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Climate Panel Disbanded by Trump Launches Independent Network to Tackle Crisis at Local Level


Climate Panel Disbanded by Trump Launches Independent Network to Tackle Crisis at Local Level

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Members of a climate advisory panel disbanded by President Donald Trump in 2017 launched an independent network Thursday to help communities across the country with science-based guidance to tackle the challenges of rapidly warming world.



If enough people did something similar we could eventually have a brand new mode of governance without firing a shot.



Given that our species is headed for extinction “soon,” trying to adapt to the changes caused by global warming is rather pointless!

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The only way out is to invent a Time Machine, meanwhile we (Boomers) will need to hide from our youth . .



Still better than doing nothing I guess. Humanity is stubborn like that.



Correct. We need to work on lots of details.

First of all, who runs this circus? The good choice is “representatives of everybody, and of their grandchildren too.” The bad choice is, “whoever reaps the most quick profit out of this sucker gets a seat on the board.”

Following the link and looking down the convening panel’s credentials, I notice a great number of academic corporate logos, and prominent among them are the fabulously wealthy research universities. Mmm, worth keeping an eye on. No Halliburton or General Dynamics, tho.

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I’ve been inventing solar and climate inventions for 20 years now. Inventing without putting many things out was all that I could afford. Now, maybe, if a particular state or region really wants to do right in the jobs market, the various gadgets can be engineered. Or they can go all fake-face about “doing something” and then they can choke on their coal dust for another decade if that’s who they are. Life shall be quite honest to them.



Good point, that definitely does not inspire confidence.
While a few individuals from Stanford, Columbia, IBM and Maryland are members, the organizations as a whole are only listed as supporters, so it could just be a pr thing.