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Climate Protesters Storm Australian Parliament to Demand Leaders 'Put People Before Polluters'


Climate Protesters Storm Australian Parliament to Demand Leaders 'Put People Before Polluters'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With the United Nations climate talks in Paris underway, hundreds of climate change protesters stormed the Australian Parliament House on Wednesday to demand the country's leaders "put people before polluters."

Climate group 350 Australia, which said 300 people took part in the "People's Parliament" action in the foyer of the building, described it as "A powerful demonstration of people power."


More! More! More! Stand up publicly and confront the liars with the truth. Don't back down when they bully you.

Let this be an inspiration. Find organizers in your community and get involved in grassroots direct action. You have nothing to lose but mass extinction and civilizational collapse.


This is such a strange headline. 'Stormed Parliament' implies a very active and directed mass forced entrance into the working part of Parliament. This is the opposite of the case. As a participant, I can assure you we did not 'storm' anything. We do not have anything like the power to do that yet, especially not to the Parliament building. We walked in like any other tourist, bit by bit. When it came time, we sat down in the public foyer. It was a very sweet and well-done action, though only time will tell how much it actually means; but 'storming Parliament' it was not. While I can understand that 'storm Parliament' is a much more attention-grabbing headline than 'sidle into the public foyer of Parliament and sit down', it's a pity to misrepresent such a good action with such a distorting construction of it. It gives me the gripes when the mainstream media do this; it's sad to see a source that I use a lot for my international news doing the same as them. It casts doubt for me on how much I can trust Commondreams for my news, especially material produced by staff writers. As for storming the Australian Parliament, maybe tomorrow.


"Stormed" is a relative term when you consider that in the US there would have been a police/military line keeping demonstrators from getting anywhere near the foyer.

Hope the demonstrators included dumping the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the demonstration since all other climate action will be worthless once TPP is signed.


Interesting to read the responses to your comments and being informed that the headline misrepresents both character and intent by a participant requires at least that recognition. I didn't see any inquiries as to how or why the diverse participants decided on this particular mode of action. May you see millions aggregate by your side - and even for more peaceful 'sidles' - And thanks for the heads up on questioning headlines - always a healthy place to start.