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Climbing Denali


Climbing Denali

Robert C. Koehler

Renaming a mountain is better than beheading it.

And the pseudo-uproar from Donald Trump and other Republicans over the presidential renaming of the continent’s highest mountain, Denali — “the great one” — is so much yammering in a cage.

The cage is “Americanism.” The small-mindedness of this concept is suddenly more apparent than ever: Hey, we’re the greatest! Obama’s taking Mount McKinley — our mountain — away from us, giving it back to the Indians . . .


The nerve of them, giving the name of that mountain back, dishonoring the memory of our slain martyred President William McKinley.


“We’re proving that there doesn’t have to be conflict between a sound environment and strong economic growth,” he said.

If everyone in the world lived like the US, the economy would require four Earths to recycle the pollution. If everyone lived as efficiently as Europeans, we would only need three Earths. Shall we grow to a five Earth consumption level for the benefit of pirate corporatistas who can afford their own space stations?

President Obama is a corrupt dimwit putting in time before his $250,000 per luncheon speaking tour, bribery payments traditionally begin after US presidents leave office.


Please stop making excuses for this pitiful bunch of gangsters we call leaders. Obama showed his true colors the moment he started appointing his cabinet, when he had a Dem House and Senate and the whole wide world behind him. And the others, well, we all know about them.

We need someone with courage, plain and simple. Real courage, not platitudes.


sarcasm, folks (just in case). :O)


CNN "…as the melting sea ice creates more opportunities for global commerce, tourism "

There you have it folks. Enough said!


The foreign policy of the Amerikan fascist, oligarchy has cleverly set up a fake opposition…it is called the democratic party!


This …is why I have my newly acquired pessimistic attitude about saving this planet. After reading about climate change now for about almost 10 years… or so… I have come to the point in the last two(?) that what ever we do now won’t work, unless we give up industrial civilization… NOW… Things will still get bad and we’ll loose some people, but, we may save the ecosystem, not just for ourselves, but for other species, too.
I’d like to say go ahead with the renwables, but, at this late date, if we are not going to ALSO REDUCE DEMAND by slicing off large chunks of our luxury, entertainment, plastic stupid stuff culture, then, we will not make a hill of beans of a difference.
As some activists/climate scientist said somewhere, “If you take it out of the ground, you’ll burn it”… so there ya’ have it…


Depraved logic to attempt to define the diversity of interests, some intent upon exploiting Oil, the Arctic and continuing on with the rampant rape of Mother Nature, and those who take a different course and political stance… only to see Koehler wrap this duality into one central UNIFORM fabric all over again:

“We’re addicted to environmental collapse…”

A specious comment like the one above discounts the work, commitment, time, passion, intelligence, and resources of MILLIONS of persons ranging from Indigenous South Americans to Western scientists and lumps ALL into the category most suitable to the individuals with the power to pull the President’s strings.

I find this constant shuffling of distinctions into one uniform FALSE characterization deeply disturbing and its authors guilty of purposeful disinformation.


ALL Republicans support TPP. Not all Dems do.

Most Republicans pretend they’re immune to climate change. Dems get it.

Most Republicans will look for ways to cut Social Security and “entitlement programs.” Some Dems may go along.

Most Republicans oppose the deal with Iran. Only some Dems do.

Most Republicans would like to rollback ALL of women’s rights, keep the incarceration state churning along forging precepts for incarcerating Black citizens. Some Dems care about this racist state of things and recognize that women are persons, too.

So while both parties are forced to cater to the interests of their donors–the corporate paymasters–there ARE differences on key levels. Foreign policy and bailing out banksters seem to be 2 arenas where any serious dissent is not allowed to show up lest the individuals fomenting the revolt are ready to give up their political aspirations and any hope for careers after they resign or are tossed from office.


Bernie Sanders and a few others that come to mind are a good start. They are a small cell that can be built on. The time for revolution is upon us and if our votes are to ever count again we must cast them next year or be forever disenfranchised.


“President Barack Obama on Tuesday will propose speeding up the timeline
for purchasing and constructing new Coast Guard icebreakers in the
Arctic, an area where the United States has fallen behind Russia in
resources as the melting sea ice creates more opportunities for global
commerce, tourism and scientific research.”

AHA! The Icebreaker Gap! The Russians have more ice-breakers than the USA! World peace is once again threatened by the Soviets…er, no the Russians. It is the Russians isn’t it, Mr President?