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#ClimateSilence: Corporate Media Called Out for Whiffing on 'Most Important Story in the World'


#ClimateSilence: Corporate Media Called Out for Whiffing on 'Most Important Story in the World'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Using social media on Wednesday, advocates for climate action spoke out forcefully—and in huge numbers—against major media outlets that enable those who deny the connection between global warming and extreme weather events like Hurricane Harvey and Irma.


Of course corporate media do not report climate change fully or accurately. It is not in their interest to do so. To expect them to act against their own interests does not make sense. A more useful story is to name the corporate media as mouthpieces of the global imperial capitalist project and suggest alternatives and how to fight the project itself.


Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - perfect time to address the subject of climate change. The MSM weather covered every minute aspect of these storms in endless wall-to-wall coverage. Great opportunity to educate the public on climate change missed.

And that does not even include broadening the coverage to include the storms in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the West being on fire.


Aren’t we past the point of denial yet? I also noticed they said Irma went over the cat 5 wind range but there is no cat 6 category. I think we need to add cat 6. Why should we admit it’s Global Warming and Climate Change? - because it will help these people insisting they will rebuild in the same spot to see the truth that it’s going to get a lot worse if they are there. I own my house and I would not be rebuilding in the same spot if this were a danger.


People who get stupid government insurance rebuild in these places.

But, you can’t deny insurance coverage to people with pre-existing real estate conditions. That would be cruel and inhumane.


And where is this government insurance program? I have to buy private insurance for my house. I heard FEMA helped very few people during Katrina and most are still waiting. Are they helping people now? Tell me about this gov insurance you speak of?


I live in a 100 year floodplain–in the mountains–and am required to carry flood insurance by my mortgage holder. Flood insurance is a separate policy, sold through my agent, but it is backed by the US government. Private insurers don’t offer “affordable” flood insurance that covers weather related events, if it can even be found. The program needs an overhaul.


The government should offer insurance at a cost based on risk rather than a giveaway. Hazardous areas should be rebuilt on stilts where appropriate… and not rebuilt where appropriate.


The brilliant Jimmy Dore showed a great example of the censorship by corporate media of any discussion of global warming and the results of climate change. A Canadian reporter from Al Jazeera was being interviewed on MSNBC. When the reporter began talking about how oil companies knew about the effects of climate change but did nothing to help the local people deal with the effects, he was cut off. When they got back to him, he valiantly tried to get back on topic only to have his mic cut. Amazing. Enjoy.


And the evil emperor wants to do away with the federal flood insurance backing program. Go figure…yet he would be the first pig at the trough were his monstrosity Mal-y-Loco in Florida to be flood damaged. With the aftermath of Katrina, the first buildings to be replaced were the resort hotels and casinos in LA, AL and MS while small businesses have yet to see any compensation and as a result many have since disappeared altogether because they had no financial means to rebuild and/or continue business.

Houston, Florida, the Keys, and the islands in the Caribbean (US Virgin Islands) will never fully recover and there are still storms to come this season and into the future. Climate change/global warming has REALLY clarioned SOUND AND FURY!


So much for truth in reporting…run away from it as fast they can…gotta keep the masses in the dark as to do so otherwise would diminish the bottom line/profits/benefits. And lord knows how the real estate market will recoup its losses except on the backs of the poor and marginalized.


Naomi Klein did a great piece in The Intercept on the wildfires raging all over the world - even Greenland! It’s a great read with amazing photography.


I was appalled by the lack of coverage of the heavy damages Irma caused Cuba…CNN made a desultory mention of it while the BBC on PBS went into depth along with providing film footage of the devastation along with a map of Irma’s path over the country. MSM is all about the money, ratings, and hype to get ratings (like having “reporters” dressed in windbreakers holding a microphone while being blown over by gusting winds and driving rain ad nauseum)… US MSM has to mollify and placate their advertisers, after all that’s how they make the cash.

Guess we have to get REAL news and TRUTH outside the US sphere of MSM including way far away from Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Don’t blame the media.
Don’t blame Madison Ave.
God is doing this!


Counterpunch published an open letter by Raul Castro
Cuba After Irma: a Call to Our Combative People


Right On, LL!   God (aka G.A.W.D. – the Great All-Wise Diety, whose real name is Mother Nature) IS doing this.  She’s getting even with us idiot humans who believed the two great lies of the shamans that we humans were, 1) supposed to go forth & multiply until we had consumed the entire earth, and 2) that we had Dominion over the earth and the creatures thereof, when in fact She had entrusted us with Stewardship of the earth – and we have betrayed that trust.  (It’s possible that She’s especially pissed at Texas & Florida for voting for Tweetle-Dumb, but IMHO Her natural laws - i.e. gravity - take care of themselves without any emotional intervention.)

“Not in their interest to do so.”??   It is CONTRARY to their interest to do so!!   The main-stream media are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the same greedy Multi-NaZional Korporations that own “our” Congress and 99.44% of “our” state legislatures and governorships.  The primary role of the MSM is to keep us arguing over Confederate Statues, and whether Bernie sabotaged Hilliary (or vice-versa) and whether Tweetle-Dumb kisses Putin’s ass (or vice-versa) – while their korporate owners squeeze every dime they can out of fossil fuels before admitting their error and then squeezing every dime they can out of renewable energy by price-gouging on the “emergency” sales of solar panels & wind turbines.  But not to worry – the MSM will soon have a ten-part mini­series to air about the life story of the RePooplican’s controversial solution to the rising tide of global warming facts:  the heir-apparent to the Throne of Tweetle-Dumb, Canute Sweynson, King of England, Denmark and Norway, whom they’re running for Congress in 2018.


Thank you for the link. I fail to go to Counterpunch as often as I should.


Just like 'god" will make it all better if only we pray hard enough…


How many times during coverage of Harvey or Irma did you see the Media interview, James Hansen, Bill McKibben, or Naomi Klein?

That’s right. None.

The Oligarchs who own the Media wouldn’t allow it.


Think we’d ever get a response like that out of “this” White House?