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Clinton Claims Victory but Arizona's Voting Fiasco Dubbed "National Disgrace"



This is absurd! There are no established, walking distance, neighborhood voting precincts that are required to be open for EVERY election or primary? WTF???

And I thought the Pennsylvania electoral system was bad....


Something seems amiss in America not just in Arizona! This election is revealing just how much things have become corrupted by the powerful all over this country from skewed media coverage to electoral and party officials rigging the game. Where will this all lead? No place good seems obvious enough. If they get away with this it won't get better on its own but will keep getting worse.

Americans took a long time before they realized that American corporations were not patriotic and closing factories here and building them elsewhere would hurt other Americans badly. Bailouts for bankers but foreclosure for families. Two trillion in tax cuts for the rich but cuts in food stamps for the poor.

They tell us we are a democracy and send our sons to war and they sure do wave that flag when they do but when we want to vote, they make sure that we can only vote for them!


In Maricopa County, which includes the capital Phoenix, voters waited up to five hours to cast a ballot after the County Elections Office slashed the number of polling sites from 200 in 2012 to just 60 this year. As the state's most populous county, this amounted to more than 20,000 voters for every available polling location.

This is a text book example of voter suppression by agents of the ruling class against minorities and the working class!

  • The polling sites in Maricopa County (The most populated area in Arizona) were reduced from 200 to 60 ... a 70% reduction! The ratio of one polling booth per 20,000 or more voters is absolutely ludicrous.

Without question, this is a mass manipulation and suppression of votes.

Democracy: an illusion of the capitalist ruling class to allow the working class to think they have a voice.

Socialism isn’t about paying benefits, taxing the rich or nationalizing industries. It is wanting us all to be free and equals running things for our own benefit.

Source: http://socialismoryourmoneyback.blogspot.com/2016/03/stop-voting-to-keep-capitalism-going.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FLkuul+%28SOCIALISM+OR+YOUR+MONEY+BACK%29


You believe that Clinton controls polling places in maricopa county? They are controlled by a Repblican county official. Since she was winning overwhelmingly in the county why would Clinton want to see voting blocked? Drop dead? I think you may be blinded by emotion.


Reading about the fiasco that was the Arizona Primary last night, it's obvious that various forms of voter suppression were in play. Let's be honest about the scale of the true suppression, however.

First, closed primaries are a scam. You cannot trust our small "D" democracy in the hands of the dumb donkeys in the capital "D" Democratic Party. Nearly three quarters of American voters do not belong to that vicious and corrupt little capitalist freak racketeering organization, and disenfranchising that many voters out of the gate rendered this primary a de facto farce before a single vote was cast. Any closed primary that only nominally allows registered dumb donkeys a vote is a blatant form of fraud perpetrated against the citizenry of the United States.

Second, the massively biased corporate propaganda system that suppresses left-wing candidates like Bernie Sanders or disappears them entirely in the case of people like Jill Stein renders this entire election null and void. This is a gigantic farce that has nothing to do with an informed citizenry choosing its government democratically. It is a hollow spectacle, rotten and deceptive. clearly held only to give a democratic veneer to a ruthless capitalist system that is self-evidently a neo-feudal oligarchy.

As former president Jimmy Carter has stated, the United States has today no functioning democracy, and is in fact now an oligarchy. We can try to show up to these staged electoral extravaganzas in overwhelming numbers to overcome the fact that this game is rigged, but as Arizona demonstrated last night, that only assures the power elite will cheat more blatantly.

You will not be allowed to vote their power away. They have you down, and have no incentive to let you off the mat. As Chris Hedges has said time and again: this system will need to be confronted and overthrown in the streets, or we will all die beneath its relentless, oppressive, death-driven assault.


As a Democrat I believe we have every right to select our candidate. We don't chose the Green or Republican nominees. Sanders chose to run as a Democrat precisely because he could get the exposure, support, and votes by doing so. He has done well. His more conspiracy minded supporters are not doing so well.

We are seeing an oligarchy take form. A single political campaign is not the answer to that. Even Sanders campaign is far too shallow programmatically, organizationally, intellectually. So far, the right has been more thorough and deeper in organization. And more radical. They make Sanders look simply like an old New Dealer. Which....?


The Clintons match the Bush crime family in their machinations to gain control, aided and abetted by the zionists in the media, NYT, Wash Post. Both crime families carried out the policies demanded by AIPAC. AIPAC vets every national politician.


"36,000 people signed a White House petition calling on the Obama administration to investigate the voter fraud and suppression in Arizona."

That's not enough. All right-thinking people must take this case to court - or give up the pretense that the US is a democracy.


I use to live in Sedona, Arizona and still have relatives there. And from my perspective, Arizona is one of the most corrupt states in the union. And I have no proof, but I can tell you that the corruption is so rampant in Arizona, that nothing would surprise me!


If you don't believe the Clintons are totally corrupt, you have been sleepwalking since 1992.


What does that have to do with my comment?


It would be very good to see both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns put some of their millions where their mouths are.


That pretense has been over for ages. None other an elections expert than Jimmy Carter has stated that the U.S. has no functioning democracy. Do you need it written across the sky in 200-foot tall flaming letters?


The 2008 New Hampshire Republican primary looked for all the world like an internally rigged election. It happened that Hillary Clinton suddenly won against Barack Obama. The press said that (I'm not making this up) it was because Hillary Clinton cried in front of the press. A better guess is that the Republicans didn't want to run against Barack Obama, or at least they wanted to lengthen the Democratic Party's presidential primary process.

It's entirely possible that the Republicans rigged the Democratic primary for their own purposes. Hillary is by far the weaker candidate against any Republican.


Voting rights in Arizona. Do you have something to say about voting rights in Arizona? Precisely what did the Zionists do there?


Then the Republicans would have wanted to see more votes in maricopa county, not fewer. Conspiracy theories are like lies, you have to have a very good memory.


As an independent I feel I have the right not to have the selection of your corrupt dumb donkey party imposed on me every election cycle as Tweedledee to the Republican Tweedledum.


Since you put that in foul language and capital letters how could you be wrong.


There are other parties. Or the Sanders campaign could have begun organizing before last year.