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Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe Doubles Down on TPP Flip-Flop Prediction


Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe Doubles Down on TPP Flip-Flop Prediction

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend of the Clinton family, said this week that Hillary Clinton would support the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) if elected president, despite claiming to oppose it—before walking the comments back and then doubling down on them again.


“…[W]e got to build a global economy.” -T. McAuliffe

This is one of the stupidest things ever said. There’s already a global capitalist economic system, i.e., a “global economy.” It doesn’t have to be built. It exists! Therefore, this is nonsense as a reason for supporting a non-trade deal such as the TPP.

Notice the current fudge by establishment Dems. They can’t support the TPP in its current form! Nancy Pelosi said as much as reported today at HuffPo. This is the talking point they’re rallying around so they can support it later with few, if any changes and NO substantive changes. This plus the nonsense that Dems have to support the TPP or it will embarrass President Obama is ridiculous! How does one person’s personal embarrassment for pushing for a heinous non-trade deal compare with the damage it will do to what little democracy and US working class that we have left? I don’t get it at all.

Well, you Secretary Clinton is the lesser of two evils people, be careful what you’re voting for.


Corporate bodies work together to ensure maximum profits and power. Government’s job is to see that opposition to them is defeated.

  • It is called Fascism, and you can see how it works, today, right here.
  • By the way, when you read of war or impending war anywhere in the world, you are reading a huge profit report for the MIC, as it will be selling weapons to both sides, and more to the Wehrmacht to use in “mop up” operations on the winners.


NEVER EVER trust anything that a neocon/neoliberal tells you except for when they finally admit that they will do everything they can to screw you over.


Well, there it is folks - the Red Queen shows her true intentions via a surrogate for the TPP. There is NOTHING this hideous political creature - Termagant, Harpy - will do, or not do, to serve wealth and power, and screw the little guy and gal! Her entire career has been to support/empower the mechanisms of vulture capitalism and extreme wealth - will she now magically change?

The “legacy” of the Great Progressive Fraud, Barack Obama, is now secure - Clinton will never fight for anything other than his ACA/Obama-Care (care for insurance and pharmaceutical industries profits and obscenely high costs for “health-care” - the TPP will also somehow be rammed down America’s throat with the active collusion of HRC!

DINO politicians, servants of big-money, are now secure (they think) with Clinton nominated and continued service for the rich and powerful assured (they think) - they may have a big frackin surprise in store. Problem is, Trump is also a psychopath himself and Jill Stein and the Greens don’t have a snowballs chance, given the corrupt/controlled media and overt corruption of our political system generally!
These choices are criminally absurd and should infuriate all thinking people!


I don’t want to hear about her position on the TPP from her surrogates. I want to hear her opposition (full stop) to TPP directly from her mouth, over and over again during the campaign and beyond.


And the “changes” she would make will be cosmetic type setting, enlarging character sizes kinda change. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS WAR MONGER/CRIMINAL OLIGARCH!


What are the couple things she wants to change in the TPP in order to support it?

And before the vote in Congress, she cannot change a thing about it. If anyone thinks she will change something after the fact, I laugh in your general direction.

Remember, Obama was opposed to NAFTA and then said he PROMISED to change it.


Com’on you are not telling me she won’t change back to her corporate script dictation what she has said on Goldman Sachs tapes? She has a corporate oligarch mandate to fulfill at any cost to anyone/thing.


Not fools. The Clinton supporters have been brain washed by the MSM, the memes they use over and over and their blindness because of their fear of Trump. Over and over at the Dems DNC establishment controlled convention there has been nothing but fear of Trump rhetoric while Hillary touts a few things she wants the eloctorate to believe she will do which her actual record records are exactly the opposite of what she has done in the past. The Clintons are scandal ridden. “Where there is smoke…” is the thing to consider. People are afraid and will believe what they want to believe will provide security, ie, the battered spouse syndrome. Please consider Jill Stein. There is no best of the worse in this election in which both major parties have brought us to rock bottom!


Whoever wins this election, one thing is certain, it will be a pyrrhic victory.


Any there was Robert Reich, debating Chris Hedges on Democracy Now! Tuesday, insisting we vote for Hillary-- and then after she’s elected, he’s willing to work with Bernie Sanders and start a third party, or maybe build up the Green Party, in preparation for the next election. Who’s he kidding? If Hillary is elected, they’ll spend the next four years telling us we must re-elect her.


Obama has many times over embarrassed the many citizens he conned into voting for him. I am one of those people.


That is precisely why citizens of our country must stand up to this major party corruption and vote Jill Stein. If most are too afraid to take to the streets or too busy trying to survive and/or make a living for their family to travel to attend a protest demonstration then the opportunity to show vast disgust with the major parties is at the voting booth. One day standing in long lines talking to others and the media is not too much to ask of a citizen. No voting by mail this time! Go stand in line!! Scare the crap out of the plutocratic oligarchics and their political minions who dance on their strings. It is time, way past time, to drop the fear and stand up to the crooks who hold such power over our lives. Is a day in line to vote too much to ask? Vote for something for a change; VOTE JILL STEIN.


This sounds like a setup. I can see Hillary coming out against TPP in her speech to coddle progressive votes knowing that the lame duck government will send it to lame duck Obama and he will sign it as a coronation gift to the Hillary.


You said (below) what I would have stated. I think you’ve nailed the cognitive strategy… entire new derivatives of, and variations upon the theme of “depends what is is.”

“They can’t support the TPP in its current form! Nancy Pelosi said as much as reported today at HuffPo. This is the talking point they’re rallying around so they can support it later with few, if any changes and NO substantive changes.”


Exactly. i logged in to write “Clinton HAS NO CREDIBILITY on TPP (or most other topics).”


yep. she will tinker around the edges and leave the thing that will truly ruin the environment, labor, drug prices, etc., in place–the ISDS and no opt=out.

and her followers and people who aren’t political nerds like us, who haven’t been presented with the capture of sovereignty that the ISDS brings by the MSM, will think she opposed the TPP.

gag me.


Good to see my English teacher back from the holidays.


Seems like an accurate assessment.

But there is one thing that’s good.

Just as the Shock Doctrine vulture capitalists make a killing from disasters, it’s when chaos breaks out that GENUINE change–and serious threats to the status quo–emerge most powerfully.

Since the existing paradigm is like a rotted corpse that feeds on the life blood of future generations, it MUST fade out.

The key is to have enough Seeds of Positive Change ready to be planted in THAT fertile soil…

Unfortunately, this being a Yin-Yang polarity planet, there are also those who fully intend to take that collapse and use it to further grind their boots into the backs of all good people everywhere.

Still, the universe (and that means unseen universal forces) arcs towards justice and thus, The Just.

Hang on for a bumpy ride… and watch for falling debris.