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Climate Threat Erased, Big Oil Bonanza Embraced in Leaked Draft of Interior Dept. 5-Year Plan


Climate Threat Erased, Big Oil Bonanza Embraced in Leaked Draft of Interior Dept. 5-Year Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Nation reports a leaked draft of the department's five-year strategic plan does not mention climate change while emphasizing "energy dominance"

fossil fuel pollution


My “money” is on Mother Nature. She will take care of these A$$hole$. And we all get to go along for the ride. And bumpy it will be until we hit the bottom and all die off.


Talk about climate denial.


Oh, how bourgeoise. Keeping-up-with-the-Jones now means destroying a future for all living creatures. Monsters.


" Until we hit the bottom and all die off."

Either we will kill fossil fuels; or they will kill most of us!


…every day it’s another series of blows to rationality and common sense…I know there are news org’s that are keeping track of all the lies but is anyone keeping track of how they are gutting our country? I remember rivers on fire and I sure don’t wanna see that again but this is turning into a run away train that is Hell-bound for sure…


I really hope Bernie Sanders is elected president in 2020 and his administration immediately rips to shreds all of Trumps little fascist plans his first day in office.


Joe Manchin is a complete and utter disgrace to this nation and most especially to any TRUE DEMOCRAT!


we cannot wait until 2020, yesterday was too late


How is it climate denial? Keep in mind renewables are substitutes for petroleum, and that there is still demand for petroleum. You want to move towards cleaner forms? Ok fine what are they…? We do not have cleaner substitutes for petrochemical products at commercial scale. Sure we can reduce our energy demand potentially by 1 TW, by moving towards electrical vehicles, but if you notice this point was never discussed in the article. Furthermore we would just be reducing production of gasoline and diesel and not the other 6,000+ petrochemical products that all of our industries demand.