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Climate Talks Must Address Human Cost of Extreme Weather Disasters: UN



I felt so sad when the future weather report showed the polar shipping lanes and spoke of which ones were open and which would be closing as winter set in as if it were no big deal that they were regular shipping lanes in the ice free waters. When the fictionalized report mentioned the one across the pole... I couldn't help but feel that even they are being far too optimistic and too conservative in their time frame for 2050.

2030 seems more like it


So,"the contents of this report underline why it is so important that a new climate change agreement emerges from the COP21 in Paris," but since it was co-opted by climate denying, fossil-fuel loving corporations,it is reasonable to assume that no such thing will occur. How long are we willing to play this game? What will it take to push these corporate criminals not just out of COP21 but out of our collective lives and off the back of Mother Earth our support system? Time for massive, rolling, global, total non-cooperation.


It is to be hoped that COP21 comes out with plans for measures to cope with the impact of climate change as well as plans to reduce emissions. London, New York and the Netherlands have major measures to cope with the impact of sea level rise.


Yes... I like your wording ... massive rolling, global, non cooperation ..... this is what I have had in mind ... bring down the corporations ...


What?... you must be being sarcastic.... :smiley: