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Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding — They’re Changing the Rules for Superdelegates


Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding — They’re Changing the Rules for Superdelegates

Seth Abramson

The award for most deliberate and egregious burying of a lead has just been handed out.

It goes to NBC News, for a story entitled, “Bernie Sanders Makes Things Awkward for Hillary Clinton’s DNC Takeover.”


Mentioning “Clinton’s core principles” may be THE richest part of this article when you consider that the only “core principle” any Clinton has demonstrated during the past three decades is to get more corporate cash than the GOP.

The Democratic Party’s highest 2016 priority is sustaining corporate cash flow. Winning in November is secondary.


In the beginning the Sanders campaign insisted that super delegates needed to follow the pledged delegates and the popular vote. They are doing so and it just proves how corrupt they are. Nothing has changed in this primary season except the position of the Sanders campaign.


The Orwellian irony of super delegates being introduced in 1984 demands a performance of the all of skeletons in the DNC closet. Get them to dance - NOW - in the full light of day!


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Seth is right on target. In a nutshell, Presidents are not elected they are selected by many corrupt oligarchs that use the DNC and the super delegates as fawning parasites to make sure someone that they do not own becomes POTUS.

The one exception was JFK who was selected, but turned against his selectors and sided with the vast majority of the 99% of the American people, and wanted the US to be a real democracy when JFK vowed to " smash the CIA into a thousand pieces" when he fired Dulles, the head of the CIA. Too bad the CIA got to JFK before he could get to them, but the real travesty is that the US government was so corrupt about the assassination of our President and the coup d’ etat of November 22, 1963 that they are still getting away with it!


BOTH parties are forced–by a system RUN by Big Money–to bow down before deep pocket campaign donors.

There are Democrats who still work to represent The People.

However, it’s the DLC that is corrupt; and since it’s the “money magnet” for the Democratic Party (given its capacity to deliver policy that’s deferential to the Financial sector, Big Insurance, and the War machine) it holds clout.

Still, to blame the entire Democratic party for the machinations of its most sold-out members is unfair.


If born in an earlier era, you would have made for a natural “brown shirt.”

Just following those orders deferential to the authoritarian power structure appears to be “your thing.”


This is not a typical Democratic contest. On the one hand you have a candidate who has been a long time Democrat and has worked hard for the party. In 2008, even though Obama did not have enough pledged delegates to win she gave up the battle after the California primary to unify the party. On the other hand you have a candidate who has never been a Democrat and who is only running as a Democrat to get media attention. There are people questioning whether he really is a Democrat. Many of his supporters appear to more aligned with the Green Party than the Democratic Party. And only one of his colleagues in the Senate has endorsed Sanders. In other words, there is something else in play here. Maybe you can call it loyalty to the Democratic Party. In any case, whatever the superdelegates usually go by in deciding which candidate to vote for may not apply in this case. There may be a bias toward Clinton simply based on party loyality.


You must have to cover your ears any time the song, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby” plays. You’re incredibly comfortable with fraud in any and every shape.


Thank you Mr. Abramson, we have so enjoyed your articles. Speaking truth to power is an uphill battle for sure and with all the Hillary articles out there skewing or ignoring the truth your articles are refreshing. Her whole campaign is dripping with entitlement and corruption. She hasn’t changed. CNN and MSNBC have lied, ignored Bernie and generally shown themselves to be untrustworthy as Hillary has. Bernie has always been the stronger candidate and if Independents were allowed to vote in all primaries he would be far ahead of her. Why in the world would we vote for her and the DNC when they are so corrupted? I know I won’t. #NeverHilllary.


Yes, I too think Abrahamson was very helpful.


Ralph Nader: Sanders Should Stay in Democratic Race, Is Only Losing Due to Anti-Democratic System


Seth Abramson’s piece hits right at the nerve core center of the bullseye. As if progressive values must be placed at the lowest rung of a perverted political cast system. Sanders must feel that any allegiance he previously agreed to with the Domocratic party heads is now ripped apart, made null and void. He can run as an independent with a clear conscience. The degree of infection that is the American msm is terminal. And at the same time that the chief msm methods of news distribution, print and tv, are shrinking the net based new sources, including progressive sources, meaning news minus the lying, deception, propaganda, are growing at an inversely proportional rate. The difference being cost and control. A type of evolution yet within a consumer like motif. The political evolution/ revolution, and let’s face it, it’s either that or the form of societal suicide we’re in, will be more egalitarian.


True, Sanders is not really losing, even though the MSM says so! But even the MSM has to admit that Bernie would be, and is much stronger than Hillary in being able to defeat Trump. Bernie is losing? Well yes, Bernie is losing because of the corruption of the DNC; the fixed primaries where Independents ( who by the way, are about 50% of the vote ) do not get to vote and the super pacs that back HRC!


Barring a Sanders concession — which the candidate has assured the
nation is not forthcoming — if the national media and the Clinton
campaign declare victory at any time prior to the July convention, it
will not only be a contravention of the rules laid out for the media and
the Democratic Party by the DNC but such a dramatic dereliction of
journalistic principles that both the Democrats and indeed the nation
will deserve whatever they get come November. The media has been
slapping progressives in the face for a year now; and the Clinton
campaign has gleefully joined in over the last few months; so when
young, working-class, and progressive Americans stay home in November,
don’t you dare turn around and blame it on us.



Changing the rules is the worst form of disrespect and callousness.

One can only hope they’re taken down a notch or two, or better yet, dispatched altogether from the party apparatus (or White House) by Bernie Sanders & Company…or if necessary, Donald Trump.


I expect Sanders isn’t surprised at all by this.


Awwww the cute, fluffy, well-meaning Democratic Party! Always getting tripped up by those meanies who, well, run it.



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