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Clinton Believes She’s Special Kind Of Politician Who Can’t Be Influenced By Money


Clinton Believes She’s Special Kind Of Politician Who Can’t Be Influenced By Money

Kevin Gosztola

If one listens to the remarks of Hillary Clinton, her campaign staff, and any spokesperson from the network of super PACs helping her challenge Bernie Sanders, it becomes clear they believe Clinton is a rare and special breed of politician. They think she is someone who cannot, has never been, and will never be corrupted by large sums of money given to her by corporate and special interests.


Oh, she thinks she's special alright as in political royalty and De Blasio and others capitulate like they think she is too. It's disgusting and unamerican.
She's casting Trump's words and her fear on Bernie cause she can't bring up anything in His record to hit him on, or believe me she would.
She takes money and does the bidding of these big corporations just like all the other shills. She's just mad cause Bernie is quoting her record. He hasn't lied about anything yet but she has. She's losing and she knows it.
Wonder if Clinton's will show up on those Panama papers?


Putting this in context it is very clear that the Republicans represent the interest of Big Business to a far greater extent than the Democrats. Also regulations of Big Business are initiated by Democrats and largely passed by Democrats. So certainly the Democrats to a great extent are focused on protecting the environment and human health. The Democrats have to avoid being outspent by Republicans if they want to have power so they have no choice but to accept large sums of money for many sources unless they are running is one of the safe districts or without real competition. To what extent corporate money influences Democrats is hard to say. If the politicians are hearing a lot about some piece of legislation from their constituents then they will probably listen to their constituents in those instances. Clearly from Clinton's record she his not in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry. In 2005 she voted against Dick Cheney's energy bill which was literally written by the fossil fuel industry. In 2009 she was in Copenhagen to assist President Obama in getting a climate deal. They wound up with the Copenhagen Accord which formed the basis of the recent Paris climate agreement which should finally get us off the business-as-usual emissions track and hopefully will lead to staying under 2C and perhaps even under 1C. I am not worried at all by either Clinton or Sanders being influenced by the fossil fuel industry when it comes to fighting climate change. They both understand what is at stake and if they are president will do their utmost best to help us avoid catastrophic climate change. I am worried about the Republicans in Congress. Most still will not admit that climate change is a problem that we need to address.


Oh yeah? Well I donated $30. so he's going to implement my agenda before yours.



Thanks Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I guess that explains why you're selling off the party.

Pity that you put ethics on the auction block first.


"I think I'll give millions to a politician for her campaign and expect nothing in return," said no one ever.


Great article and excellent reporting, Mr. Gosztola!


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Maybe Hillary does not have to be influenced by the big monied, because she is one of them. She is immersed in big money influence.


I wouldn't be surprised the Clintons are in the Panama Papers, but don't expect corporate/establishment/protect the 1% media to ever let that be known....they would die on their swords first.
And if she honestly thinks we are stupid enough to believe that her donors won't have influence on her policies, than SHE is not as supposedly smart as they all claim...(which personally I don't buy into anyway).


You are right.


Thomas Frank's article in Harpers "Nor a Lender Be" explores Hillary's involvement with the microloan programs which I have always hated. I have the burn but I think due to super-delegates we get her. I have observed that the very rich seem to become aphenominal that is unable to envision things. I do trust her to not veto green laws and I try to remember that FDR managed to do the right things in spite of being pretty rich.


If you can stomach exploring HRC's event schedule it's worth a look.
While Bernie is speaking passionately to thousands of people from all socioeconomic levels at rallies that are free of charge, Hillary (or Chelsea or Bill) host $1,000 a slice pizza party fundraisers in concert with pillars of the establishment:



Another outstanding (and much needed analysis) from Gosztola. What a stunning contrast with the corporate media's reporting on this issue.


The hell with the losing party's issues --- the crude neocon 'R' Vichy party of the Empire.

The real story is Bernie's (and our) "Political Revolution against Empire" beating Killary and the smoother lying neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy party of the Empire, like a dirty rug!

'Former' First Lady, 'former' Senator, 'former' Secretary of State wars, and two-time loser double 'FORMER' neoliberal-con 'D' Vichy party candidate Killary Klinton is crashing and Berning as we speak.

Put a fork in her --- she's toast!

Bye Killary! No more killing abroad for you. No more, "We came. We saw. He died" for you. No more coups in Ukraine for you and your vicious Victoria 'KAGAN' Nuland for PNAC nor AIPAC.

RIP, Killary and Billary --- swan song for the vultures of the neoliberal-con Disguised Global Capitalist Empire.


Why repeat this sort of thing?


Lrx, what would make you believe such a thing?