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Clinton Challenged to Break Up—and Break Up With—Wall Street Banks


Clinton Challenged to Break Up—and Break Up With—Wall Street Banks

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


The banksters rely on having puppets who do not intrinsically understand banking “run” the country. HRC will fit the “Bill” as will JEB.


Taking thousands of $$$$$$ from Wall Street and betraying Wall Street, is like taking dollars from the mafia and betraying the mafia. Hilliary is in too deep to challenge Wall Street.


Thousands? Hillary has taken 10s of Millions from the financial, Ins. and Real Estate sector over her career… and that doesn’t even include the superpacs through this election cycle… They own her… lock, stock, and briefcase…


Hillary - a break with Wall St.? Yeah like that is going to happen…lol. I bet when Hillary is at home she is getting really short tempered and downright… snippy! She expected to inherit the throne without too much real difficulty and here she finds herself contrasted against a politician who doesn’t have the same compromising facts in their (his) corner. Bernie is making her truly ‘visible’ and status quo politicians are at a loss since they all willingly feed at the same trough and Bernie doesn’t.

Snippy… I bet’cha! Real snippy!

Oh please oh please Santa can I have a Bernie and Warren ticket to vote for? Yes I know I did get that red bicycle that time and thanks but that was such a long time ago and Elizabeth Warren as VP would turn this race into a landslide… sigh. The bike didn’t have a bell … I’m just saying… !!!


There would be nothing wrong with corporate sponsorship if the candidates were required to display their sponsors’ logos on their backs, like Nascar race cars.


The whole economy is based on usury and monetary manipulation and war. All controlled by the financial industry without their support becoming president would be miraculous.


Yeah, and a lot of them could proudly sport a snazzy swastika on their blazers, right next to the Star of David.


“All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power”



An editorial cartoon in words… a great image … thanks!


Absolutely a fact! It is the “good cop vs bad cop” soap opera written and directed by the Bilderberg group for the NWO who regularly met, in mass, in smaller goal oriented groups and communicate consistently to orchestrate it all. They only need the people, the workers to foot the bill. I say give the your foot and the Boot up their backside!


Hillary’s back isn’t that big. s/ But you’re off here on the way it should be done, methinks. $500 absolute limits per individual, in all general elections, $250 in all primaries, no exceptions for charities, churches corporations, education groups, et al. Fixed it!


Perhaps you should read instead of listening. Both Bernie and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green party have very clearly posted, on their campaign sites, and in many article. Use Google to look for information and then share it. You will not find with of the Dems. or Reps. saying or writing about this as they are he SAME 'fin 1%ers. Either of those candidates will bring us the NWO! WEALL must be educators, do our Homework, and then fight for the futures of our children and grandchildren!


"Further, the Times continues, “Sanders boasted that he had not received financial contributions from Goldman Sachs, which he said sought ‘undue influence’ in American politics.”

“Sanders boasted…” To the Times, its boastful Bernie and blessed Hillary. The paper of record is become the paper of toilet.


Who were the 2 " Reformer Presidents " who were assassinated and who also called for ending the banking system, as it is generally understood by lay people? And, really this is not gym class. Vote and apply litmus tests to whomever you like. It’s still 15 1/2 months to the election and you have time to run out and get a nice pencil. So, there’s that, too.


Can’t Hillary come up with her own lying sound bites without the help of “progressives”?


“Oh please Ms. Clinton, just tell us you’ll be good to us!”


REMDEPS: Remocrats and Depublicans.

i’ve always liked Repocrats and Demubilcans. Repocrat sounds kind of like a thief; Demublican sounds like a form of stupid.

i like the sound of Depublican: Stealing the people. Not sure what a Remocrat would be… shark-sucker?


Very,very true! Mea culpa… should have said unknown millions.


Are you another one who will tell progressives to throw away their vote and make it easier for a Republican or old guard Dem Hillary to become president.

No candidate is perfect to everyone on every issue. So tell me … do you think the Republicans or Hillary (who supported the Iraq War and all the rest) will be better on foreign policy than Bernie?

It is a real question… whom do you think would be better… Hillary or Bernie… (forget the rush limbaugh repubs)?