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Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already


Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Fresh after Bernie Sanders' call for a "a fifty-state strategy... to plant the flag of progressive politics" nationwide, new reporting on Friday suggests that Hillary Clinton's campaign won't be budged any further to the left.


She needs to be forced out.


The biggest threat to HRC in the Fall is now Trump, unless Sanders agrees to run as an Independent against both HRC & the Donald. If it comes down to Trump & HRC, it is already likely the Donald will run to the left of HRC’s extreme right wing career. Watch closely. Even if Bernie cannot (which is only her whining) push her toward the center of the voting public, the Donald will in the Fall. That will be amusing, indeed. Meanwhile, let’s not, yet again, after umpteen times, misunderestimate the Bern.


Clinton hasn’t been forced to the left, she’s been forced to ACT as if she’s been forced to the left. Once in office, it is status quo ante. The corporate gravy train continues, and our communities continue to die from lack of revenue. My state allows write-in voting. I am voting for Bernie Sanders, dot.


Ha, ha. what a fucking joke. It doesn’t matter. Because a War Criminal is a War Criminal Hellary.


“Parnes also cites an anonymous Clinton ally who said, “We can’t do it,” regarding meeting some of Sanders’ policy demands.”

Then, I guess they’ll learn that when they ask Sanders’ supporters to vote for her the only response they’ll get will be “We can’t do it.”


If Trump runs to the left of Hillary (not hard to do, even for such an authoritarian, neo-fascist buffoon), it will be hysterically funny.

All the Democrats will have left is flipping over cars and starting fights at Trump rallies.


Here it comes! Here comes Hillary’s pivot to “the center” (read: back to her comfort zone of neoliberal imperialist rape of the planet on behalf of TPTB).


To assert that Clinton, opportunistic campaign rhetoric aside, has move anywhere much less to “the left” is ridiculous fodder for the most ignorant and gullible. Clinton is and will remain exactly what her record indicates. She should obey the media narrative and “pivot to the center” – the officially dictated hawkish foreign policy and neoliberal economic position where she is most comfortable. She should be honest about her support for TPP and for fracking as well.


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What is your definition of neoliberal?


Forced from neocon to neolib.

If Bernie backs her, his movement will fade away. If she chooses Bernie as running mate, what then?


Hillary controls the neoliberal financial waterboard and Trump controls the neocon fist, both in the service of the empire.


If Bernie is VP, he will be as relevant and effective as Joe Bidden.
Let’s see who was the VP of Bill Clinton?..
Guess the only exception to this was VP-n-President Dick Cheney.


It’s amazing how much bad advice “The Clinton Campers” give Hillary. You’d think she’d at least wait until she’s captured the nomination before she displays her centrist hypocrisy – as everyone knew she would …

Hey there Californ-i-a: Still plenty of time to save the nation by voting overwhelmingly for Bernie and thereby ensuring we don’t have to spend another 8 years enduring Republican-Lite … and wet kisses to Paul Ryan …


Some people have two left feet, but Hillary has two right feet. If forced any further to the left, she will topple over.


Asking Hillary to be honest is like asking Wall Street to self-regulate and not commit fraud. It’s like asking Tom DeLay not to take bribes. It’s like asking Debbie Wasserman-Schulz not to babble nonsensically. It’s like asking bunnies not to hump. It’s like asking a mosquito not to bite you. It’s like asking Bill Clinton not to fondle the interns. It’s like asking Sam Brownback not to underfund schools. It’s like asking a bear not to poop in the woods.

You can’t ask them to go against nature.


Yeah, well guess what “Clinton Camp”, the people have been forced to listen to Clinton’s lies and deceit and pandering vomit far too long. This announcement frees Bernie from ANY perceived obligation of any sort to support the Queen B of the Universe or Dem establishment propagandists! This is an obvious transparent letter of betrayal from the Red Queen that all her pandering lies have just been rubbish!

Sanders will fight-on to the convention, and will continue to get great support from believers, and who knows - The Lady hasn’t sung yet. But, he has ZERO reason to support the corruption of the rotting Dem establishment - owes them ZERO allegiance! I must believe he knows he has been betrayed and they will try to use him, but he will come out with his integrity intact! The man has too long a record of fighting for principle, even within the corrupt cesspool of American politics, to abandon it now!

Let’s all crack-on to the West Coast and convention and beyond, and prove the “inevitable” wrong!


Wouldn’t that depend on Bernie’s having much more popular support than she?


And that’s exactly why we didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton in the first place and won’t vote for her now.