muslims, the equivalent of 0.9% of the population. The UK alone has the same amount, (2.7 million over 5% of the poulation) Germany one and half times that, (4.3 million over 5% of the population), France has nearly twice that amount (6.3 million 10% of the population). That's just the three biggest countries. You need to lose some of the US is No. 1, brilliant as assimilating bullshit. You're not even tested. And there has been muslim terrorist attacks and problems in the US so it's not that good at assmilating even with this tiny proportion of population.


Maybe it's time to get serious and quit creating more terrorists. The only real answer to ISIS is to stop the steady stream of converts to their cause.
They hate us because we won't stop bombing their loved ones to kingdom come. Hillary will assure us a steady supply so she will have perpetual war.


With propaganda like that, you certainly should be a paid spook.

So Clinton had nothing to do with the US attack on Libya, and even Britain and France's role, according to you was for strictly humanitarian reasons.

And according to your propaganda, the humanitarian disaster in Syria was just something that happened. Had nothing to do with Clinton orchestrating a lot of the mess behind the scenes.

Another day, another propaganda campaign.


Well, it was not the Europeans, who "burned down the houses" in the Middle East, it was primarily the US with some help from the UK. The latter had at least the good grace to accept 35,000 refugees, a mere piddling compared with Germany, Austria and others, which had nothing to do with our quixotic adventures in the ME. In the UK rejecting the influx of refugees is now one of the driving forces on the "Brexit" side. This leads me to asking again:
Where are we, the prime perpetrators of the crisis???


The world contains a billion or two starvation victims. Some foreign-financed strongman took over their country from them with foreign munitions and planes, or some foreign jackal agency killed their President. Then wages plummeted compared to costs. Then people ran out of savings and started to die, so they took these miserable $2/day jobs.

In the richer countries, the fabulously wealthy .01% asked themselves, how can we get people to do terrible jobs in the rich countries for $2/day? They came up with, "free cross-border travel". In the U.S., one border control station was so successful at stopping migrant workers that the local growers lobbied Congress to get rid of it. Poof! It was gone.

It's not about xenophobia, it's about robbing our wallets. We're having to compete with millions of people who make $2/day back home, and who must run for their lives from our own CIA's installed juntas and from death squads trained at Fort Benning, GA.

If these refugees weren't here, employers would have to pay us good wages to take local bad jobs. Also, the wealth-driven financial incentive to enslave billions of people for many generations would disappear if we didn't have "free" trade. Free for who, specifically?

Xenophobia is just icing on the cake. No stooge like an old stooge.


And looks like America's (Obama, HRC, and our War Machine) isn't going to stop. Read Common Dreams article today us-drones-hit-taliban-more-terrorist-networks-despite-end-afghan-war?


And this is why Obama,Clinton,Ryan would never want to address immigration issues in a real way-

Its interesting how little we hear about the socialist gov in France attempting to change the work rules for the common people-and its not in a good way------the slave owners are winning!

Anyone know that Clinton and Obama support lowering the minimum wage for young people in Puerto Rico to $4.50hr????????


To be exact the minimum wage in Puerto Rico will be cut to $4.25hr for those under 25. The various comments in business news is that this is no big deal because the cost of living is so low. I wonder why so many are leaving the island? And this all revolves around paying wall street creditors---of course these go together,paying creditors and cutting the minimum wage???????


Saudi Arabia claims to have given shelter (they refuse to call them 'refugees') to 2.5 million Syrians fleeing the war See: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/refugee-crisis-saudi-arabia-says-it-has-taken-2-5-million-fleeing-syrians-1519532

Qatar is prevaricating.
See: http://www.newstatesman.com/world/middle-east/2015/09/exclusive-interview-qatari-foreign-minister-syria-and-refugee-crisis

Yemen is in civil war, courtesy of Saudi Arabia

Kuwait Takes the cake: The Gulf states are “too valuable' to take in refugees: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/09/15/kuwaiti-official-gulf-oil-states-valuable-syrian-refugees/
But is that any worse than the US, which starts troubles everywhere, but is also "too valuable", though this remains unspoken, to face even a sliver of the consequences.


Ahhh... the classic Hegelian Dialectic of "Problem->Reaction->Solution" or "Thesis->Anti-thesis->Synthesis."

It is ever so easy for the power-elite (i.e. ruling class) to take advantage of solutions that do not truly benefit the public-at-large. Instead, the proffered solution(s) almost invariably ultimately largely advance the hidden agendas of the power-elite themselves.

I recall an anecdote about a high-level statesman in ancient Rome who happen to own the local fire brigade. If he wanted a choice piece of real estate, then he would conspire to set its buildings on fire. Then, when the property owner did desperately beseech him to put out the fire, he would stand by, with his work crew, and offer to buy the property at rock-bottom price. Apparently, it was not unusual for the landowner to yield to such extortionist's tactics.