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Clinton and Sanders Agree on Trump Threat, But Neither Ready to Endorse Other's Vision


Clinton and Sanders Agree on Trump Threat, But Neither Ready to Endorse Other's Vision

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton emerged from a ninety-minute meeting on Tuesday night reaffirming their shared commitment to defeat Donald Trump in the fall, the senator continued to withhold his endorsement of Clinton while the former secretary of state remained mum on Sanders' repeated calls for a progressive transformation of the Democratic Party's agenda and the primary process.

The meeting came as Clinton claimed victory in the Washington, D.C. primary, the final contest of the 2016 Democratic primary season.


There will be no progressive agenda. There will be neocon triangulation and regressive repression; a bright, shining future for all was had by all!


I may be naive but I really believe that Sanders will fight to the end. Go Sanders Go!


It is a huge (yuuge) relief to read that Sanders is not falling in line behind the DNC and HRC.

And glad to see that annoying word----unity--- is called out for what it is in this election (or whatever you want to call it): a buzz word.

Merriam Webster’s Simple Definition of unity: the state of being in full agreement

If Sanders was in full agreement with HRC’s policies of death and destruction I seriously could not get out of bed today-----that would be too depressing.


Wish to announce a substitution to the game---
The part of 'neocon triangulation' will henceforth be played by 'liberal interventionism'.


HEY, all you "sheepdog" "Judas Goat" theorists, Bernie Bashers, and BS artists, especially at C-P, what are your actual motives denigrating the integrity and moral compass of a person that deserves at the least a modicum of our respect for what he has done/accomplished? What have YOU accomplished and fought for?
Your theories and crystal-ball BS on Sanders "betrayals" and "working for the enemy", has so-far proven to be crap - Sanders remains with his integrity intact.........what the future will bring we will see.....Sanders upped his game, now up yours!.......
In order to effect real deep change a coalition must be built otherwise you are just pissing into the wind. Some "writers" and "real left" bloviators have an apparent alternative agenda that actually serves the status-quo and business as usual - even for all their dialogue and pronouncements.



How about Bernie agreeing with most of his base. That Hitlery is a war criminal. That has no business being President.


Well folks, if you want a progressive agenda - you ain't gonna get it from the DP .... so the obvious choice for that, and for any political revolution worth its salt, is Stein. She could use help on getting on more ballots, and while I can see that folks might not have wanted to facilitate that before, so she wouldn't be a "rival" to Sanders in the election if he got the nomination, now that it's clear that she will be the only progressive choice on the ballot, I think folks who do really care about a prog "revolution" ought to make sure she is on as many ballots as possible .....



So for whom should they vote? Assuming they really do want a "prog agenda" ...

Here's a suggestion http://www.jill2016.com/


Hitlery is courting republican donors. So Trump or Hitlery, what differents does it make. ; )


Hillary is a "fat cat" and Bernie is only one of the mice. The two will never come to terms unless Bernie caves and I don't see that happening.




Vote Green Party or start an anti war third party.


Sorry, when Sanders decided to run as a Dem, and more especially, when from the outset he pledged to support the DP nominee, no matter who - the game was sealed ...

I think you know quite well what the scenario is - he will play cat and mouse through the convention, to squeeze as much out of it as he can - he has repeatedly said he will "go all the way to the convention" - hey, good for him - and for anybody else who believes it is worth while to try to "reform" the DP. But he has also said his first priority is to defeat the R, and that means, in his universe, getting a D elected, so after the convention, it will be "Look how far we have come! We pushed the party to the left! Now, it is time to get together to beat the R!"

But for anyone who wants a "political revolution" worth it's salt, another LOTE vote, for either Clinton or Trump will take us in the other direction ...

So with whom are you forming your "coalition"?


How so, wf - I have been pretty darn consistent ... so where ya gonna go now, oh yeah, I forgot, Clinton ...


Yes, I see your point.


The GP is antiwar and is a party you can vote for THIS Nov ....


It never ceases to amaze how brain dead the Clinton campaign is. A 74 year old, with no money and from that crazy state of Vermont nearly took down the most connected, money driven politician on the planet. Earth to the Clinton camp. Time to pull your collective heads out of your ar$es. Bernie almost won because he ran on integrity and by putting forth policies that the vast majority of Americans agree with. Wow, who would have thought!!!

The Clinton camp once again sows the seed of their own failure. One need only look at the polls and see Donald Trump running neck-and-neck with HRC. Just think for a moment what that means. Nearly half of the voting public in America believes a bigot with utterly no experience is the best candidate for president. Even with the bar set so incredibly low, HRC continues to trip over it.


Unfortunately, nothing in Sanders' campaign or negotiations with Clinton speaks to ending the perpetual wars and regime change agenda of Obama's and Clinton's neocon advisors. Yet, this is critical -- both for the economic future of America, and for the survival of the human race. The Sanders campaign failed miserably by not hammering Clinton on her hawkish positions in Latin America, the Middle East, and East Europe. The real danger to the world of a Trump or Clinton presidency is not whether they'll allow transgender bathrooms or build a wall to stop immigration...but whether they'll use first-strike tactical nuclear weapons to realize the fantasy of American world dominance. There was no Democratic peace candidate in this election, and as long as the Democrats and Republicans control the government, there never will be.


I've mentioned how that same call to "Unity" in these threads is a clarion call for conformity to a single-minded agenda.

Better dynamic diversity that actively engages in debate than the stale, uniform march of conformity under the GUISE (or heading) of Unity.

I've even seen it deployed to suggest one of those "Why can't we all get along" pleas... when such a ploy really means, "Everyone: Line up and stay IN formation." That formation is the one that has privileged (in this order): 1. Those with Money 2. Males 3. White skin over all other human expressions.

Until society rewards, affirms, and acknowledges the beauty of diversity and everyone's inherent equality (and equal access to privileges that make for better lives), the call to Unity is as bogus as the announcement that Mrs. Clinton WON the nomination with all the rehearsed smiles and feigned humility, included.