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Climate Urgency Fuels Historic Gains for Greens as Swiss Voters Deliver Rebuke to 'Toxic Far-Right Political Narrative'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/21/climate-urgency-fuels-historic-gains-greens-swiss-voters-deliver-rebuke-toxic-far

Switzerland, where the Green Party actually means something. Finally some good news.


It could happen here if the programming against the Greens wasn’t so heavy.


It CAN happen here, the Greens must deliver a DO-Able Agenda that can Persuade the American mentality.

For the John Muir followers who spend all summer in Yosemite, its a no brainer that we need to move to Solar.

For the votes in the Red Belt, you need to hit them in the wallet and in the job sector.

If they knew Green would cross train them from oil field roughnecks to Solar Certified Installers, just sign up. You would get their vote.

The Greens here defiantly have to endure a barrage of anti-green BS, but staying put with the Purity Test for applicants will get us no where.

Green is Good and it WILL save our Ass.

Let’s spread a Wellness Agenda, not a Litmus test.

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If the Greens want to be effective against all of climate change including the Arctic meltdown, here’s my message: we need about 1000 competent green inventors.

We have quite a few scientists telling us what’s happening and how fast. We need the inventors. We have engineers who (if paid) can put together the new products. We need the inventors.

We need to inhibit and reverse the Arctic meltdown. Tell me who is doing this. Well? Names, please.

We need to enhance agricultural carbon sequestration. Who is on this? Who is enhancing the peat bogs? Who is planting the trees in arid lands, and what devices are improving the trees’ chances? How are we maximizing the long-term carbon absorption of the deeper soil?

We need 99% fuel-free electricity generation. Where are the tools? Next, we need all buildings to use 90% less (all-renewable) electricity and 100% less fossil fuel. Show me these buildings. We need retrofits too. We need the electric equivalent of around 300mpg vehicles, and we need to count the total energy expense of building more and more freeways in that number. No clown cars for once. So, where’s that innovative transit on-ramp? Let’s get specific for once.

I’m a bit nervous about challenging a coalition with only 21% of the vote, but a lot of this invention can be negotiated with a minority stake within any national government or within any progressive-thinking state government.

Get rid of the voting machines, and we would see our own “green tsunami”, until then it’s just a pipe dream.