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Clinton Campaign to Join in Recount Effort, as Stein Officially Files in Wisconsin


Clinton Campaign to Join in Recount Effort, as Stein Officially Files in Wisconsin

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's campaign said Saturday it will participate in electoral recounts in Wisconsin—where such an effort was officially initiated on Friday—as well as in Michigan and Pennsylvania.


I am thrilled that the Clinton Campaing is also involved. We must not be bullied by some version of a suit riot or other obstructions to making this a fair election. Sensationalism, Infotainment and Fake News must not win over real hard facts.


How about we file charges as the people against the voting machines, if that is possibly, to investigate all electronic voting machines used in the Nov.8, 2016 election. A complete examination from top to bottom by America's finest computer scientists such as Princeton Professor Andrew Appel of "How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes," Politico.com Aug.5, 2016. A full court press by the US Justice Department. This BS Nov., 2016 election sham must be fully investigated from top to bottom, otherwise We The People have a total illegitimate government, like that's new.


but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides

In other words, we (the HRC campaign and the DNC) were too spineless and didn't want the repubs to yell at us and say nasty things to us about not accepting the results, but now that the Green Party has initiated a recount we are all in. Idiots.


This is a highly unlikely scenario, but can you imagine the mes, if Clinton should win the electoral votes, after Trump has already formed half of his cabinet?
Can you spell "Failed State"?


In Nevada Hillary won by about 25,000 votes and no recount is being asked. In New Hampshire Hillary won by about 3,000 votes, also no recount is being asked by Stein. Add to that 7 million raised overnight by Stein when her year long campaign only raised around 3 million. (how about raising money for the homeless or sick people who can't pay their medical bills instead for a change?)

What is wrong with this picture? the Green Party's job description now includes working to get warmonger Hillary elected? unreal, i thought i had seen it all when Bernie 'Sell out'' Sanders easily endorsed her and joined her campaign, but this is beyond anything you could have imagined.


Two thoughts came to me as I read this. First - you need 5 million to run a recount. What does this tell us about how accessible our democracy is....yes yes I know you need 1 billion to run...but...this just adds on to the full glass. Second - the dems now are talking in terms 'as a matter of principle' but were mum when evidence showed they had rigged public debates and Bernie's chances. Where were their principles then? Anyhow, it would still be a bit better if Mr. Orange were to loose.


I'm not impressed HRC's people want to get involved after they rigged the primary. Maybe it would be better to let Stein handle it and they stay out of it. Something doesn't feel right about it, since she wants to get into the lime light now that Stein is already raising money.


I am going to take Dr. Stein at her word that her purpose is to "ensure the integrity of the election" though I would phrase it a bit less professionally. It will ensure that the public becomes painfully aware of the rotten way elections are held in the USA, USA.



I am going to trust Jill Stein at the moment until more information is given. Jill Stein should be careful though. Power doesn't give anything without wanting something in return and the Clinton campaign shows this more than anything.

What an insane situation. It is like Lucifer wanting to work with Jesus. The devil is still the devil, no matter their intentions.


Lets not jump to conclusions yet. All we know is that the Hillary camp wants to work with Jill Stein, we don't know what her reaction to the situation is yet.


As the plot thickens, Herr Trumpster just kicked his dog. To paraphrase Ol' 47%er, " if I don't win this election, the system is rigged. And, if I do win this election, the system is rigged ". With Hizzoner being only 3-4 million behind ( when all the popular vote is counted ) I'd say that 60-70% of all Americans think the system is definitely, inequitably, intentionally rigged. Why does N.Dakota, S.Dakota, Wyoming and Montana get 8 Senators, and 4 Congress Critters, while 3-4 million West Coast voters get only a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and the middle finger salute? Enough is Enough!!! End the Electoral College and replace it with something that is appropriate for the 21st Century.


A Failed State or a Nazi State? I know which I'd choose.


After the chickens MAY have been eaten, we are going to get the FOX to help look for the feathers?

There has to be a law that Clinton or her band of "honest people" cannot investigate or be on the premises in
any way. The people investigating should be a non-partisan official group not connected to Jill or Hillary in
any way.

And how did Jill get all this money so FAST?? As I understand it, she didn't collect this much for her own
party and all of a sudden she gets all this money... to anyone with any intelligence, there is something really
rotten going on.. and the people are very naïve. Someone gave her a big chunk of this money.

All of those three states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania would have to flip to change the Presidential
delegate standings. That is highly unlikely. HOWEVER, with Clintons ' people in their "helping" they may
just happen to find thousands of votes for Hillary. That's how they worked it with Bernie. Clintonites are a
well oiled machine.

And notice how quiet Clinton has been .. hmmm. . she's been planning.

Additionally, if one suspects hacking, you don't just do three states, you do all the states.

Oh yes, this post will be picked apart by some who are blindly led. But when I saw Jill outside
Bernie's convention, after he had left, and she had a bull horn in her hand, a cameraman at her
side, coincidentally, and a person holding a light over her so people could see her, and she was
shouting "Come to me, come to my Green Party, I have the same type of platform as Bernie, we
can work together." Well that was a disgrace. You don't go to another person's convention and
approach their people as their are exiting to come with your party. To me it was a desperate

We shall see what happens, and hopefully it will be honest...but don't hold your breath on that one,
and above all, be suspect ..you people are too nice and willing to believe, in fact you are some of the
nicest people .. but please think about this.


The difference, though, is quite glaring. The corporate Dems cautiously and seemingly follow the Green Party's moves, that are in their best interests, while Jill takes the lead for tens of millions of us disenfranchised citizens, in a massively critical recount. Seems, she and we, left-leaning allies together, feel that the interests of working People come before corporate business as usual, CITIZENS ALWAYS COME FIRST!

Same goes for the Standing Rock Water Protectors! The Indigenous People are doing the heavy lifting, while the political perpetrators look on with scorn at any protests. These political establishment hacks and their unfathomably idiotic and greedy friends of the oil cartels, try to stay hidden, unseen in their silk-suits. But those exquisite threads were paid-for by bankster lobbyist-paymasters, who need to be behind bars, a.s.a.p. Some stop a wrong while others of well-healed establishment types sit it out, in the weeds.


Concerned citizens with money and a conscience, perhaps?


All evidence suggest this recount being funded by outside groups.

If Trump loses the recount I have little doubt he will pursue recounts in other States as well.

If Trump in fact loses such a recount count on even more protestors. As intense is the reaction of democratic supporters to a Trump Predidency, the reaction of republican supporters to these actions putting Clinton over the top will be at least as intense.

There have been allegations of election fraud over and over again but there no moves made in the past to ensure it could not happen again. This has lead to the current state which nears dysfunction.


Georgy Orwell, A light in the forrest.

You make sense, and my reaction is the same as yours with a twist. You can read it below.

Above all, no way, Stein got all that money in so short a time.. and a large portion of it
easily could have been given to her "allegedly" by one person who has access to a lot
of money, no particular name being mentioned at this time.


MCH , this is not like the Devil working with Jesus. Oh, no, this is like the Devil
working with the Devil.

Birds of a feather count votes together.


said in a statement this week. "That's why the unexpected results of the election and reported anomalies need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust."

Fair enough! But do we deserve primaries that we can trust?