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Clinton Campaign Relies On Rumors And Dishonesty To Attack Sanders

Clinton Campaign Relies On Rumors And Dishonesty To Attack Sanders

Kevin Gosztola

From misleading voters about what Bernie Sanders would do to their healthcare to creating the perception that Sanders is dishonest about his involvement in the civil rights movement, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has developed a significant record of entirely disingenuous attacks.

It is not as if presidential candidates should not attack each others’ records or their positions on key issues. One expects such attacks in races for the presidency. However, when a candidate attacks their opponent in a presidential race, there should be some truth to what is claimed.

The Clinton’s will do just about anything to get back into the WH. Bernie though isn’t prepared sadly to really call her out on this shit. She’s essentially rigged the party from inside well in advance in anticipation that someone might try another Obama on her and Bill. She has also made damn sure she had the backing of all the party hacks out in the primary States as well. What did Bernie think she was up to? Did he really think he would just roll over all this? Did he realize how deep antisemitism was in the older black community and did he have any way to counter that? He had to know without a significant no. of black voters he could never get the nomination from HRC. Yes, the dirty tricks have hurt him , but worse has been his lack of clear planning and an honest view of the battle field. Wishful thinking, nor youthful enthusiasm is going to win this for him and us.The Clintons once back in the WH will slam the door shut on the Progressive wing just as Obama has for 7 yrs. So, if his goal was to pull HRC and Billy goat leftward he and we can forgetaboutit as we say in New Joisey!

Thank you, Mr. Gosztola for the detailed account. Those of us who don’t watch TV would otherwise not know of all the insidious details. Well, looks like “Slick Willy” married his match… what euphemism would work best here? “Slick _____.”

Imagine how differently elections and campaigns would go if disinformation were immediately exposed (by genuinely honest and politically neutral reporters) for what it is.


First of all, there are at least 7 screennames that refer to the Clintons (a plural term) as The Clinton’s.

Are there really THAT many people who post here who can’t differentiate between a plural noun and a possessive noun?

Or is it 1 or 2 people with lousy schooling who just so happen to UTILIZE at least 8 screen names?

Secondly, you’ve set up a frame that makes Mr. Sanders appear “unprepared” and then used a pejorative term like “sadly” to drive the point home.

You obviously MISSED the FACT that the media’s message shapers are taking orders from the Democratic machine that supports the existing Status Quo. It’s the Establishment that Mr. Sanders is threatening.

He would appear petty if he took aim at every low blow that Mrs. Clinton’s operators toss his way.

Nor can one individual stand up to a media machine that is dedicated to demonizing him.

Remember when THAT machine went after Howard Dean for his weird laugh? Or John Edwards for his hair?

If mass media weren’t a major component of The Control State, then right wing interests would not invest countless billions of dollars in owning it and controlling its relay of content.

Turning the FACTS of power around into an indictment of Sanders shows what team you’re really rooting for.

Wow. You’re really throwing shit at the wall to see what will stick:

“Did he realize how deep antisemitism was in the older black community and did he have any way to counter that.”



I care little about what is and is not surprising. What motivates my editorial decision to write about a subject is whether it is of importance to citizens. I think what I wrote about should matter to even the people already aware of the Clintons’ history in politics.


“While it was probably not her intention, Huerta succeeded in spreading misinformation,…”

There is no reason to assume she did anything other than make up the story to damage Sanders in the Latino community. Clinton’s supporters are as sleazy as Clinton.

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Huerta is a particular irritation to me right now. Not only was she less than truthful, as shown now by Snopes. And don’t forget joined by America somebody famous. But what comes across twitter yesterday but a copy of a check from the Clinton Foundation to the Huerta Foundation for $100,000 as a " general grant ". Why is this stuff allowed ?


Now for the rest of the story regarding the Nevada Caucus. Enter Harry Reid, Casino owners, and SEIU. Warning this is from a notorious conservative site, but is still quite interesting:

"Enter Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

Reid “fixed” the results for Hillary by twisting the arms of casino and union bosses.

Why isn’t the national media reporting this? She needed pure corruption, intimidation and manipulation to squeak out an unimpressive win in Nevada. Reid saw Hillary about to lose Nevada and with it, her entire campaign. So in the days before the caucus he called casino bosses of every Vegas Strip casino and twisted their arms to get them to give union employees three hours off- with pay- to vote in the caucus."


Kevin is the kind of writer who reads comments and responds! Thank you, Kevin.

By the way, I’m Miranda Keefe over at Shadowproof.

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You get what you pay for. Apparently Huerta’s lie was worth a bunch.


What do you know about Bernie’s plans and organization? Probably what the rest of us do, not much. Do agree about the fix being in at the DNC. Today OccupyDemocrats aired a new Hillary video, a real professional piece of work. It showed her at various functions as inspiring music played. She looked great, it was a feminist masterpiece. I don’t like her or the elitists she represents, but even so,I wanted to believe in the Hillary in the video. I’ve been nauseous ever since. The contrast between the dishonest, ruthless and greedy person anyone who has researched her career knows her to be and the warmhearted, inspirational candidate was stark, but anyone short on information who sees the video is likely to fall under its spell. Bernie better start getting the truth out at every opportunity. There is no need to coddle someone who lies, uses dirty tricks and slanders him with the help of the DNC and MSM.

Hillary Clinton has NO integrity. She will march through the lower gates of hell in order to get what she wants. She honestly believes we the people OWE her the presidency…Whatever she did as a public servant was exactly what a public servant is supposed to do : serve the interests of the public.
Of course, many of the things she did or supported did NOT serve the interests of the public.
Sure she did some good things…and you know what is owed her? A thank you.
What is NOT owed her is the presidency…particularly her actions against welfare, support of the repeal of Glass-Steagull, her foreign policy disasters, her lack of civil rights credentials, her extreme coziness to
various corporations, etc.
Hillary is NOT qualified to be president!
& Harry Reid please shut up and sit down…you have some nerve to tell Bernie to quit…Would you have said the same or did you in 2008 to Hillary? Please at least give the appearance that you believe in democracy.


Thanks, HisStory. The Deep State at work…

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What an excellent thorough and synthesizing article. Gosztola, as always, offers high standards.

Hello, and thanks for your comments.

  1. Hillary has falsely accused Bernie of “making promises he cannot keep” (esentially calling the most honest man in American politics a liar); 2. One of the biggest proven liars in history (Bill Clinton) hypocritically has said that Bernie is “short on facts” (again, esentially calling Bernie a liar when the exact opposite is true); 3. Hillary falsely claims that “Bernie will not be able to get anything done” when the truth is she refuses to even try to do what is right and true…so how is that going to work for anyone but the corporate welfare of the few 1% that she represents? 4. Hillary also has falsely claimed that Bernie is a “one issue” candidate…again (ironically and hypocritically of her), another huge lie on her part (because she knows it is a lie); 5. Hillary supporters try to bully Bernie supporters into not criticizing Hillary when all she can do is lie, lie, and then lie some more…wth the help of her corporate-owned main stream media buddies, the same ones now owned by six gigantic corporations thanks to Bill’s deregulation of their industry. Hypocritically and ironically (just like Bill and Hill) they say things like, "We all need to keep in mind what is at stake here and avoid rhetoric that will damage the eventual nominee’…all while their corrupt candidate is flinging enough bullshit at Bernie to fill a hole to China and back. Got it. A bigger a load of propaganda crap has never been flung at anyone. But Sanders can take it.