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Clinton Campaign to Republican Donors: Hillary Shares Your Values. The Problem: It's True


Clinton Campaign to Republican Donors: Hillary Shares Your Values. The Problem: It's True.

Jake Johnson

Late last week, Politico reported that Clinton operatives have initiated efforts to "peel off establishment Republicans who might otherwise grudgingly support Trump," demonstrating their eagerness to win over big money donors previously wedded to the conservative establishment.


Hillary Clinton and imminent shower go hand in hand... Ick!


Keep hammering away at her. It is imperative that we Sanders supporters stick together under the cry of "Never Hillary!" The only way we ever change the Democratic Party is if she loses the election, which now looks like the general. I know it won't be a fun four years, but nothing changes for the better if she becomes POTUS for eight years. #NeverHillary.


GOTV. GOTV. GOTV. After a hiatus with family, injured dog, and some work, I will be back out this week. Let's give him every dam vote in the remaining states.

Go Bernie!


Hillary is the only Republican left in the race.


From an article on Vanity Fair about HRC and Wall St.

"...he feels confident that business leaders will end up throwing their “full support” behind Hillary Clinton. “Most will align with her policies on immigration, education, infrastructure, climate change, and the future of the Supreme Court...." (emphasis mine.)

There go the Supreme Court and the environment arguments.


Sadly, it has come to the point where if we ever want change in this country we have to let her lose to Trump. You are exactly correct.


Note that that more money there is in politics, the harder it is to dislodge an incumbent. Therefore we must assume that whoever wins in November will be in the White House until January 2025.

Although we don't really know what 8 years of Trump will look like, we, and the corporate paymasters )who bet on certainty and against uncertainty), know exactly what 8 years of Clinton will look like.


For many of us Bernie supporters this is a wonderful vindication of everything we've been saying about Hillary. She has now proven to the world that she isn't really the Democrat she claims to be. I am happy this has happened. We have put up with being called spoilers for some time now. Now there is proof we were right and there is no sense voting for her if we ever want change in this country. We still have a choice though. If the cowards block Bernie I will vote for Jill Stein of the Green party. A fine lady and a great platform. We could do worse.
Trump is unpredictable but he can be impeached if necessary, but Hillary is a danger to our Democracy (what's left of it) and to the world. Everything is a nail in her world view. What a snake.


There is a word you can use to describe a person who requests money in return for yielding her integrity but if I used it to describe Clinton's chase for neocon Republican money, I would be accused of misogyny. But it is that word that seems far more accurate than 'centrist', 'moderate', 'flexible', 'third way', 'triangulating', 'pragmatic' or even 'Democrat'.

After insisting that Sanders is not a real Democrat, Clinton now proves that she is not only not a real Democrat, but that she is not a real anything but simply an empty political shell open to receiving whatever is poured into it for money. Disgusting but not unexpected to find Clinton trashing the Democrat and independent progressives in order to return to her neoliberal world with arms wrapped around her neocon war hawk advisors.


She has finally accepted that she won't get Bernie supporters vote so she has pivoted to the Republicans, which is where she feels more at home.


For those of you contemplating going to Philly, some Occupy people are holding a convention 2 days before the Dem convention.

Also this People's Summit by the National Nurses United, but joined in my many other good organizations. July 17-19.


(This is part of one of my recent comments but quite apropos to this article's message thread):

Many erudite people recognize that right wing interests have positioned themselves patiently to take back all of the New Deal incentives and operations.

They've worked by extreme stealth and one of their key protocols has been investing in the types of academics who they would then advance through major media channels so that these individuals would set the tone for the nation's policies.

Suppose someone within this labyrinth approached the Clintons back when they were virtual nobodies... two lawyers from the backwater state of Arkansas and put a proposal before them. At its core, this proposal explained that they would run as Democrats but all the while their mission would be to set the Democratic party's agenda in a right wing, pro-war, pro-business, pro-deregulation direction.

Mission accomplished!

The Goldwater/Wallmart girl repackages herself as a Progressive and LOTS of people believe it.

Pay no attention to the coup cover-up in Honduras.
Pay no attention to the gleeful cheers for Qaddafi's disgusting death
Pay no attention to the lust for war against Syria
Pay no attention to the sycophantic love of Netanyahu
Pay no attention to the eager support for war (based on FIXED "evidence") against Iraq
Pay no attention to "Ending welfare as we know it."
Pay no attention to GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA and the economic (net job loss) fallout.
Pay no attention to the deregulation of media and the fact that a handful of corporations now set the agenda and LIE with impunity
Pay no attention to the deregulation of Wall ST. (taking down the wall set by the Glass Steagall Act to separate speculation from orthodox banking) and the subsequent financial collapse (a/k/a massive transfer of wealth--see Piketty Study) that followed.

But Hillary likes gays and has a few Black friends... so she's packaged as a card-carrying Progressive.

I think this was a CON with an operational blueprint that goes back to l980!

More and more people are seeing through it, but the tight grip the duopoly places on major elections works against any alternative to a damaged and damning political status quo.


How do you politically label Trump?


I find it chilling and sickening that so many here are pushing Trump.

There is so much distance between Sanders and Trump that it makes no moral or political sense for so-called Sanders' supporters to then make the argument FOR Trump.

Those who do so show ZERO empathy for citizens of the world.

Also, by accepting the MSM frame that it's either Hillary or Trump, you buy into the Control System... and reinforce it.


FDR warned us what would happen if the US returned to the gilded age:

"One of the great American industrialists of our day—a man who has rendered yeoman service to his country in this crisis-recently emphasized the grave dangers of "rightist reaction" in this Nation. All clear-thinking businessmen share his concern. Indeed, if such reaction should develop—if history were to repeat itself and we were to return to the so-called "normalcy" of the 1920's—then it is certain that even though we shall have conquered our enemies on the battlefields abroad, we shall have yielded to the spirit of Fascism here at home."

The only question now is which brands of fascism we are allowed to vote for. Right-wing neoliberalism or right-wing nationalism appear to be the "choices" this year.


The way I see it, no good can come from either of these people becoming president.

Look how many "establishment" Republicans are falling in line behind Trump. Even if they retain control of only the House, the country will be a Tea Party paradise.

There will be no wall built, a billion and a half Muslims will not be banned from the U.S. and they will not spend a trillion dollars to deport everyone who is not orange in color like Trump, but just imagine the regressive laws that will be proposed, the civil rights denied and the damage they will do to what social programs are left.

On the other hand, Clinton will likely, as you pointed out, have 8 years to do what Trump will try to do in four. Only the timetable changes, not the substance of the right wing agenda.

Even if Sanders' candidacy fails, progressives, socialists and others of like persuasion must unite to form another party that can challenge the current corporate party and its Republican and Democrat divisions. It has been made crystal clear that there is no point in trying to reform the Democrats from within, they just say "You are not one of us, get out of our party."


Independents have a large platform already and a lot of Bernie supporters....


Bernie Sanders is now a Democrat, and has pledged to support the eventual nominee. Yes, he will try to get a few "progressive planks" in the platform, but anyone who believes that he can really influence the corporatist Democrats is dreaming. We need a new progressive party, or we need to turn en masse to the Green party, which could then become a national power.


I'm thinking Independent instead of Green because they already have the capacity to get on the ballot and to be heard in the national debates. Not sure what I'll be doing.