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Climate's Moral Moment: The Pope and Divestment


Climate's Moral Moment: The Pope and Divestment

Jamie Henn

Back in 2006, when I was a student at Middlebury College in Vermont, a group of friends and I teamed up with Bill McKibben, our "scholar-in-residence" on campus, to organize a walk across the state to call for climate action.


Why do religionists think they have a monopoly on morality?


Well who else talks a bout it? The left, as a whole seems to shy away from specifically discussing issues in terms of "morality" .....


I wish I had my camera handy today. I would send a picture to the Pope. It was a Dark Green Excursion, (yes they are still out there). License plate read "ILVGSUS" The whole time I was behind it thinking to myself, one, I wish my camera was out and ready and two WWJD ? What Would Jesus Drive ? Somehow I doubt being by himself in a 7 MPG bus built for 8 ! I have always wondered why conservatives are named so ? The root being CONSERVE ! conserve fuel, conserve the environment, conserve money ?? I Give ??


Monopoly? Then it's the first monopoly that embraced everyone. An amazing 'monopoly' indeed.


"Morality | Define Morality at Dictionary.com
noun, plural moralities for 4–6. conformity to the rules of right conduct; moral or virtuous conduct. moral quality or character. virtue in sexual matters; chastity. a doctrine or system of morals."

Because left liberals realize that conservatives legislate morality's stupid rules we must live by or else.


Ah, so we should cede the field to them? Better to take it back, IMO ....


Eating meat is immoral since it is killing the earth and all of its life forms. See Cowspiracy on Netflix. I am sick of talk of morality which ignores the biggest moral issue in human history.