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Clinton and Trump, Two Candidates Enveloped by the Shadow of Goldman Sachs


Clinton and Trump, Two Candidates Enveloped by the Shadow of Goldman Sachs

Jake Johnson

In November, the American people will likely be faced with a choice between two representatives of the corporate oligarchy — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


“It’s a class war, and my class is winning.” -Warren Buffet

(Just look at Brazil.)


For the paid dingbat squad who turn every malevolent act of the corporate masters (1%) onto the voters… this is being REPEATED:

“In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule — at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes,” write Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, the authors of an influential study examining the extent to which key sectors of society shape public policy. “When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites or with organized interests, they generally lose.”

“Goldman Sachs embodies both the capture of American politics by large financial institutions and the disastrous results that follow, from a two-tiered justice system that disproportionately punishes the poor to an economy that enriches the already wealthy at the expense of everyone else.”

Hello? Can you hear THAT now?


IMO: the denial of seemingly intelligent people (of all classes) who are supporting HRC in spite of the obvious fact that she is an integral part of the oligarchy is as destructive as those who deny climate science.

Though the system is rigged, there are still millions of people who took the time to vote for this woman. And as I stated on a previous post, even if she releases the transcripts, I don’t think it would make a difference for those who blindly support her.


It’s no secret that I think you are a moron.

You have a depraved view of human beings.

Also, as one who’s likely paid to post here… you would know a thing or two about the protocols.

People who act from integrity without any ulterior motives would be so foreign to your experience that you could not recognize them in any form.

P.S. Like a criminal returning to the “scene of the crime,” YOU reacted to my mention of the Tag Team. Guess you saw yourself in THAT mirror.

And as to the “rude prig” item… it seems to me that if people wish to publish their opinions in a public forum, but they’re too illiterate to recognize the difference between “it’s and its” or when an apostrophe is used, or how to spell the name of the very person they’re critiquing, that they SHOULD be called out.

Like the typical arrogant male imbecile who can’t admit when he’s lost and thereby ask for directions, you’d rather persecute the person calling OUT the error (so that God forbid, the person making it might actually learn something and improve their writing ability), then show the slightest humility.

The question is, what is someone like you with a mediocre intelligence doing here every WORK day. I am semi-retired and live a simple life with few expenses. Many are PAID to sit at computer terminals and post opinions.


Isn’t this the very reason people are feeling the Bern? I’m confused as to how this article expands the debate in any way, or did I miss something?


comment error…


The only thing I can conclude from this is that we need campaign finance reform. McCain-Feingold was a start but the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional. The conclusion is the composition of the Supreme Court needs to be changed so that a campaign finance reform bill is accepted as constitutional. Then we can go from there. If the unthinkable happens and the big buffoon wins it is unclear what kind of people he would appoint to the Supreme Court. Hopefully the country is smart enough to reject this pathological liar and we never find out who his nominees would be.


“The Red Queen” has called for “The Donald” to release his tax-returns, a thing expected-of, and done by, every prez-candidate for decades - Trump refuses to do so, giving the usual BS excuses. That Clinton demanded that of Trump, while at the same time refusing to release her million $ Goldman speeches, is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy! NEITHER candidate is what our republic (or the world) need!
The contempt both “presumed” candidates show for truth, issue specifics, or integrity/moral compass is just out of all bounds.

Bernie Sander continues to fight-on - speaking to issues and truth like an adult with a firm grasp of his own integrity and moral compass. Its about par for our corrupt political “system” that Sanders is given short-shrift and contempt from party hacks, the Talking-head whores and corrupt media/press liars-propagandists.

IF America is to come to grips with so many pressing critical issues, that will form our collective future, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate (except Jill Stein) that represents a sustainable, more egalitarian, and just future for us all - its about time Dem Party members & "super delegates that still possess integrity and vision shift now from Clinton’s manipulative corruption and deceit and potential losses for all Dems, to the Common-Good Bernie Sanders represents for all.


The establishment is so out of touch with the American people they decided we should chose between two evils, that takes no imagination, but to feel so entitled and sure of themselves that they would try to stop the one candidate with integrity shows their fear. They created these two Oligarchs and it looks like they would rather have Trump than Bernie. It’s revolution time folks.


Couldn’t agree more Emphyrio!

Tax returns of the 1% are generally well crafted meaningless pieces of paper. The Clintons know how to protect their assets and are very skilled at concealing things:


Hill did say she would release her transcripts when certain conditions were met:

A must read for those (like me) who missed this:


I’m down with your suggestion. What it lacked was any intersectionality present in most CD articles.


Question: is there such a thing as a typical arrogant female imbecile?
Just curious.


What the USA needs is a Constitutional Monarchy. It would save you all the ridiculous fuss and expense that occur every 4 years as once again you are bamboozled into electing a new King or Queen from amidst the ranks of the ultra-wealthy.


Thanks for the link, Caroline. I see on July 24 the film “Clinton Cash” is opening in US theaters. I read the book 3 times - this should be in theaters NOW, not the weekend of the democratic convention.


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