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Clinton Ally Refuses to Apologize for Super PAC Attack on Bernie Sanders

Clinton Ally Refuses to Apologize for Super PAC Attack on Bernie Sanders

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The pro-Hillary Clinton political operative responsible for an attempted smear on Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said he will not apologize for a negative message sent Monday to the Huffington Post detailing "similarities" between Sanders's positions and those of leftist leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Hugo Chavez.

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A jerk being an unapologetic jerk. So nice to see that mediocrity continues to dominate our political scene, at least it’s a feeling of security.


First, Mr. Brock I suggest that you comb your hair (and hope that it would be washed that day) and learn how to tie a tie correctly (half-Windsor would be appropriate) if you are going to appear on national television. And as for your obstinacy and obdurate demeanor, it will not do HC any good to compare Senator Sanders to two VERY popular leaders in their respective countries in an attempt to “attack” Sanders. The “Correct the Record” SP message assumes that the average viewer would know who Chavez and Corbyn were, which mirrors how out of touch with the target audience Brock, et al are. The message also smacks of elitism, which helps Senator Sanders. All in all, I hope the “attack” and future “negative attacks” put out by Brock/CTR backfire on HC’s campaign.

Go Bernie!


Only a Clinton reactionary would view Bernie as “similarly extreme” as Corbyn and Chavez although it just might be time for a truly revolutionary change. Being “extreme” is a positive good and may Bernie’s foreign policy ideas become “extreme”.


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Thanks. He needed that slap.

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NY State has something like 3,000,000 sq. ft of empty warehouse space available currently. Mr. Brock’s new book will certainly find a home somewhere.


Brock’s doing a pretty good job of highlighting the cynical, business-as-usual strategy that Bernie and his supporters are citing as one of the primary reasons we need to get big money out of politics. I guess when you live your entire blinkered life surrounded by other Very Serious People, Mr Brock, complimenting one another on your disingenuous dissemination of misleading “opposition research,” it might slip your notice that the vast majority of Americans, on both sides of the aisle, are sick of people like you precisely because of this kind of behavior.
Keep it up. Please.

“Gosh, no, no. This is just standard opposition research, Mark,” Brock said, before implying that such negative attacks were sure to continue. “You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again.”


Well if Obama seen as a Socialist I guess Sanders an extremist.

Here in Canada we bombarded by such ads. Over the years political campaigns rely more on attacking opponents rather than stating a policy position. One that irritates me so much I have to turn it off is two voices discussing how Thomas Mulcair a “career politician” with a “did you know he was first elected to office since 1994 and has been in politics since?”

Well Mr Harper is five years younger and was first elected to office in 1993 so I wonder what that makes him.

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Chavez wasn’t extreme. He was right. :wink:


The background of this character is worth considering - the wikipedia entry about David Brock is one place to start.

There seems to be an uncanny sense of impunity for the consequences of past opportunism - such as the sordid text made book about Anita Hill - for which he later apologized - after the damage was done and he made his money. Do take a peek at the wikipedia page - it provides a window on much needed context.


Clinton is feeling the bern and her dogs are now unleashed. It simply means that Bernie is doing very well thank you. Keep it up Bernie, they fear the truth more than anything.


Oh my goodness brock, as it seems as though clinton has just lost our vote, and in future, please refrain from looking like you’re trying to catch a fly what with that tongue!

By the way, just more of the same! Look for the news in Breitbart about clinton’s staffer and that she’s being investigated!

GO FOR IT HILLLARY - The more you and your pacs behave badly the more reason you give us and even more Americans, to not even consider you in the mix. How sad you have become. and how right Bernie’s supporters have been from the start. GO BERNIE. THE REVOLUTION IS UNDERWAY.


Attacks are much easier than stating a non-existent policy position that will probably change daily or weekly due to the tap dancing of their opponents. So they dig for small molehills that they and their media can turn into MOUNTAINS (of BS) that they can throw against the wall as attacks and hope that they stick. If they do it enough one may eventually stick and they can continue to pump it with more BS… Yes their “cunning” stupidity is irritating when you consider this yokel may have a cabinet position if Clinton gets elected.


This right-wing redneck twerp calls Jeremy Corbyn extreme left-wing? Then so were all the Conservative Party Prime Ministers between 1950 and 1964. All agreed with the social features that Corbyn wishes to re-instate in the UK.


This was Sanders response according to many sources, but it was edited for CD. From CNN:

Earlier this week, Correct the Record – a pro-Clinton super PAC that works on messaging and research – sent an email to the Huffington Post that linked Sanders to Hugo Chavez, the late leader of Venezuela, and Jeremy Corbyn, the new United Kingdom Labour leader. The email was intended to be off-the-record, but the publication published a story on Monday, reporting that they received the email “without any agreement that it would be off the record.”

In response, Sanders campaign sent two fundraising emails about the negative attacks against them.

“Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously,” read the fundraising email in Sanders’ name. “They suggested I’d be friendly with Middle East terrorist organizations, and even tried to link me to a dead communist dictator.”

He added, “They’ll keep trying … unless we make them pay a price for their attacks. … They should not underestimate us.”

So Bernie Sanders, who claims to be a socialist, joins in the smear against Hugo Chavez, the Democratic Socialist who spearheaded the people revolution in South America against the Neo-Liberal Imperialism of the Washington Consensus. Sanders call the man a dictator, the man elected in free and fair elections, elections called the fairest he’d ever seen by Jimmy Carter.

Sanders seems to have bought into the same anti-Venezuelan propaganda the oligarchs have been feeding the Neo-Cons, like Hillary who’d love to go to war with Venezuela; bought into as much as the hapless Jared Leto did at the Oscars.

Now, all you pro-Sanders folk, go ahead and attack me as a plant, a one issue nutcase and perhaps working for Hillary. Well, I despise Hillary and am disgusted with Sanders for agreeing with her about Chavez. I am not paid to post. Plus, foreign policy is not ONE issue, which is as dumb a thing to say as that all the good domestic policies Sanders is for are only ONE issue since they are all domestic policy after all.

So if Sanders thinks Chavez is a dead communist dictator, how will he stand up to the generals, the oligarchs, the CIA, and the Neo-Con bureaucrats in State when they do their best to take us to war with Venezuela to get their hands back on that nations oil? They’ve tried a number of coups in the past. You better believe it is as much on their wish list as Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.

What will he say? “Yeah, we need to oppose them but no American troops doing the fighting? Is there a parallel to Saudi Arabia in South America?” “Yes, Mr. President, Colombia.” “Good, then Colombia ought to get their hands dirty and we’ll support them all the way.”


Say what? Really?

I find this as offensive as Trump’s attacks on Carly Fiorina in talking about her face.

I detest Mr. Brock’s behavior here and would rather bang my head with a hammer rather than vote for Carly Fiorina, but attacking them on their looks is not helpful.


How unfortunate a turn. I had some decent respect for David Brock, especially after he formed Media Matters but now it looks like he is using his old former right-wing spin tactics to attack Mr. Sanders when he really has nothing to go on.

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I stopped being impressed by Media Matters when it was evident that MM was simply an extension of the DNC. Makes perfect sense that Brock would become Clinton’s tool.