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Clinton 'Can Be Beaten' as Sanders Shows New Surge in Iowa


Clinton 'Can Be Beaten' as Sanders Shows New Surge in Iowa

Jon Queally, staff writer

Matching trends previously seen in New Hampshire, a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll released Saturday shows that Sen. Bernie Sanders is trending upwards in the key early primary state as he closes the gap with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.


I agree, and I don't think anyone is more surprised than Hillary. She apparently thought it was going to be a cakewalk...


My guess is they want an option to strike low blows against Bernie, someone who will also be damaged by throwing them, enter the Biden?


The Democratic establishment is cuing up boring, half assed, half stepping, milquetoast, wishy washy, weather vane Joe to carry the corporate Democratic banner because they know Secretary Clinton is burnt toast.

It won't matter though. People we're fooled last time by the empty rhetoric of "hope and change" with which Joe is tarred.

Go, Bernie! Go!


Commondreams.org is catching on. The way to increase traffic to the site is Bernie Sanders stories.

If there's a fruit hanging from a tree branch and a chair underneath it, Commondreams will figure it out.


"anti-establishment rhetoric", Hmm, seems there is a new establishment in town, " the peoples establishment ". And they are smart enough to know that anything that comes out of the old establishment is not going to be in their best interests and never as been.So, time for "real change at the hands of the people",
Can it happen? Well that would be up to us with Bernie Sanders as our front man, I think it is possible.
Will the old guard fight? Oh yes, with every trick their money can buy!


You bet THEY can ALL be beaten GO BERNIE! GO We will all say what a difference a year can make!


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that Bernie could beat HRC in a fair nomination, but that is the whole problem! I predict that if HRC gets buried by Bernie in future polls, the elite that select the democratic nominee, will throw Bernie under the political bus.


This has to be the turning point. Hillary can afford to lose New Hampshire because she can call it Bernie's home territory, but she's in trouble if she loses Iowa.

Biden will split the conservative Democratic vote, all 174 of them. Hillary and Joe Biden will have to fight each other for those votes.

I believe that Hillary Clinton has to go negative right this week. Starting about Wednesday, Bernie is a Marxist and he's too old.


"A whopping 96% of his backers say they support him and his ideas, with just 2% saying their vote is motivated by a desire to stop a Clinton candidacy." This . . . even with the corporate media's dismissal, with publications like the Guardian describing him as an "unkempt septuagenarian socialist".

It's all about Bernie and his message, and it has just begun. There's a powerful conjunction of planetary forces coming together September 24-26, Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis. There will be thunder.


Biden the truth speaker, the dynamic man of and for the people, the patron of the poor, the supporter of the middle class, Wall Street's worst dream, the champion of fair taxation. He'll walk all over Sanders.


I've noticed the Corbyn hack pieces too. Also the Guardian's shameful support of GMO's. One word explains it, Bilderberg.


Damaged by Biden??? Touch! I certainly hope not!!


Bernie Sanders showing new surge in Iowa! Wow! How cool! I wish him all the best of luck!! Here's hoping he wins...big time!


" So whatever it takes most likely hundreds of millions of Hilliary advertising dollars on Super Tuesday will be more than enough to finish off Sanders."

Whatever it takes, one way or another, the Wall Street criminals will derail Bernie's campaign and install one of their sycophants. Probably be one of their fawning parasites like Joe Master Card or HRC. No doubt about it! As Bernie is an anathema to the Wall Street criminals because they know he means what he says!


Regarding the Blair opinion piece in the Guardian, the comment by Paul Tidwell said it all:

"You think we aren't already through the looking glass, Mr. Blair? Had you stood up to GW Bush and exposed the lie in Iraq, the world would be a safer, more peaceful place today. It is "centrist" (read Tory) labour leaders like yourself (and Clinton, and ultimately Obama) that have gotten us into and sustained this mess of inverted priorities: cuts to social programs, massive military spending, and war without end. You, ultimately are the son of Thatcher. However your neoliberal ideals try to explain away your mistakes--you really are the Queen of Hearts to Corbyn's Mad Hatter. We need to move out of your dystopian fantasy to a world where the Corbyn and Sanders' ideas have their day instead of falling further down your rabbit hole. Retire already, enough of your Cheshire grin."


With seven points difference, are Bernie's poll numbers going up as much as Hillary's are going down?

Too bad he had to go to Wall Street's DNC to get airtime.


I see there's a new cereal on my organic grocer's shelf. It has a picture of Jill Stein. The box is, of course, trying to sell Post Toasties. Jill is placed in an Alpine meadow, like a scene from The Sound of Muzak, surrounded by admiring sheep dogs. Oh, aren't those dogs cute. With the hair over their eyes. No wonder they have to sink their noses into everything; even good news.


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Oops ...Robert 18 is no longer standing by polls in Iowa as he so adamnatly kept claiming. Not even an acknowledgement of the change either! Somethng you were insisting about the most recent polls in Iowa that you've seen, eh Robert 18?

Here's a recent poll in Iowa... let's compare it with your most recent post about polls in Iowa... seems something is a bit oily here? Odd that.