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Clinton Capitalizes on Anti-Wall Street Fervor in First Rally with Warren



A Gruesome Twosome by any measure.


Think I'm gonna hurl.


Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


Lizzie Warren took an ax
And gave the Berniebusters 40 whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave progressives 41


Are we headed for Obama II - a president who sounds great but acts the opposite?

While she sounds a populist message her DNC is busy blocking anything progressive.

Vote third party, preferably GREENS.


With Obama, Dems were unwilling to criticize a black president. Will it be the same with having a president who is the first woman? Will we be willing to criticize and go against what she actually does if it is anti-progressive or will she get a pass because she is a woman?


What better group to "save America" (again") but the, "Crazies" (and Crony Capitalists) of the 1980's and 90's and Chimp Bushes advisors????????


I'm "Shocked, Shocked......" that you thought it will be anything else!!!!


If Ohio and Pennsylvania stay close I wonder if eventually we will see Clinton, Warren, and Sanders campaigning together. And all wearing something blue. It that doesn't stop Trump in his red hat what will?




Trump will lose big. Why do you think HRC is already tacking back to her comfort zone on the right?


They are both "former" Republicans. Maybe they are getting in touch with their inner republican? It also explains to my mind at least why Warren never referred to the poor, always and only the middle class. If Trump is capitalizing on anger against Wall Street so is Warren. Also, it explains why she did not endorse the "socialist" Bernie.


Will Clinton get a pass from women?

How many Progressive women are there? Millions,

Are we going to be polite because we don't want to offend lil ol' warmongering corporatist TPP frackadoodling oligarchic two-faced Kissinger gal liar Hillary?

Um, gee, that's a tough one.

How about NEVER!!!


It IS embarrassing. She looks so over-eager, it's scary.


I would rather see her do community work in a poor neighborhood and then maybe she can get a clue instead of the ivory tower of Harvard.


The Clinton/Warren tag team appearing concurrent with the DNC squeezing out anything progressive in the Party platform is a classic case of identity politics in action.


Only a power mad hired media team could in their wildest dreams think this is going to please Sanders supporters.


She certainly will not get a pass from me and many that post here.



No smurfin' smurf jokes. Not a single smurfin' one...