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Climate, Scott and Mitch McConnell


Climate, Scott and Mitch McConnell

Christopher Brauchli

Blind and naked Ignorance
Delivers brawling judgments, unashamed,
On all things all day long.
— Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Merlin and Vivien


Including the corporatists sitting on the Supreme Court.



Your comment puts everyone (in the several subsets you identify) into the same categorical niche. It also seems to be a covert way of pushing for nuclear power. Your use of categories suggests that you don’t have the intellectual capacity to think in terms of hybrids. In other words, no singular approach may prove a cure-all, but a variety of approaches may sustain life in ways you fail to imagine. Vandana Shiva’s work with soil reconstruction is an example.

Lumping all “renewable energy products” into a 30 year cycle is a huge generalization. My understanding is that humans (and livestock) could all fit on Australia… so where you get the 97% statistic from is likely out of thin air.

Also, this ideas “if you tell an American (that) HE has to give up his guns” presumes that all Americans are male and all want their guns.

Your comment is strong on generalization and limited on facts or insights that extend beyond your own narrow frames.

YOU want an end to it all… so look for data in support of that fact. Unless, of course, you work for a think tank or PR firm that is tasked with making “Population Reduction” (a plan enamored by New World Order elites) into a desirable objective.


Climate deniers are quick to take advantage of what the scientists and engineers have brought to the positive side of their life but as soon as they discover something that doesn’t agree with their preconceived notions of how they would like things to be they deny it. Even if someone were sleeping in middle school science they should be able to understand the planet is warming. A few observations will show anyone who cares to look that the giant ice sheets of the planet are in irreversible decline and a small bit of logic would imply that there must be some warming going on to cause it. If you are waiting for global warming to be disproved or the movement towards a greener more sustainable way of life to go away then you have a long wait ahead of you. You are way on the wrong side of the curve and the further away you are the fewer of you there are to cause problems for the rest of us.