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Climate Science Education in the US is Pretty Crappy, Survey Finds


Climate Science Education in the US is Pretty Crappy, Survey Finds

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The results of the first nationally representative survey on climate education in U.S. schools are in, and reveal, according to one noted scientist, that "we are failing students."


Education in the US in general is 'pretty crappy'.


What this suggests is that many of the teacher's themselves do not know the scientific truth about the state of the climate and are still approaching the subject from a political bias when 'teaching' students.

They don't teach flat earth theory just because a few people believe it. A simple way to convince them that they are not being objective is for students and parents to ask teachers to show where are these scientists that are in denial about the climate. It quickly becomes obvious that these denialist scientists don't exist anymore. Years ago there were many in doubt but not any longer. Rightwing and political Denialists are still spouting doubts that have long been discredited by scientists. Ask the teachers to produce credible Denialist scientific sites so students can judge for themselves. Those sites no longer exist.


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The biggest problem with math and science education in the US is that the teachers are taught by "education" specialists in "education" departments of colleges and universities, instead of actually getting real degrees in math and science.

And our elementary school teachers can't do arithmetic because they all grew up when "technology in the classroom" was the big push (to sell more computer equipment to the schools) and they all learned to punch buttons on a calculator instead of actually doing arithmetic.

If you can't do math, you can't do science.


The USA has for decades also in many States not taught the theory of evolution, which is the basic foundation of all of biology. "Both sides" means the scientific evidence, plus the religious dogma which is not even accepted by the mainstream Christian denominations. For a modern democracy(!) the USA is exceptional!!


It's really not "themselves" that people need to be protected from, is it?


Science is not about "belief", and "truth" is a shaky concept in science, since all scientific propositions are falsifiable and even well established theories are always to be regarded as tentative.

It is about a theoretical model and finding evidence supporting or refuting the model.

And regarding the "flat earth" recall the recent brouhaha about that rap singer claiming the earth was flat, and to support it, but the photos supposedly showing it were re actually full of obvious evidence of a spherical earth. No belief or non-belief entered the picture - only evidence and analysis.

Once the word "belief" enters the picture, all kinds of corruption of science by politics, ideology, economic interest, and religion become possible.


This is philosophical babble-science. Science is? Is that even a question for you? It isn't for me. Your philosophical underpinning is great for the classroom or dorm but in fact all of everything (science included) functions the same way.

It isn't about belief but it is about belief too. Words are only symbols but let's take the word 'belief'. You quote science facts which means you believe them right? How hot is hot? Is it hot in relation to something else? Is that science? Do you 'believe' that coffee is hot? Not as compared to a electric stove... nor that to the surface of the sun? And on and on.

Words are science when people use them properly but all our scientific data is symbolic. The temperature reading of that coffee cup may be 150 degrees but that data is a symbolic reference only.

In other words ... you are really gabby and think no one else is familiar with some basic stuff. You do this a lot.

My fav is at the end where you suggest science (that is scientific symbolic language) is so pure and uncorrupted by belief. LOL.

By definition a theory is a belief system and as you said science is a matter of theories that need to prove out...lol... I believe that is correct right? Science is in effect about >>>what is believed to be true. Lol

What do you believe?


That's exactly what I was going to write. I'm glad yours is the first comment.


Thanks. As soon as I read the headline it was the first thought that crossed my mind.


I was an education specialist and did not need math or science. I was still able to teach visual learners, audio and kinectic learners. Also could work with severly disabled people, elementary, middle and high school, deaf people, doctors, nurses, physical and occupational specialist, counselors, math teachers and science teachers. Could teach geniuses, artist, musicians, parents, kings, presidents and all of them could be helped or taught by me. Poor, rich, crazy, sane, gang banger, black, brown, yellow, red, healthy, sick, religious, non-religious etc..This is what a good education specialist does routinely when the demand presents itself. Studying to improve after working hours.


"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect)."
- Mark Twain

Not denying, just dissenting.


No formula is applicable always as the exception may be the rule as well as prove it.

There is no 'side of the majority' about facts. Sure nothing is an absolute in a quantum universe except that it is a quantum universe maybe?

The days when there could be made a credible denialist case against climate change are pretty much over except for the agenda driven like the Koch Brothers who prefer to make money even if it is insane and damages the future of the planet. They simply don't care and willfully ignore evidence.

The fact that they choose to do so doesn't change the facts.

Where are these supposed scientists who don't believe global warming is real? If you google the question you get old sites years out of date and references from years ago to old studies. Not current stuff.

Reality exists and the Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa. Something entrenched interests refuse to face that they are wrong.

Dumbing down has made being stupid okay. It is sad that the dumbing down is taught by teachers .


It is getting late and I don't have the time to engage you with an appropriate response you've opened the door to and that seems warranted here. I've still got to cluck at the feisty chicken before bed. (I had the spelling of feisty wrong and couldn't figure it and had to look it up. Turns out, the rule is "i before e unless after c... or unless you're spelling feisty, as in feisty chicken.) Your response may come before the weekend is through, or it may have to wait for a future different thread when I'm ready. But I will engage you on what you left off with for now as a sneak preview.

"It is sad that the dumbing down is taught by teachers ."

I feel the dumbing down is not taught by teachers. 'Taught' implies an active component on the part of the teacher. The dumbing down is the result of an inactive component of the teacher. The ultimate goal of teaching should be to teach the student to learn, to teach themselves, and the dumbing down is a result of the teacher failing to do this. Should one blame the teachers? I don't think so. They are products of the system they're now producing.

I want to go on but I can't. The feisty chicken and bed await. But thanks for opening the door, and we'll continue this later.


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Here's a thought: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1g5g09_life-after-people-episode-1-life-after-people-discovery-history-science-documentary_tv .


Maybe if teachers learned their subjects in college rather than "educational" theory, they might be better able to learn them there students more goodly.


I never met an "educationist" such as yourself who wasn't 110% confident of the great gift they were bringing to humanity, despite their students' abject failures. Just like you, they had no real knowledge of math or science, but were teaching university level math and science classes. It's the same bankrupt mentality that years ago decided all businesses are alike so anyone with a degree in business administration is qualified to run any business, glossing over the fundamental differences between, for example, coal mining, chicken and egg production, and airplane manufacturing. They know nothing about the specific industry they end up managing, and make a mess of it. But not for a second do they doubt the efficacy of their management. Carly Fiorina or George Bush, for instance.

By the way, there is only one c in kinetic.
And e appears three times in severely.


For crying out loud, there is no controversy. There is no debate.There is no rational basis for the denier-sphere beliefs. No more in fact than there is for a flat Earth. They are simply wrong - and when the media frame such idiocy as one side of a debate, they are not only legitimizing ignorance and demagoguery, they are threatening the lives of children.

Here’s the thing about reality: it doesn’t care what your opinion is. It doesn’t care what your ideology is. Any attempt to do so courts catastrophe by aiding and abetting very dangerous fools..