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Climate Policy Can Recreate Prosperity of the New Deal

Climate Policy Can Recreate Prosperity of the New Deal

Scott Wallace, Scott Fitzmorris

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed an executive order in 1935 launching the Works Progress Administration, creating millions of jobs at a time of unprecedented economic collapse, deep poverty and an environmental crisis that turned much of America into a dustbowl. With strikes and protests roiling the country, FDR turbocharged the New Deal, with the help of Henry A. Wallace, his most trusted cabinet member, his future vice president — and our grandfather and great-grandfather respectively.

Side stories yes, but a couple of interesting things about Henry Wallace were (1) his being removed from the Dem ticket for the 1944 election in favor of Harry Truman by the establishment who were worried FDR would die in office and (very left wing thinker) Wallace would become President, and (2) his knowledge of agriculture and being considered a “father” of the “green revolution” which at the time seemed like a wonderful means to increase food production but has become a significant driver of global warming and now must be replaced by regenerative agriculture on a global scale.

Some people might ask: ‘well why do we need green jobs, when we have pretty much full employment right now.’ Well, many of the jobs people currently are doing will need to be modified or will go away (and not just due to climate change). People will need other work. Plus, though the official unemployment figures are low, many people hold low wage, part-time, or otherwise jobs that do not permit them to lead very healthy, productive lives, let alone thrive. Green jobs offer more than just work, but living wages, safe and healthy working conditions, benefits, ways to improve the community, as well as protect the environment and create a safe climate that everyone should have access to. The Green New Deal will make this transition happen.

Henry A Wallace, farmer, journalist and politician
After reading several sources on Henry A Wallace, I believe that your comments regarding him are misleading. He was deviously removed as candidate for VP under FDR’s bid for his third term as president during a last minute trick during the Democratic Convention because of his policies for example helping the underserved for example the southern sharecroppers. FDR appointed him Secretary of Commerce.

The Progressive party platform which he formed after being fired by Truman, called for conciliatory policies towards the Soviet Union, desegregation of public schools, gender equality, free trade, a national health insurance program, and other left-wing policies.

One example of his work in journalism DEMOCRACY REBORN with excerpts from 1944 an op-ed piece from his called DANGER OF AMERICAN FASCISM can be found below.

Another publication WHERE I WAS WRONG published in 1952 called the Soviet Union “utterly evil.”

During his tenure as Secretary of Agriculture 1933 to 1940, he worked to reverse agricultural policies practiced under his father as Secretary of Agriculture which damaged the croplands by exposing the soil to erosion and the dust storms. The Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act of !936 allowed Congress to pay farmers to reduce production and plant cover crops to conserve soil and prevent erosion.

My purpose in writing is to clarify the importance of Henry A Wallace’s work in congress and to impress upon us the deja vu of the Damocreeps during their National Conventions (coronation process) even way back when the many of politicians were educated, polished statesmen.