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'Climate Tax' on Meat and Dairy Would Sink Emissions and Diseases: Study


'Climate Tax' on Meat and Dairy Would Sink Emissions and Diseases: Study

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Taxing the meat and dairy industries for their impact on climate would lead to lower emissions and save about half a million lives per year, according to the first global study of the issue, published Tuesday.


I'm working hard and getting paid very little. I'm working so hard I'm not reading the article tonight. There's gotta be something fairer. One hundred and sixty super containers ships put off the same pollution as all the world's cars. There are 6000 super container freighters, are there not? How bout just tax folks who buy more stuff from overseas?

And how bout some stats on cheese and milk greenhouse contributions vs meat?


The macrobiotic diet espouses eating foods grown,raised, and processed within 30 miles of one's home. It also shuns dairy but not every flesh food. Eating out of season fruit and vegetables shipped from another hemisphere is just plain wrong.


Like this.... thanks...


Ah.... OMG!! So, the rich get away with no pain again, ey?..... What the hell... it's like those trying to make policy are stuck in a scratch in the damn record..... this tax will only affect the middle and lower middle classes... and the very poor who may eat some meat... but of course the cheapest their is...like spam and hot dogs...
I stopped eating meat in the late 70's... but I do use dairy... milk, cheese.. yogurt... a lot of yogurt... I barely have enough money to buy the little groceries we do get... which. never really get us all the way to pay day.... my daughter just ate cereal tonight... I did have some spaghetti, but very little cheese to make up the whole protein....
I am getting more and more frustrated with this whole tax sh*t.... it does NOTHING TO LIMIT THE RICH....THEY WILL CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME UNTIL THEIR HEARTS CONTENT... while the rest of us continue to go hungry....


..... and I'll bring up my very good idea.... of .... how about NO MORE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS... no flying your rich butts all over the world for fun... how about no more Disney Land... shut it down... no more make up industry ... no more sports stadiums... shut them down... no more gulf... turn thost greens into gardens... how about no more lots of wasteful, undisciplined activities and manufacturing... WHY ARE WE STILL MANUFACTURING LAWN ORNAMENTS.... in other words... shutting down a very large part of the nonsense economy... would go a long way to stop climate change... AND put the government to work developing a different way for people to make a living... like, HEY...grow food.!! and hand out land and extremely reduced mortgages... (not just the interest... but the principle)... etc... etc... OH AND DID I LEAVE OUT ..... SLASING THE MIC... TO ABOUT 1/3 IT'S SIZE...


Instead of layering a new meat tax onto the chemical industrial commodity corporate agriculture system, it would be simpler and make more sense to remove all the subsidies from industrial ag and industrial meat, and outlaw "factory farms" / CAFOs.

That also would significantly raise the price of beef and other animal-based foods, but would do so in a way that puts the whole system more in line with the actual ecological cost of food production. But it would go straight to the heart of the corporate distortions in the system, rather than tack on an extra cost at the consumer end. We need real restructuring of the whole food system along ecological and humanistic lines, not jerry-rigging more complexity onto the horrific system that capital has constructed.

EDIT: And any subsidies in a restructured agriculture system should go to support agroecological practices on small and medium-scale farms under local ownership, and to support local and regional markets.


"... the nonsense economy..."

i'm gonna use that phrase! And you are right.


So "Taxing the meat and dairy industries for their impact on climate would lead to lower emissions and save about half a million lives per year, according to the first global study of the issue, published Tuesday," the report says. What makes you think that IT'S EVEN POSSIBLE TO SAVE OUR SPECIES?!!


The nonsense economy continues to threaten "our species" and most other living things.


This was my first thought. Outlaw CAFO's - both dairy and meat. They are just part of the agri industrial complex that only feeds corporate profits and dumps the environmental and health costs onto the people.

Taxing meat and dairy is regressive and will only harm they lower income people - not the elite or corporate profits. This whole industrial food system stinks to high heaven - literally.


Hey..yeah..just keep on telling us how to live our lives, that'll work! Unbelievable! This is the result of the vicious and in my opinion..evil..'Soda taxes' which passed..of course..in California. The sheer rabid arrogance of creating actual 'force' initiatives that literally coerce and extort money from the poor and everyone else in order to create a bureaucracy that exists to literally profit by telling everyone else 'how bad their choices are' is again...yes....evil. However, almost..almost worse than the sneering contempt for personal choice and autonomy and their assumption that they have some 'right' to manage our lives for us, is the complete..almost literally..complete...refusal to admit...that the reality of real environmental devastation is over-population and development...period! Political correctness does not allow for 'conversation' or their favorite term 'dialogue' regarding the simple fact that 'too many people is the real problem'. Where is the lifestyle based 'Tax Break for people who choose..not to have children? The eco-footprint of even ONE child is enormous over the average human lifespan. So you have people starving from America to Europe to Africa and Asia etc..while continuing to produce 5 to 10 children. And of course the "3 bedroom 2.5 bath new home construction' that is destroying what is left of places like Northern California, with San Francisco looking like Dubai with cranes every block building new skyscrapers every one of which will require literally hundreds of millions of gallons of water annually, as well as the almost incalculable waste and use of fossil fuels required to operate them..but oh no...we need to tax YOU for the meat and milk you need to consume to live..yeah..YOU'RE the problem..not endless development and overpopulation..naww. Its incredible! It really is! The Crypto-Authoritarian New Left is so determined to run our lives they have become quite delusional. Whatever the answer is, if its gonna work, it cannot be based on Lies!