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Clinton and Media Outlets Are Still Counting Superdelegates in Voter Tallies, Despite Pleas from DNC Exec


Clinton and Media Outlets Are Still Counting Superdelegates in Voter Tallies, Despite Pleas from DNC Exec

Shaun King

On April 28, Luis Miranda, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, did an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper to formally clarify the official position of the Democratic Party on when superdelegates are, and are not, supposed to actually count in public vote tallies.


Pulleeze… This Miranda warning is too little too late. Thanks for speaking up and all, but the DNC should have said something before the Iowa caucuses when HRC started out with several hundred superdelegates. This train left the station months ago.

Besides the fact the media is not bound by the DNC’s rules; the corporate owned news exists to make profit for its shareholders by spreading misinformation 24/7. The great CON.


This helps to demonstrate how the media will present data to the public in order to shape and form behaviour. It very much like the tactic used up here in Canada by one newspaper chain wherein orders came from above that when referring to Palestinians , editors and journalists were to ensure or try to ensure the word terrorist appeared in the same sentence as in do not write articles about Palestinians that work for peace, and ensure you mention terrorism as much as possible when referring to them.

Again with respects to Marshall Mcluhan , the Media is the massage.


Sad that it takes a liberal columnist from the NY Daily News to make this basic point.

As for MSNBC, they look to want to play that election night Nov 2000 crap, where NBC called Florida for W, and made Gore out as a challenger, not a party in an undecided race.

MSNBC has promised to call the nomination for Hillary as soon as the polls close in NJ, thereby also suppressing CA and NM an SD/ND voter turn out. Wouldn’t it be ironical if Hillary lost NJ, on June 7th.


HRC really wants to ride in that pumpkin carriage.


May Bernays rot in hell.


Here’s the April 28 exchange between Jake Tapper and Luis Miranda:


Bonus - From teleSUR English (think RT for Latin America):
“Hillary Clinton Shows her True Colors in Haiti”


Debbie Wasserman Schultz sez: “Yes, DO NOT include Hillary’s super-delegates [wink] [wink].”


Of course the super delegates are included, because from the beginning the message has been… ‘anyone but Sanders’ from the 1%. If the general public was a little bit more aware of the dishonesty of the MSM, Sanders would have bumped Clinton out of the race months ago. But because of the criminal behavior of corporate sycophants like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, democracy has taken yet another step backwards.


The superdelegates have been included in these totals since there were superdelegates. Miranda has a good point. But this has nothing to do with Sanders. It goes back several decades. When a candidate has enough pledged delegates and superdelegates to win the media always declares a presumptive nominee. On June 7 Clinton will certainly become the presumptive nominee but not the nominee. Only the vote at the convention can determine the nominee.


The superdelegates should be eliminated, entirely, but until they are, they should be told NOT to express a candidate preference before the convention; otherwise, they lose their position as superdelegate. I’d make the rule retroactive, now.


[Anyone who “calls the election” on June 7th, be it the Clinton campaign or television networks, is knowingly and deliberately going against the very rules of the party.]

In other words, a goddamned liar.


Really, do you have the dates and figures going back to the first election with superdelegates and at what stage the media declared a presumptive nominee? You are saying that they did this with other candidates who did not have the requisite number of pledged delegates for nomination? I’ve been around a long time and I don’t remember any such media presumptive nominees without first having the pledged delegates needed.

Edit: The article quotes Chris Matthews to wit…“Chris Matthews, of MSNBC’s Hardball, took it a step further last week when he actually went on air to declare that no matter what happened, NBC and other networks were preparing to declare Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee for President on June 7th — in spite of the reality that she will not yet have enough pledged delegates to meet the required 2,383.”

Your use of presumptive is coy. NBC is prepared to declare Hillary the Nominee, not the presumptive nominee! Nevertheless, I do not recall the media declaring a presumptive nominee or a nominee before the requisite number of pledged delegates so determined a nominee.


The more the Dem/Hillary Dark Side Empire tightens their grip, the more this election will slip through their fingers!

The people will not succumb to the fear of yesteryear, when the "lesser evil’ was the boogeyman (even though he may be) and we were conned into voting (as cover only for business as usual) for a pre-selected candidate that did not represent the 99%, but the oligarchy, banker/wall street/corporate greed/usury and war machine. THIS time we will vote our issues and our conscience regardless the fear-mongering! The betrayals and media manipulations and Dem establishment/Corporate-whore sellouts/liars only make us stronger!

We fight against great odds, But, by the Mass, our hearts are in the trim, and we have the strength of honest justice and moral conviction on our side!


I’m posting prior to reading others’ comments, so someone may have already said what hit me quite hard upon reading this.

The matter isn’t just an antiseptic break with protocol. It’s a serious breach and another one of the bona fide reasons why many voters recognize the whole process as tainted.

Americans are taught to love (and identify with) a winner! When it’s drummed in day after day that Hillary has enough delegates to have clinched the nomination, she is anointed before her time and before DUE PROCESS actualizes a genuine outcome.

Still, a lot of people will hear the constant insistence that Hillary is the undisputed winner and rather than bear up to a baboon like Trump, they will vote for her.

If perception wasn’t important, there would be no multi-billion dollar advertising and PR businesses; and the job of those entities is to manage perception. Again, a major component of the process is repeating a lie often and/or insisting that someone is a winner and anyone contesting that, reflexively, a loser. And many Americans have been conditioned to dislike losers.

A lot of conditioning is going on… plus the subliminal use of memes is very difficult to prove since their mouthpieces can argue, “That’s not what I said.” The nature of the subliminal message is that it isn’t spelled out; yet its intent is known and felt all the same. That makes these artifices very potent, and experts in their usage know that quite well. Their 6-figure salaries depend upon that.


As the late attorney Michael Ratner related, “The progressive never sides with the executioner.” However, you do.

In spite of glaring evidence of things as odious as:

  1. Vote district gerrymandering
  2. Draconian voter I.D. laws
  3. The use of the Drug War to disenfranchise thousands from the Black Community
  4. The Supreme Court deciding the 2000 election AGAINST the will of the voting majority
  5. Ohio voting machine anomalies giving that state to Bush (which won him the 2004 election, falsely)
  6. The Super delegate argument insisting on Hillary being the winner all along
  7. The Press’s virtual blackout of Sanders and phenomenal attention showered on Trump
  8. The ridiculous rules that shut the nation’s 40-50% of Independent voters out of primary voting
  9. The fiscal fact that poorer households cannot afford Internet
  10. The fiscal fact that lots of people now work 2-3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads…

You take all of these factors and still turn around to bludgeon voters as if the power really lies with them.

You are a shill here to falsely assert that the U.S. is still a healthy democracy, that the people have agency, that the rule of law is intact, that vote counts are fair and accurate, etc.

These are LIES.


Tag-teaming with EndGame!

Bull shit.

You conveniently leave out just how many states went Hillary’s way because Independents prepared to vote for Sanders were shut out. And you forget that some states had limited poll access to affect that same outcome.

Your memory doesn’t seem strong enough to recall the machinations used both in 2000 and 2004 to make sure Bush was Commander in Chief (for already planned wars).

It’s a strange kind of disconnect to turn strategic, tactical, and systemic voter fraud around onto the citizenry. But apparently, that’s your job. It falls in sync with the #1 Talking Point repeated here daily: that which blames the citizens for the actions, priorities, and policies of Corrupt Entities in positions of power.


Glad you are posting here, Shaun. I agree, the DNC should have come out strongly against this from the beginning.


Someone within the democratic party told the truth. That doesn’t change the fact that the D&Rs along with the Media are owned and controlled by the Big Corporations and they will continue to do what ever serves their purpose. Bernie Sanders does not serve their purpose at all. He is the representative of ordinary working people. Bernie or Bust !