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Climate Pledges That Don't Respect Climate Physics Will Burn Us All


Climate Pledges That Don't Respect Climate Physics Will Burn Us All

Jamie Henn

When any new climate announcement comes out, you have to judge it against two P’s: politics and physics.


For six years he did nothing; for two, he does little. Alas.


you are absolutely right. Otherwise, ff’s will continue to be used for NASCAR, electricity for massive sports stadiums… and all the people traveling to the events… more useless plastic stuff, etc etc… by nationalizing ffs we can make it illegal to use them for these things… we need to use them for medical uses and well, I can’t think of what else.


It is time to face reality - the number one cause of Oil Addiction is Auto Addiction! It is telling that as usual when Obama announced his plans to cut Federal government emissions he said it would be the equivalent of “taking 5 million cars off the road” Which begs the question: why not do everything possible to take millions of cars off the road directly? There are currently 250 million US cars and trucks on the road. 5 million is only 2% ie trivial compared to what is possible. Auto Addiction is responsible for 70% of US oil consumption and directly responsible for 35% of greenhouse emissions. Auto Addiction also costs 30,000 deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries, is one of the major causes of expensive Emergency room visits, mileage spent in cars has been found 90% correlated with obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Obama and Biden made the grandstanding step of riding the train to Obama’s First Inaugural. And Obama did include Rail funding in the inadequate stimulus and has still voiced support for High Speed Rail. But Obama has been unwilling to increase the gasoline tax unchanged since 1993 as the Federal Transportation Fund goes broke. A Brookings Study in May, 2011 showed the huge potential to increase US Green Transit mobility and allow people to get rid of their $9300 a year car costs: they found that even with the anemic Transit system we have which needs expanding ALREADY 70% of Americans in the top 100 US metro areas live only 3/4ths mile from a transit stop! (unfortunately usually a bus stuck in traffic but still…) BUT only 30% could reach a job in less than 90 minutes. People could not actually get places on Green Transit or get rid of at least 1 of their cars because major train lines have horrible off-peak service, (MARC, NJ Transit many others run NO trains on the weekends…) lack of connections, no local/express service and a lack of shuttles, bicycle paths or sidewalks for the last mile.
This could be solved almost immediately by just running the trains and buses we already have! For that we need to restore the public transit operating subsidies which were in effect for decades through both Republican and Democratic presidents until Reagan. That is the start.
Then we actually restore passenger Rail service on parts of the 233,000 miles of still extant US rails and add feeder buses. Additionally as Virginia already did to Manassas with the VARail run train lines down highway medians.
Until we tackle Auto Addiction we are cooked…


It is no longer possible to stop the juggernaut known as global warming. It’s over – Earth’s final period of mass species extinctions is well underway. Last human on Earth, please turn out the lights.


We can reduce the amount of carbon based fuel used by increasing gas mileage. If my 1966 VW could get 33 mpg with the technology of the time, a vehicle of the same weight and size should be able to get 66 mpg. And where the weather permits, why can’t we bring back those Honda 50’s of the early 1960’s that got 150 mpg? With today’s technology, perhaps they could get 300 mpg. I’ve seen battery powered bicycles too. Individual transportation does not mean using a lot of fossil fuel.to move people around. It just requires doing a little thinking as to how to do it at low cost, without using fossil fuels or using fuels that we can make without adding additional CO2 to the atmosphere.


I HAVE AN ADDITIONAL p. it is phooey!! get real!! we are in chaos right now. the oceans are at peak in the absorption of heat. the gulf stream is slowing down and greenland is pouring off more cold water than projected. west antarctica can cause an immediate increase of 3 foot sea level if the shelf slides in (soon) as well as east antarctica. good bye miami ( and southern florida) and other low level world cities. why do people pretend that any govt organization can mobilize anything close to stopping the damage done. it is absurd. if you dont agree would you agree the only hope we might have is if fossil fuel consumption stopped right now. NOW!!! and most likely that would not stop the forward momentum of destruction you are not seeing and probably wont see until in envelopes you. by the way store plenty of oxygen tanks. there are people who are doing that but not me because i do not have an army behind me. god bless you all and happy easter. i mean it!!!