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Clinton Campaign Shuts Down Black Lives Matter Protest


Clinton Campaign Shuts Down Black Lives Matter Protest

Jon Queally, staff writer

After The New Republic on Tuesday preemptively reported that a small number of Black Lives Matter activists were on their way to a Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Keene, New Hampshire, the potential protest against the leading Democratic presidential candidate never took place because security at the event barred the group entry.


What to take from this: 1. never trust The New Reactionary Republic; 2. never trust tricky Hillary.


Well, Hilary’s true colors will keep shining through as time goes by: arrogant, greedy, sycophantic, entitled.


Hillary is running as a “presumptive” President. Her Secret Service detail gives her a lot of unfair advantages. In addition to being able to prevent protesters from either getting into, or disrupting, her events, it gives her campaign an “official” look, of someone who belongs in power - beefy guys in sunglasses talking into their sleeves, black SUVs or limos to haul her around, etc. Someone like Bernie who is running a grassroots campaign on a shoestring by comparison can’t begin to match her, consequently a lot of unexpected bad things can, and do, happen. If she could put the political process in suspended animation until the convention next year, she would. She thinks that by acting like the inevitable President, she can will it to happen (with the collusion of the party big-wigs and corporate media). Well, she’s got the rest of us who hate her and Bill for the way they sold us out for the past 25 years to contend with. We’re going to burn her and her campaign to the ground. If the general election ends up being Clinton vs. Bush, then we will know for sure that any last shred of a real democratic process in this country is over.


That is the perfect name for Her Royal Clinton! :relaxed:
Goddess what a mess this silly season is shaping up to be – the last thing this country needs is a postmenopausal Killary (We came. We saw. He died.) that close to the red phone, and while I would really like to get excited about Bernie I just haven’t been able to get past the similarities between his campaign and Obama’s; and then there’s always the fact that he has said if he loses the primary he will endorse the postmenopausal Killary. Chelsea Manning’s looking better every day! :heart_eyes:


Someone please ask Bernie if he is elected President, would he pardon Manning, and drop any and all charges against Ed Snowden and Julian Assange, and if not, why not? For they are the TRUE patriots.


Where was the disruption tactic? Where was the shouting, the slurs against all those white folks at the meeting? Where was the grabbing of mics, the pushing the moderator and guest speaker(s) aside? Was Hillary informed that she too is an old hag, and because of that is out of touch with what racism really is? Were they prepared to jump on stage, or yell to drown out all discussion? I agree black lives matter but it is getting hard to take Black LIves Matter seriously, and it is going to end up doing more damage than good. No, this was a wink, wink, nudge, nudge kind of event, to make it appear that Hillary is also being called to task.


Well, it looks like Bernie missed to opportunity to both allow the BLM demonstrations at his rallys AND have a meeting with the BLM representatives as Hillary did. But yes, I’m glad that they got to tell Hillary one important truth - it is not for us white people to tell black people what to do - is for us to listen to the black people and tell our fellow white people what to do - pointing out racism when we see it.

The anti-apartheid Martyr had this to say about the place of the white liberals of his day. Much of it is still applicable to US white liberals today.



Obama (and his two black attorneys general as well as his black director of Fascist Land Security) don’t think black lives matter. Why would Hillary? After all, her husband screwed black people quite well, thank you, as well as the rest of the us. Hillary knows pretty well that the lives of the one percent are what matter. She just needs to buy the popularity contest.


Hillary’s True Colors?

Hell, she’s already wearing the Joker’s Purple Jacket, for god’s sakes. Just look at that photo. Nothing but contempt on her face. She’s the new Queen in a purple blazer.

She’s already been vetted by the Bilderberg Group and the Five Eyes. They care not whether Bush, Walker or “It’s time to Bomb-bomb-bomb Iran” Hillary become president. The real power comes from Wall Street or Dynasty Families who select a pool of puppets to parade in front of the clueless masses…


" We’ll release the video of the meeting when it is edited down to a nice 60 second spot for Hillary’s campaign. " Black Lives Matter looks suspiciously like My Future Political Career and Viability Matters And I Could Use A Check, Too. " Walking Around Money " or " Street Money " is an American political tactic in which party officials are given legal cash handouts by an electoral candidate’s campaign in order to support and turn out voters on election day. " Since Hillary has the gold she gets to make the rules. " No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up. " Lily Tomlin


The news no one is talking about is the collapse of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It’s finished.


Self-inflicted or demanded by the Ohbummer/Biden Team? Biden is the back up quarterback for the DLC team owners, perhaps?


I agree that the difference in the way Black Lives Matter’s supposed reps behaved at the Sanders event and “behaved” at the Clinton event is bizarre. I’ve wondered if the disgusting disruption of Sanders’ event might have been instigated by the Clinton campaign.


Just who is this Biden fellow?


He’s the backup quarterback


Ed Shultz is telling it like it is:


He’s the guy from the state of Dupont, Dow Chemical and, the other " usual suspects " you can conger up, that enjoy " change they can believe in and take to the Cayman Islands, untaxed. "


So after the two BLM/OA206 girls jumped Sanders this weekend, BLM put out a press release on their (national) Facebook page stating:

“At this time, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ does not endorse any presidential candidate. Moreover, we are not affiliated with a political party. Our work is not funded or driven by any political party nor is it influenced by local or national candidates.”

So Sanders gets jumped at a Social Security/Medicare Rally, even after he has a BLM activist (Symone Sanders) on his staff. Did they even try to reach out to the Sanders campaign for a private meeting? But Clinton gets to preempt a public protest with a private meeting. And even through the people in the meeting said it did not go well, BLM is claiming “Clinton is working with us!” Tell me again how they are not endorsing/getting behind any candidates!

And what makes me even more disgusted is that It’s obvious BLM is throwing their weight behind Clinton (to whom the For-Profit Prison lobbyists are contributing), who is just going to pander to them to get their votes and them forget them. While they ignore or attack the candidate who has been listening to them, reacting to their demands, who has been denouncing police violence for months now, who added specific policies about police brutality to his racial equality platform plank, and will not pander to and forget them because he has already been fighting this fight for 50 years.


Thanks for refreshing my memory that is slowly coming back getting a glimpse of this “Biden” entity.

Oh crap, why did I do that? My memory glands are now being attacked by the smarmy Biden parading himself around as the post invasion Iraq expert. The “I don’t so much mind the carnage, I’m just a genius on how best to utilize such” expert.

That guy.