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Climate Scientist Wins Important Legal Battle in Conservative War on Science


Climate Scientist Wins Important Legal Battle in Conservative War on Science

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid fears over a pending war on science under incoming President Donald Trump, scientist Michael Mann won an important legal victory on Thursday against conservative writers who attempted to defame Mann for his work on global warming.


Best of luck to Michael Mann who undoubtedly has had his life turned upside down
by the brutal storm troopers of corporatism.
May justice be served.


This goes back a few years when a lot of "morons" were tarnishing not only one of the most esteemed faculty member of The Pennsylvania State University because of what Sandusky did but literally the entire faculty, administration, student body, and alumni. It was another example of the mindless hate out there. Even today this same hate against people associated with Penn State manifests itself on comments sections on the Internet. Michael Mann is one of the few climate scientists who have had the courage to directly take on the climate deniers. He was their number one target because he is the author of the "hockey stick" graph which clearly demonstrated that over the last 1,000 years only recently has there been a surge in global warming. The deniers did everything they could to discredit this graph and failed. Michael Mann provides a good example of how to stand up to the deniers. The courts can still deliver justice.


I hope the media don't cower to their corporate fossil fuel sponsors and deny us the pleasure of hearing about how those slanderers get their comeuppance.

I hope he wins $$$ damages, too.


Dr. Mann has been hounded and hounded, and even threatened with criminal prosecution for "fraud" - all the contents of his office and his life's work subpoenaed by the Virginia Attorney General at his former position at the U. of Virginia. He fled Virginia to Penn State to avoid this Gallileo-like attack. Now he needs help again.

Please consider a donation to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund to help with this and other fights.



What the hell would anyone make ANY connection between the Sandusky jock-department scandal and the "real" mission of the university - science and academics? I'm sure the serious scientists at Penn State rarely even go to the football games.


"Though a minor legal victory, it may have far-reaching implications.": Perhaps holding accountable all who run for office and base their campaigns on lies and defamation of their opponents and the MSM who play their mindless cheerleaders?


Dr. Mann deserves to win an award and a good name for it would be the Giodarno Bruno Award for those scientist being burned at the stake for telling the TRUTH and fighting back. Good for your Dr. Mann sue the bastards!!


Bravo, Dr. Mann! We need many more heros like you. Peace and all the best in the new Year!


This article is so full of gobbledy gook and double speak that it is quite frankly illegible to regular people.

Can you not see this? What exactly is this article saying? About as clear as mud.

So go ahead, attack me for my ignorance, my lack of "education" (indoctrination) for not "getting" whatever the hell this article is saying. I am quite used to it, you all follow the same pattern of dispute, exactly as instructed by your professors.

Here's what we regular "uneducated" folk know...the climate is changing, as it always does, cyclically, since time immemorial. Humans are not responsible for it (but the governance crew would like you to believe that so they can tax you for it). Like the poisonous red ants in the anthill in my yard, they GO ON, and affect no one BUT ME. I somehow manage to deal with it. My yard does not end.

This article is just one more example of obfuscation of a quite simple matter, EFFING WEATHER, and all the snowflakes out there are hopping aboard with advanced degrees and support for some other guy with an advanced degree, spouting the governance rhetoric THAT ITS ALL OUR FAULT.


But i guess if you dont go along with all the status quo, then what else is there? I cant help but be reminded of the students in Tianenmen square, and do you remember what happened to them when they dared to question the status quo? Of course you dont.

There are many leaders and elites of "democratic" countries on this planet who APPLAUD the actions of the chinese governance MOWING DOWN THE STUDENTS WITH TANKS, because they dared to question authority.

DO YOU DARE???? Hahahaha...of course not, snowflakes, because if the prof says climate change is caused by us bad bad people, and we must be PUNISHED for it, then it must be so!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Life is hard, but if your stupid, its really hard.

Good luck, snowflakes.


For the record, I don't think there is any firm evidence of corruption. The administrators still have not come to trial. So we are waiting to find out more.


You can sing this to Rex Tillerson when you apply for a job:


"The court is evidently suggesting that CEI, Simberg, and Steyn cannot in good faith criticize the findings of such an official "investigation" which was precisely what they were doing."


What I see in this legal attack is the pattern that is followed by American fascists....Innocent Americans preoccupied with court dealings and others of us distracted by the injustice of it all...While Trump and his minions are robbing the rest of us blind materially, morally, and emotionally as well as decimating any remaining trust we have in responsible public service. It is the method by which they hollow out hard-earned beneficial services and regulatory institutions. The courts are mere distraction from their real mission.


Everything I read of what scientists are doing & saying is now tinged with trepidation knowing what is likely to be coming - I have a distinct feeling of dread at what Trump's choices of 'leaders; will do to freedom of thought. And the more Trump is despised by the masses, the worse he will get. I think he is beginning to realize that he will not get automatic respect from anyone just because he managed to get himself elected, and now I have this horrible sense of foreboding because I know he is spiteful, and determined to punish anyone he feels is not bowing down. I do think he is sick in his head, and that is very dangerous. Those around him are already 'falling in' to keep themselves in the right group, and looking really ridiculous in the process - God help the USA when he takes over !


Hang in there Michael Mann. Don't let the bastards get you down.