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Clinton Campaign Mulled Embracing Sanders’s Agenda Against Corruption


Clinton Campaign Mulled Embracing Sanders’s Agenda Against Corruption

Kevin Gosztola

In the first months of the Democratic presidential primary, one of Hillary Clinton’s advisers conducted focus groups and polling of swing voters to examine “voter distrust” of the political system. The results showed Clinton would benefit greatly if she aggressively pushed policies embraced by Bernie Sanders in his agenda against corruption, according to a document published by WikiLeaks.


Given the way Clinton went running to rich and influential Republicans for support, immediately after disposing of Sanders at the convention, shows how little concern and respect she has for progressive values. There is absolutely no evidence that she will be influenced by Sanders or progressives in the White House. Rumors to the contrary are merely desperate attempts by Democrats to corral progressive voters away from Jill Stein. As always, Democrats view progressive voters as disposables to be used at election time and then thrown in the dumpster.


Clinton has already "been influenced by Sanders AND progressives". That influence will be manifested during her first hundred days when she rips to shreds any plank in the platform that is remotely progressive and stops any other progressive ideas dead in their tracks, to the extent that she will not need to be concerned about any progressive movement gaining any steam in the 2020 Democratic Party primary to interfere with her being re-elected to a second term.

Although the definition of "embracing the progressive agenda" in the Obama Regime means populist platitudes followed by center-right (or worse) action, don't expect even a few populist platitudes from President Clinton after November 8.


"Meanwhile, it was Sanders, who had the message resonating with voters."

That's strange, Clinton got several million more votes. She must have been doing something right.


She sure did - a ton of lying and corporate collusion with the media. You are wasting your time. We are far smarter than you think. Rather insulting that you peddle this here.


Yes, rigging the primary and getting 4000% more coverage from corporate media without even making any public appearances. She sure did.


Yes, she had the media in her pocket, the DNC in her pocket, massive name recognition, and baby boomers who voted for her because of her genitals. You can get far in life by cheating and playing the system.

What she did not have (and still does not have) is any kind of plan to help this country shift course and address our real and growing issues.