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Clinton and Trump Declared Primary Winners in New York


Clinton and Trump Declared Primary Winners in New York

Common Dreams staff

After losing eight of the last nine contests, Hillary Clinton was able to finally claim a victory over Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night by winning her adopted home state of New York.

Less than forty minutes after polls closed, major news outlets declared Clinton the winner of the New York Democratic primary.


Too many folks in NY care more about their economic interests, which are dependent on a continuation of the status quo, than the shared interests that would benefit everybody. Bernie needed NY's independent vote. Tough loss, but tomorrow's another day.


Notice that in the last two states that had rampant purges from the voter rolls and or rampant problems with people being able to vote -- then Shillary ends up 'winning'. Brooklyn had thousands of Dems eliminated from the voter rolls -- pure Bernie territory. I don't believe Shillary rightfully won AZ or NY!


The Empire State going true to form.


Clutch that blanket. Suck that thumb.


To listen to Hillary Clinton screech out either a stump or victory speech is to more fully understand the definition of "virago".

virago--a loud, overbearing, and angry woman who often complains about and criticizes other people.


I always liked bloviate...


Tough loss indeed and I keep wondering about all the Demos who were not allowed to vote. Plus, how it was that Sanders got the great majority of the votes in Wyoming and still got fewer delegates than HRC? Nevertheless, New Yorkers have just made it more likely that the two most criticized and distrusted candidates in a long time will secure their party's nominations. The system stinks and it would appear that the DNC has been taking clues from the Rethugs on how to twist elections.
We desperately need a third party but it will probably take 20 years to create a viable one and in the meantime, we are screwed. I loathe the fact that if Clinton wins in November that from 1989-2021 all but 8 Presidential years will have not been dominated by two political dynasties, er "families". That does not sound like a democracy to me but a caricature of one.


If Bernie isn't the nominee, I cannot see myself under any conceivable circumstance voting for HRC in the general election.


Look at the county by count results. Large urban centres gave HRC a large majority. Stronger party mavhine in cities? The map shows Sanders winning or leading in most counties but not in heaviest populations..


Just put your time and energy into congressional races.


It is just not the people here (this forum) expressing that sentiment. There are a lot of ticked off people.


How can people ignore facts like this: CNN reports that between February 2001 and May 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton were paid $153 million in speaking fees for 729 speeches, an average price of $210,000.
Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000 for one speech, and Goldman Sachs paid her $675,000 for three speeches. Bank of American Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Fidelity Investments each paid $225,000.

New York Primary Election Results 2016: President Live Map by County, Real-Time Voting Updates - POLITICO

Bernie took the number of counties by a large margin..

This is going to come off as an angry rant, but here it goes anyway:

Bernie as said if he loses we should get behind Hillary, god forbid a repub should win the presidency.
But I don't see it that way.. Bernie as said this our revolution and it is up to us, and so lets make it our revolution. We love you Bernie because of what you have stood for your whole live and we support you on 99% of everything you believe in that is why we back you .
But I disagree strongly that we have to vote for what come down to the lesser of two evils, Trump or Hillary . As you have said this is our revolution. so, we need to take full ownership of it. We got on board with you Bernie, now you do the same for us!
We should not back that woman and the rigged DNC.

Bernie or Bust the party.


Hillary: Let me tell you something, dear....I was born and raised in New York City....I Lived there most of my life and now just live across the Hudson River in Jersey City, which some call the 6th borough of NYC...
YOU are about part of New York as pastrami on white bread....YOU are not a New Yorker, I don't care how many votes you stole, you will never be a New Yorker....so STOP LYING!
You came here for one reason and one reason only...to be close to the banks and Wall Street...
as they say you can't fool all the people all the time....There are more DIFFERENCES than similarities between us, again, you know it, so DON'T LIE...I know you can't help it, but try...for once...
and as I will probably be a victim of yours in the near future, when you sell out people on Social Security,
-- namely cut benefits, or chain it to the C.P.I. as Obama tried to do...
I don't care you will NEVER get my vote...
I know you don't care, as despite your feigning, you know the fix is in, but thought I would let you know.


ignorance is bliss


This quote from the author wins the award for 'the most triangulated piece of journalistic bullshit' of the day. This is Common Dreams flipping their journalistic coverage and support over to Secretary Clinton in the event Senator Sanders loses the nomination. This is so obviously shameful that it is nearly unbearable to witness.

Excuse me while I go puke.


No, there are just more affluent people (and unfortunately, older black voters) in the cities - the two key groups who love Hillary. In rust-belt western NY Sanders did well - even winning Buffalo - which, as Moore's "Canadian Bacon" so accurately depicted, does not have many rich poeple.

Which makes me think Hillary would also have done very well in Toronto had it not been in Canada.

The rich Hillary-lovers seem to be clueless to the potentially dangerous mood of the US working class right now. The smarter and more sensible ones support Sanders - but the majority of them support Trump.

Edit: Sanders is now just behind Clinton in Buffalo.


You vastly overestimate the intelligence of the average American. Most Americans don't
have the ability to think for themselves. America is a country that worships external appearance
rather than integrity and character,. A phony smile goes a long way.


Hang in there. The odds were heavily stacked against Bernie in this one. A registered Dem only primary, a confusing party registration system, cutting the voter rolls, registration flipping, late poll openings, who knows what else.

Probably still a loss, but how many votes should Bernie actually have gotten? Probably much closer than we will ever know.

Bigger though, remember it is about the Movement of which Bernie's campaign is apart. It continues.


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